Soaring COVID-19, Omicron Cases Straining Health Care System

DECEMBER 29: A Cataldo Ambulance employee works with a man seeking a Covid test at Rivergreen Park. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

Economy Being Drastically Challenged

By Josh Resnek

COVID-19 and Omicron cases have exploded throughout the nation and here in Massachusetts, the figures are rivaling and even surpassing those of the COVID-19 pandemic when it was it height two years ago.

Greater and more compelling questions are rising as the population’s patience is being tested by a virus that is not diminishing, this, despite the national and international effort to bring it under control.

Many leading epidemiologists are now questioning publicly if what our society is doing to meet the challenge of the pandemic is the best way to go about erasing it or at least in bringing it under control.

The uptick in cases has not yet been moved by the expected swarm of cases that have been gestating among the population since the Christmas and New Year’s holidays.

No one seems to know the way while at the same time, anti-vaxer voices and the voices of those who claim COVID-19 is just a cold and we should get on with our lives are gaining numbers with each passing day.

This is against a backdrop of more than 800,000 deaths and a continuing strain placed upon the nation’s nearly broken health care system as a result of COVID-19, and now Omicron.

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DECEMBER 29: The long line for COVID test wrapped all away around Rivergreen Park and the wait was more than three hours. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

A New Massive Wave of Infections Obscures End

By Josh Resnek

It grows more difficult every day to figure out the dangers and the oddities of the COVI- 19 attack on America and the world.

As we began the first week of the New Year, COVID-19 and Omicron cases by the millions have raised serious questions about the economic recovery from the pandemic which appears not only stalled but buried, at least for now.

Infection figures in Massachusetts soared over the top last week and into this week.

Massachusetts reported 135,000 new cases during the last two weeks ending on January 2. On January 3, 21,000 new cases were reported.

Testing is ongoing. More than 100,000 people a day are being tested in Massachusetts. Almost 2,000 patients are hospitalized with COVID-19.

Of that number, 387 are presently patients in Intensive Care Units, with 243 patients on respirators. The Omicron strain of the COVID virus is spreading across the nation like wildfire.

While deaths and hospitalizations remain manageable, it is the economy that is beginning to suffer because of the disruption the sickness brings to the nation’s business life.

All businesses remain in flux because of the upsurge in new cases.

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Covid cases jumping nationally and locally with no real end in sight

Cataldo Ambulance personal are still hard at work helping to collect Coronavirus swabs at Rivergreen Park. (Photo by Josh Resnek)

By Josh Resnek

Unbelievably enough, from November 22 to December 5, Massachusetts reported thousands of new cases of COVID-19.

The numbers of new cases has risen dramatically during the past few months.

The seven day average of new cases for the above period was 2,856 new cases.

To date, Massachusetts has recorded 19,849 deaths from COVID-19. Middlesex County leads the pack with 3,998 deaths and 175,000 cases.

Almost 1 million cases of COVID-19 have been reported in Massachusetts since the pandemic began.

Nationwide, 54,000 people are hospitalized with COVID-19.

Almost 14,000 are in intensive care units.

Between November 22 and December 5 Massachusetts logged 45,111 new cases.

The seven day national average of new cases is at 121,377, according to statistics compiled by the New York Times.

As of the beginning of December, 86.5%of the residents of Massachusetts had received at least one shot of vaccine.

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