Vivian Nguyen Announces Run for Ward 5 City Council

Hi! My name is Vivian Nguyen and I wanted to introduce myself as the candidate for Ward 5 City Council. Like many others in Everett, I’m a child of immigrants and refugees who came to America for a better life. For all the places they could have ended up, it was fitting that they moved to Everett. I have only lived in Everett, Massachusetts but the unique culture I was raised with is deeply ingrained in my identity. As a child of immigrants/refugees who grew up low income, I was motivated to run because of personal experiences of not feeling represented in my personal life and in the political world. And as an Asian-American who comes from a family that experienced political intimidation in their home country, it’s important for me to help give unheard voices a platform. I know what it’s like to not always be included in the narrative and my intentions involve running to advocate for the underrepresented and next generation of Everett.

Although this is just the beginning of my political career, I have always been politically active and an active member of my community. I have a strong background in journalism, and in the past have used my platform to advocate for myself and others. From writing for my school newspaper to writing for a paper that was distributed at a state-wide level, I worked my way up from answering minor questions my classmates wondered about to covering major issues like my high school’s discriminating hair policy and being a catalyst for “controversial” conversations. By covering bill hearings, I was exposed to issues that did not affect me, which inspired me to be the voice of the underrepresented. Through reporting, I learned my voice is important and it has been a vital part of me since.

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Capone calls for special council meeting


Mayoral candidate Fred Capone has asked for a special meeting of the city council to discuss allegations of improper asbestos disposal on the city’s streets in a lawsuit filed against an Everett city vendor in Superior Court by the Attorney General’s office last week.

The detailed lawsuit raises legal issues and health concerns and imposes large monetary fines and the possibility of criminal prosecution for the vendor and others who participated in pipe replacement contracts for the city on Cabot Street, Cabot Court, Wolcott Street and other communities.

Asbestos was improperly removed, improperly stored outside on Cabot Street, and improperly transported.

The vendor did not comply with Federal and State regulations and submitted invoices that did not reflect the failure to follow the environ- mental laws in the removal and the storage of asbestos.

According to the Attorney General’s lawsuit, asbestos dust swirled around Cabot

Street for many days without being contained and was on the streets and sidewalks close to residents and the Everett Memorial Stadium.

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Alcy: not your average at-large candidate


To know Guerline Alcy is to like her.

She is effervescent, with a positive outlook on life and a great deal of curiosity about where the city is heading.

Her announcement for councilor at-large in this week’s edition of the Leader Herald, Alcy reveals who she is and what she is about.

Her political agenda includes waging a battle against homelessness, food insecurity, and aid minority women to gain leadership positions in government here.

“I want to make sure everyone here can speak up without being afraid to speak up,” she said.

What she didn’t say, explains why she is running for city council.

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More contenders get into the races

Campaign signs are popping up fast as the political season is in full swing. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

Campaign volunteers seeking signatures for nominations flooding the city


The summer has hit the big time with temperatures in the 90’s Sunday and Monday, with thousands flocking to area beaches or staying inside with air conditioners blasting cold air trying to beat down the heat.

Usually, the arrival of summer slows down political maneuvering.

Not this season.

Political interest is soaring as more and more candidates sign up to run.

Forty-eight candidates have announced their candidacies as of Tuesday afternoon.

Of those candidates, all 48 who have taken out nomination papers are actively collecting signatures.

Mayoral candidate Gerly Adrien, Councilor at Large Mike Marchese, and Ward 4 Councilor Jimmy Tri Le remain the only candidates to have had their signatures certified by the Election Commission.

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At-large seats hotly contested


The Everett city council at-large race is taking on the appearance of a Kentucky Derby with 11 candidates so far taking out papers for a seat.

Five at large seats are up for grabs.

At-large councilors, Gerly Adrien, who is running for mayor, and Wayne Matewsky, will be stepping aside.

Matewsky has announced he will be running in Ward 1.

Three longtime candidates for re-election are not assured seats.

Re-elections are not guaranteed.

However, John Hanlon, Mike Marchese, and Richard Dell Isola, Jr. must be considered odds on favorites to maintain their positions because of their popularity, favorability, and widespread name recognition.

Councilor Mike McLaughlin is coming out of the same starting gate with a good position.

He has told the Leader Herald he will be taking out papers for an at-large run.

McLaughlin’s election is not assured but he has shown citywide strength in recent council contests and is expected to do the same if he runs at large.

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