Christopher Columbus falls out of favor

One of the world’s giant heroes, the master navigator of the 7 seas and discoverer of America, Christopher Columbus, is having a tough time during this volatile, revisionist period of history.

The Columbus statue in Boston’s North End was beheaded recently. The statue itself has been repaired but it has been moved out of the public’s eye.

When Columbus sailed for America and went to the edge of the horizon, most people watching from the shore during that unenlightened era thought his ship would fall off the earth.

Many people thought the earth was flat at this time.

The two-volume famous Columbus biography by the great American author Washington Irving detailed the great mariner’s life – its ups and downs – his excesses and his pieties, his determination, and his lust for discovery.

He was, after all, an explorer supreme.

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Looking at History

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Christopher Columbus at the time he discovered America in 1492.

Christopher Columbus

By Josh Resnek

Columbus Day brings to mind the commemoration of a man and a time when the world was still cloaked in superstition and darkness.

It also brings to mind from year to year the boldness of this man’s effort to navigate the known world and to discover other worlds.

In 1492, when Columbus set-off to discover the New World, most of the people watching his ships sail off to the horizon leaving Spain believed they’d fall off the horizon and disappear.

Much of the world’s population believed the world was flat when Columbus left on his epic journey.

Columbus knew better.

He was then, the world’s most accomplished navigator, ever, bar none.

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