Merry Christmas

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It is impossible to know how many Christmas holidays we get to celebrate in a lifetime.

Can we all agree that no Christmas should go uncelebrated?

No matter the condition of our family relationships, Christmas must go on.


Because we get so few of them before we are gone.

When we are gone, there is no Christmas. Enjoy it now while we are here.

No matter how crazy or upsetting our lives can be, or how satisfied and calm some of us can be, the holiday must be celebrated.

Even the obsessed, who care not about holidays, whose only care are their obsessions, must reserve a night and a day to pay attention to Christmas.

Life without Christmas is not life.

Christmas is too commercial, you complain.

So what. What’s wrong with exchanging presents even if you go into debt buying them!

Christmas is about sharing presents, sharing love, sharing hope and affection but only if you are capable of doing this.

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The Giving Season

Teachers Collect Toys for PTH

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From left: Robert Stead and Ellie Martin from Portal to Hope, Superintendent of Schools Janice Gauthier, teachers and toy drive organizers MaryBeth Benedetto and Nelda O’Neill, and Assistant Superintendent Kevin Shaw.

Under the leadership of teachers MaryBeth Benedetto and Nelda O’Neill, the faculty and staff of the Madeline English School collected an impressive array of toys for the organization Portal to Hope. The effort generated an eclectic range of toys and games for elementary- and middle school-aged children.

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The Christmas Freight Train

I don’t know about all of you out there but Christmas this year seems to have just popped up and almost run us over.

The rush began earlier and grew heavier to accomplish all the present buying and good deeds that must be done for this to be a proper holiday.

How did the holiday sneak up on us this year?

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Tree lighting Friday night To attract large Crowd

Special to Leader Herald

The Everett Chamber of Commerce has announced the annual tree lighting celebration of the Christmas Holiday will be held downtown on Friday, December 6 at 5 p.m.

Large crowds are expected so officials in charge of the event have urged everyone planning to come to arrive early and be prepared for some fun.

In addition to the Annual Tree Lighting Event, there will be a Holiday Downtown Open House.

There will be a winter themed amusement area, with two Frozen attractions and one Toy Story.

Two trains, the Norwood Street Express 1 and 2, will ride down Norwood Street.

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— Eye on Everett —

The Encore License

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By Josh Resnek

If all things are equal – which they are not – Wynn Resorts should retain their license for the casino that is to open in June 2019.

Getting there is another matter.

The suitability issue dominates right now.

All reports indicate the entire Wynn Resorts Board of Directors – all new faces – are set to descend on Boston and to sit at the Massachusetts Gaming Commission when the suitability report is finally ready to come out.

The Wynn Resorts folks believe if they show how broadly the company has changed its persona – from a sexual harassment bastion – to a place absent of it – that whatever the law is can be overlooked because they have changed the company entirely from top to bottom.

This, it is believed, is a pretty good strategy to persuade the MGC to maintain its suitability as the gaming licensee here in Boston/Everett.

But what if it doesn’t?

What happens if the MGC finds Wynn Resort unsuitable? Terms we cannot use in a community newspaper is what this would be.