Joe Kennedy campaign stops In Everett; meets with locals

Everett City Councilor At-large Gerly Adrien speaks with U.S. Congressman and candidate for US Senate, Joe Kennedy III, on Broadway. (Photo by Joseph Prezioso)

By Josh Resnek

In the midst of a political campaign to unseat Senator Ed Markey, and only days before their first televised debate, Congressman Joe Kennedy came to Everett over the weekend.

Accompanied by Councilor at Large Gerly Adrien, he toured several local businesses. He spoke in fluent Spanish to the employees and owners of the local travel agency, Tivari Travels.

He visited the Creole restaurant on Main Street.

He then met with members of the local Haitian community at the Haitian Community Center.

Kennedy’s visit followed a successful tour of the city by Markey two weeks ago led by Adrien.

“He is a very impressive young congressman,” Adrien told the Leader Herald.

“The people of our city and of Massachusetts have an important and interesting choice to make in September,” she added.

Adrien, and Councilors Mike McLaughlin, Fred Capone and Stephanie Martins joined with Kennedy at the Haitian Community Center.

He spoke in front of a small crowd of about 50 men, women and children.

Markey is fighting for his political life in a battle that will likely end with him or Kennedy winning the Democratic Primary in September, and by default, the coveted senate seat.

Adrien was the catalyst for Kennedy’s appearance here.

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Mayor 2019 campaign donations total $131,700

By Josh Resnek

A small galaxy of the rich, famous and influential in Greater Boston contributed to the mayor’s campaign fund in 2019.

The total take for the mayor in 20019 was $131,710.

Subtracting what is owed and what was spent from the total balance, the mayor is up about $108,000.

The actual cash amount in the account is $130,657 but he owes his

lawyers slightly more than $22,600 of that amount.
More than 112 City of Everett employees made contributions from

$100 to $1,000 while the family of the Human Resources Director as well as herself gave $2,000.

There were 28 $1,000 contributions noted in the mayor’s campaign finance report.

Among the rich and famous to contribute were Herb Chambers the car magnate.

He donated $1,000.

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Martins Kicks-Off Campaign For Ward 2 City Councilor Voted Citywide

Screen Shot 2019-09-18 at 6.09.09 PM.png
Stephanie Martins (center) alongside supporters at a recent campaign event. 

It was a full house at the 8/10 Bar and Grille on August 15, as the candidate for the vacated Ward 2 seat Stephanie Martins welcomed residents to her kick-off.

A number of elected officials, candidates, community leaders, teachers, seniors, and residents were present to show their support. Martins was introduced by longtime Everett business owner and former

Chamber of Commerce and Everett Kiwanis President David Larovere who praised Martins for her accomplishments and reaffirmed her potential as a new addition to the council.

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Matewsky Campaign Kick-off Draws Hundreds of Supporters

By Josh Resnek

Councilor at Large Wayne Matewsky’s campaign kick-off party in his back yard on Lewis Street attracted a huge crowd of friends and supporters Saturday night.

More than 200 people attended the invitation only affair, the kind of time Matewsky has made famous over his many decades in politics in this city.

Voters, neighbors, politicians and friends joined Matewsky at the annual barbecue and buffet.

“I want to thank you all for coming,” Matewsky told the crowd. “Do not forget to get out and vote on Tuesday,” he added. “Tell your friends to get out and vote – and thank you all for your longtime support,” he said.

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