— Eye on Everett —

On The Election

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By Josh Resnek

It was a hot, sultry primary day Tuesday.

When it all ended late Tuesday night with the results at city hall, well, the people had spoken loudly and clearly.

The election after all is the ultimate poll.

The vote of the people is the ultimate endorsement.

So many people invested so much in this primary election battle.

Stat Smith, Gerly Adrien and the rep all wanted very badly to win.

When all the votes were counted there was only one winner.

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Gaming Commission Mum on Suitability Investigation

Wynn Resorts Hanging On By a Thread; Reports Persist About a Possible Sale

The more time passes, the greater the belief rises that Wynn Resorts will not be the owner and licensee of the resort now being built in Everett.

With each passing day and no response yet from the Massachusetts Gaming Commission about the fate of the issue, interest rises in the final outcome – of when the Gaming Commission will act, and what exactly it will do. Continue reading Gaming Commission Mum on Suitability Investigation

The Casino Saga: Wynn Supposedly Selling His Company

Two Major Players Emerging to Buy It

By Josh Resnek

Defrocked casino magnate Steve Wynn is apparently in negotiations with two major casino owners to sell the company he founded and brought to prominence in the past two decades. Continue reading The Casino Saga: Wynn Supposedly Selling His Company

Maddox Won’t Survive the Cut

Wynn Company Has Real Problems Saving its License

By Josh Resnek

Matthew Maddox will not be leading Wynn Resorts when the casino it is building in Everett has been completed.

This, according to sources familiar with the investigation now being conducted by the Massachusetts Gaming Commission and where it is leading. Continue reading Maddox Won’t Survive the Cut

Globe Says Wynn Isn’t ‘Suitable’

Editor’s Note: The following Boston Globe editorial which appeared Monday demands that Steve Wynn, the developer of the casino in Everett, be removed by the Board of Directors of Wynn Resorts and that his name be taken off the casino that’s rising in our city.

We urge you to read the editorial which is a powerful indictment and which is a reminder to all of us with an interest in the well-being and reputation of our city that only those who are suitable should be the license holders of the casino. Continue reading Globe Says Wynn Isn’t ‘Suitable’