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The fleecing of a public official

“Can you imagine the mayor hijacked $96,000 from City Clerk Sergio Cornelio? Yes, I can imagine that. I know it happened.”

– The Mayor’s Blue Suit talking with Josh Resnek


The mayor’s blue suit and I got together early Tuesday.

We drove around the city as we tend to do, taking in the sights and sounds of Everett, so to speak.

I told the mayor’s Blue Suit about the story I was doing on the City Clerk’s sale of 43 Corey Street.

“That was a great day for the mayor,” the Blue Suit told me. “Carlo was really happy about that score,” added the Blue Suit.

“He scored $96,000 on that deal. Not bad for a guy who is unable to run a donut shop!” I told the Blue Suit.

“Can you imagine, a $96,000 score off the back of the city clerk! If that isn’t a crime, I don’t know what is,” I added.

The Blue Suit looked at me quizzically.

“Josh, is there something you don’t understand about the mayor grabbing an obscene payday off the near-bankrupt city clerk?” the Blue Suit asked me.

“Not really,” I replied.

The Blue Suit went on.

“Carlo does this all the time, especially with people he can manipulate and control or who work under him who he can threaten and bully with the loss of their job, their property, their pride, and their self-esteem.

“He does the same with developers. If you don’t pay you can’t play in Everett…but then…everyone knows this, Josh. I’ll tell you this, Sergio needs to stay away from Carlo. Carlo has it in for him now. Whether Sergio knows it or not, in the mayor’s mind, he’s a goner at city hall. If the mayor is re-elected, Carlo is already compiling a list of those to be fired or bullied out of their city hall jobs. Sergio is way up at the top of that list. Can you imagine,” the Blue Suit said, “having a list of people you want to fire who are right now working for his re-election in order to save their jobs! What the hell is that all about?” the Blue Suit said. “How perverted can a man be?” he wondered with a deep sigh that he let out.

I stopped my car in the parking lot in Glendale Square. We watched the traffic passing by. The Blue Suit pulled out a joint and lit it. He inhaled a few puffs.

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— Eye on Everett —

“Kickback Carlo is nervous and deep down, he’s doubtful.”

– The mayor’s Blue Suit talking with Josh Resnek


I picked up the Blue Suit at a bus stop on Elm Street Tuesday afternoon. He had bought Scratch tickets and cigarettes. He was obviously feeling pretty good about himself.

We drive around the city in my red Honda Fit. No one noticed us. No one cared.

“Kickback Carlo, as you like to call him, is really nervous,” the Blue Suit said to me about the mayor.

I laughed.

“How so?” I asked.

“I hear him talking about losing the immigrant vote – at least that’s what he calls the Blacks, Browns, Hispanics, and all the others.”

“Oh yeah? What does he say?”

“What he calls them behind everyone’s back I cannot repeat. I mean the terms he uses, including the N-word, are civil rights violations. I’m shocked whenever he speaks like that, but I’m never surprised because that’s who he is. Frankly, his language is worse about gays and LGBTQ people. God, you cannot believe what comes out of his mouth,” added the Blue Suit.

“If you had to live inside his mind it would be like trying to survive in a sewer. I will say with some pride that he looks like a mayor when he wears me around.”

The Blue Suit scratched a 100X ticket as we drove down Broadway.

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Haitian Organizers Scrap Debate When Mayor Refuses To Participate

Capone Supporters

Adrien and Capone left to themselves didn’t work


First the mayor said he was coming then he said he was not coming, according to event organizers.

That ended the mayoral debate scheduled for Saturday night by the Everett Haitian Community Center.

Fred Capone had expressed concern earlier in the day that the event was being held on a third floor walk-up in the Sky Plex Venue at 427 Broadway making it impossible for the handicapped or the elderly to attend.

At first, Capone said he was not going to attend the debate.

Later on Saturday afternoon, Capone e-mailed the event organizers he would attend.

Capone also informed the Leader Herald, “I will be there.”

Gerly Adrien and Capone would have been forced into the unenviable position of debating one another.

The mayor’s decision not to attend was part hubris, part racism, part insecurity and part political posturing.

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The buck stops here

Everything having to do with contracts and money paid out having to do with the city of Everett belongs to the mayor.

He and he alone decides who does business with the city and more to the point, who does not do business with the city, or more to the heart of this editorial, who is not allowed to do business with the city.

The larger contracts, even if they are bid, always arrive at the same place – to the friends and allies of the mayor.

During the mayor’s 14 years in office very little has been shared in the way of contracts given to vendors other than to allow close friends and supporters to do the city’s business.

Nearly all the city’s major business tends to be done with the same allies and friends which creates conflicts of interest, favoritism, and exclusion.

In fact, the situation here is worse than that, as the mayor goes out of his way to hurt some people seeking to do business with the city by making such a thing impossible for them.

We understand giving friends business is not a crime.

The crime is excluding everyone else from eating out of the same city treasury trough.

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