The city ambulance reveals itself after a very long wait

By Josh Resnek

Not quite in service yet but almost ready to go.

The Long awaited arrival on the city’s streets of the Everett Fire Department’s ambulance service is just a few steps away from becoming a reality.

The entire process has taken about three years, but when peoples’ lives are at stake, introducing a city ambulance service is a complicated and time consuming task.

Thousands of hours of emergency response training by dozens of Everett firefighters, many who were hired just for this new ambulance service, has resulted in a good many Everett firefighters being certified to ride the ambulance and to treat residents in need of immediate, emergency healthcare.

The fire department has predicted that response time with the new ambulance service will improve – and in an emergency environment where every minute might mean life and death – it is wise not to rush the ambulance into service before everything is seamless about its operation.

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