Science competing with economics

There is an undeniable truth to the findings when science is used to measure the undeniable dangers of the Coronavirus.

There is an undeniable truth in the warnings from economists that we face the ruination of our economy if we don’t open it up and soon.

Somewhere between these two places is where the situation needs to be dealt with here in Everett, around the state, the nation and the world.

We believe this is happening in Massachusetts and in New York, and many other states where the virus has run rampant and caused so much pain, sickness and death.

We believe Governor Charlie Baker and Lt. Governor Karyn Polito have done a good job trying to balance science against the needs of the local economy.

Their strong messaging here has kept the state from falling apart in response to this epidemic.

It is a tough thing to lead these days. The politics of the economy and the virus are clashing.

Those of us who get the virus, who get sick and who die, truly understand the terror of the virus and what it can do to a society that tries to wish it away. The virus won’t be wished away, anymore than cancer or a heart attack can be wished away. Continue reading Science competing with economics

Mayor must reveal what he pays criminal lawyers to do for him

By Josh Resnek

Mayor Carlo DeMaria’s recent payments to criminal attorneys are being questioned by three members of the city council who are demanding that he reveal what the payments are for.

Since 2017, the mayor has reported spending nearly $200,000 for criminal legal representation with the international law firm, Greenberg Traurig and with a former criminal attorney now a Superior Court judge here in Massachusetts.

The council is questioning what the payments are for, exactly. Councilor Mike Marchese has filed a motion requiring the mayor to appear at the next meeting of the city council to tell all.

 Two of his colleagues Councilor Mike McLaughlin and At-Large Councilor Gerly Adrien are asking the same pointed question, with one of them, Councilor McLaughlin, also demanding the mayor’s presence before the city council to explain himself.

“If he’s not lying to us on his political campaign filings, then he has nothing to hide,” Marchese said.

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