Alcy: not your average at-large candidate


To know Guerline Alcy is to like her.

She is effervescent, with a positive outlook on life and a great deal of curiosity about where the city is heading.

Her announcement for councilor at-large in this week’s edition of the Leader Herald, Alcy reveals who she is and what she is about.

Her political agenda includes waging a battle against homelessness, food insecurity, and aid minority women to gain leadership positions in government here.

“I want to make sure everyone here can speak up without being afraid to speak up,” she said.

What she didn’t say, explains why she is running for city council.

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More contenders get into the races

Campaign signs are popping up fast as the political season is in full swing. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

Campaign volunteers seeking signatures for nominations flooding the city


The summer has hit the big time with temperatures in the 90’s Sunday and Monday, with thousands flocking to area beaches or staying inside with air conditioners blasting cold air trying to beat down the heat.

Usually, the arrival of summer slows down political maneuvering.

Not this season.

Political interest is soaring as more and more candidates sign up to run.

Forty-eight candidates have announced their candidacies as of Tuesday afternoon.

Of those candidates, all 48 who have taken out nomination papers are actively collecting signatures.

Mayoral candidate Gerly Adrien, Councilor at Large Mike Marchese, and Ward 4 Councilor Jimmy Tri Le remain the only candidates to have had their signatures certified by the Election Commission.

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At-large seats hotly contested


The Everett city council at-large race is taking on the appearance of a Kentucky Derby with 11 candidates so far taking out papers for a seat.

Five at large seats are up for grabs.

At-large councilors, Gerly Adrien, who is running for mayor, and Wayne Matewsky, will be stepping aside.

Matewsky has announced he will be running in Ward 1.

Three longtime candidates for re-election are not assured seats.

Re-elections are not guaranteed.

However, John Hanlon, Mike Marchese, and Richard Dell Isola, Jr. must be considered odds on favorites to maintain their positions because of their popularity, favorability, and widespread name recognition.

Councilor Mike McLaughlin is coming out of the same starting gate with a good position.

He has told the Leader Herald he will be taking out papers for an at-large run.

McLaughlin’s election is not assured but he has shown citywide strength in recent council contests and is expected to do the same if he runs at large.

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McLaughlin at-large bid sets up spirited Ward 6 race


Ward 6 Councilor Mike McLaughlin is going for an at-large council seat.

The popular councilor told the Leader Herald he will be running at large, keeping with the spirit of his belief that he wants to help people in all the wards.

“When the legislature signed into law the charter change regarding how we elect councilors in Everett, I made my decision. I want to continue serving the community as a whole. I want to continue moving the city for- ward in a positive direction as a bridge-builder with everyone including the schools, city hall, business owners, and residents. Everyone in this city has a seat at my table at city hall,” he said.

His decision to go at large set off a contest between Ward 6 local businessman and friend of the mayor, Al Lattanzi, and widely known local Ward 6 resident Ross Pietrantonio.

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Council race becomes clearer


After the smoke cleared following last week’s political conflagration, some political minds have changed. Some have remained the same.

When May 17 arrives and papers are taken out and signatures start to be gathered, the truth of the matter will be fully ascertained.

For the record – Councilor Jimmy Tri Le is staying put in Ward 4; he will not be running for councilor at large. He is quite comfortable serving the people of his ward, he told the Leader Herald.

School Committeewoman Millie Cardello added her song to that set of changing tunes informing the Leader Herald that rumors of her running for councilor at large, are just that, rumors.

“I will be remaining in my School Committee seat,” she said. “And please spell my last name correctly,” she added.

The leader Herald spelled her last name with an I after the d instead of an e. Our apologies.

Ward 1 School Committee-man Alan Panarese is giving up his School Committee seat to run for an at-large council position.

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