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The Encore License

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By Josh Resnek

If all things are equal – which they are not – Wynn Resorts should retain their license for the casino that is to open in June 2019.

Getting there is another matter.

The suitability issue dominates right now.

All reports indicate the entire Wynn Resorts Board of Directors – all new faces – are set to descend on Boston and to sit at the Massachusetts Gaming Commission when the suitability report is finally ready to come out.

The Wynn Resorts folks believe if they show how broadly the company has changed its persona – from a sexual harassment bastion – to a place absent of it – that whatever the law is can be overlooked because they have changed the company entirely from top to bottom.

This, it is believed, is a pretty good strategy to persuade the MGC to maintain its suitability as the gaming licensee here in Boston/Everett.

But what if it doesn’t?

What happens if the MGC finds Wynn Resort unsuitable? Terms we cannot use in a community newspaper is what this would be.

— Eye on Everett —

Christmas 2018

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By Josh Resnek

When the Leader Herald hits the stands on Wednesday, there will be exactly six days until Christmas.

If you are like me, you haven’t yet bought a single present.

I don’t know what I want to buy.

I’m not even sure this year if I want to buy anyone anything.

You see, I’m still mourning the death of my mother in July. She won’t be around this Christmas, the first time in my life ado I don’t feel myself wanting to celebrate and frankly, I would feel guilty celebrating.

Pony Up!

Encore Missing The Point on Business Interruption on Lower Broadway

Encore – Wynn Resorts needs to immediately compensate the small businesses that have been forced to nearly shut their doors as the casino monster rising closes the streets in and around them on lower Broadway.

Encore officials interviewed, as reported, expressed no concern whatsoever about the real time cash losses businesses are suffering because clients can’t get to their offices in the spider web of streets across from the casino-hotel site.

Encore officials reportedly dismissed the complaints as regrettable interruptions to be expected when construction is ongoing.

Oh really.

Can you imagine what Encore would be doing if the tables were turned?

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