By Josh Resnek

An embryonic effort is growing to launch a recall of Mayor Carlo DeMaria.

The possible recall in the making is the result of the mayor’s involvement in the Federal probe concerning racism, discrimination and retaliation that has been launched by US Attorney Rachael Rollins.

That probe is apparently well underway.

The recall effort also centers around the mayor’s effort to remove or to have replaced School Superintendent Priya Tahiliani.

Tahiliani filed an extensive complaint alleging racism and sexism against the mayor with the Commission Against Discrimination.

The planning and discussion effort for the recall is being led by about a dozen prominent and outspoken Everett residents including John Puopolo, Paula Sterite, and Sandy Juliano.

Former councilor, Attorney Fred Capone, who lost the November, 2021 election to the mayor by 210 votes, is believed to be supportive of such an effort but will not publicly comment about where exactly he stands.

Capone has been keeping a high public profile since his election loss.

In addition to his support for the action taken by the US Attorney, Capone has repeatedly expressed concern about the mayor’s longevity payments of $40,000 a year which remain a question of contention between Capone and DeMaria.

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Council Must Protect First Amendment

The city council should not complain about public speakers who have said what the council refuses to discuss about racism, discrimination and retaliation by the administration of Mayor Carlo DeMaria.

Instead of limiting public speaking by setting up boundaries, the city council should embrace it and learn something about the residents they are supposed to be representing.

The public speaking element of the city council’s meetings has overtaken the council’s inability to reign in the mayor, his city solicitor and the city’s CFO.

Now the city council has begun discussing how to streamline the public speaking portion of the meetings.

That is, how can they figure out a way to muzzle the public speakers with rules and regulations they don’t themselves follow?

How can they quiet the public speakers?

How can the council stop the political uprising now taking place in Everett instead of taking part in it for the better public good?

The city council appears more interested in getting out of the meetings early without having to discuss distasteful issues like racism.

This would make the meetings “better” and “quicker” they seem to be saying.

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Public Speakers Dominate Council

Leader Herald Staff

The following are a collection of comments from a number of public speakers, all from Everett, who came before the council Monday night to register their dissatisfaction with government and to tell their story.

Tony Raymond:

“Get used to us. We are not going away.”

Maria Bussell:

“I ask that my comments do not lead to retaliation against me and the city job I hold.”

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Costa Sworn In As Ward 3 Councilor Replaces DiPierro Who Resigned

Leader Herald Staff

Darren Costa was sworn in as a city councilor from Ward 3 by a unanimous 9-0 vote of the city council Monday night.

City Clerk Sergio Cornelio delivered the oath of office while Costa’s young son, Luca, clambered about, tugging at him, and adding a bit of family to the proceedings.

Costa made short but concise and thoughtful comments thanking his family for their aid and support and thanking those as well who aided him in making his run for office last year.

“A special gratitude to all the residents of Ward 3. I’m passionate about my community. Thank you Farah and Luca, my beautiful wife and son,” he said.

Costa’s pregnant wife, Farah, stood by his side.

He also pledged to work with and to respect his colleagues.

He received a noisy ovation when the swearing in was completed.

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Le, City Leaders Fleeing From a Raft of Sick Allegations

By Josh Resnek

The television news last Thursday showed Councilor Jimmy Tri Le running like an Olympian sprinter out of the Malden Court House after being arraigned on charges of indecent assault and battery for allegedly slapping the behind of a city council colleague.

Jimmy Tri Le

It was a startling turn of events for the second term public official

News clips aired on Channel 10 every 15 or 20 minutes for much of the evening captured Le in a 50 yard dash trying to run away from photographers at the court house.

“He looked like he was on fire running away!” said an Everett businessman

This performance did not aid Le’s legal situation or his public relations spin. He looked as though he was running away from justice and trying to hide from a harsh new reality he is facing.

“Why did he run away?” a television reporter asked Le’s attorney.

“He didn’t want to speak with you people,” was his reply.

Over the weekend, Le told he Leader Herald he had been instructed to remain silent by his attorney.

The colossal flap caused by the evening news filming him running away was followed up by a Boston Globe news story.

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