Everett is not using CARES Act money wisely


As a City Councilor with a passion for helping people directly, I have noticed the lack of direct relief to people and small businesses in Everett.

Many families and individuals all across the country have been struggling to pay their utilities, rent, mortgages, need more food, and small businesses have needed a little more help.

Many thousands of Everett’s families are in the same exact position.

The CARES Act, the American Rescue Plan, and the money allocated by the state should be used wisely to correct systemic inequities and help people directly to get back on their feet across the nation and in Everett, especially.

We have crises in areas including, but not limited to, housing, employment, homelessness, a pandemic, food insecurity, physical health/ mental health/addiction, and systemic racism and colorism in our community. The big picture is we need to eradicate all of these.

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