City finances in turmoil

he city is right now technically broke.

Whatever the city has on hand for cash in the treasury could be gone in an instant to plug any number of growing deficiencies in department budgets given the short flows of state and federal funding, in lieu of taxes from the casino, home owner taxes which were put off and a serious deficiency in money needed for the public schools.

Much of this is about the Coronavirus and its effect on the nation, the state and all the cities and towns across the nation.

This is not the mayor’s fault.

However, the mayor’s failure to be up front and transparent about creating a new budget with his money manager Chief Financial Officer Eric Demas, leaves many Everett residents and taxpayers to wonder – what is going on?

Where will the city be in another three months?

What is the outlook?

The mayor has already announced about 80 layoffs of city employees.

While the school department side of the budget isn’t his, dozens and dozens of layoffs of school department employees is another factor that will impact the city negatively.

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City won’t stop $750 an hour pay for mayor’s legal tab

Some members turn blind eye on Pappalardo fee


During these trying times there is always the hope that the city council will stand up and be counted when the mayor’s wastefulness, greed and his foolishness, go well beyond the boundaries of common sense.

Except for several councilors, most of those from the business private sector are afraid of the mayor, the way city employees are afraid of the mayor, the same way the mayor would like the Leader Herald to be afraid of him.

When the mayor informed the city council several weeks ago that the city will be paying his attorney $750 an hour to review what is written and spoken about him in the local press and on the Internet on social media, most members of the city council looked the other way.

Now, with the city laying off hundreds of employees to plug a debt hole that cannot be filled, residents, quite rightfully, are questioning why they, the taxpayers, should be paying the mayor’s self-generated legal bills.

The city council’s quiet about the matter is predictable. No one wants to get involved. No one wants to challenge the mayor.

The mayor is a Donald Trump clone the way he treats people. He is much worse the way he spends taxpayer dollars. He says one thing. He does another. What’s on his mind is himself.

Every councilor knows the city paying for the mayor’s legal representation is wrong, a total waste of taxpayer dollars when the ship is sinking but only three councilors will stand up and be counted: Fred Capone, Gerly Adrien, Mike McLaughlin.

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Tempers flare as Councilors clash over procedures

Adrien complains about being mistreated by President DiFlorio


Councilor at Large Gerly Adrien and Council President Rosa DiFlorio traded barbs with one another Monday night in a rare example of a newcomer challenging the rule of the old order at city hall.

At times, the exchanges between Adrien and DiFlorio got heated, and by some accounts, ugly, between the two who are essentially rivals.

Adrien is the newcomer on the block.

DiFlorio represents the old line.

Most of the city councilors sat quietly with little to nothing to say as the two councilors went at it. It was one of those ironic moments when the future clashed with the vestiges of the past, when Adrien’s voice could not be silenced by DiFlorio – with none of their colleagues standing up for either of them.

The fireworks began when Adrien sensed that DiFlorio was growing short tempered with her many council motions questioning police standards and skirting the many issues arising from the protests about racism and police brutality and violence all over the nation and of their relationship to Everett for the largely minority population residing in the city.

DiFlorio, several times, tried to cut short Adrien’s comments.

She appeared visibly bothered by Adrien’s effrontery at asking so many questions with so many motions, many of which DiFlorio seemed disturbed about.

It all didn’t seem to matter very much until Adrien explained her position once again about questioning about what is happening in the public schools – only to be told by DiFlorio that she should basically be minding her own business and pay attention to council business.

Adrien went ballistic on DiFlorio.

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30 clerical employees face layoffs

Everett City Hall Broadway entrance. (Photos by JIM MAHONEY)


The beginning of what is expected to be a ravaging of city employees in a wide array of coming layoffs because of a major cash deficiency for the upcoming budget has begun.

City hall announced that at least 30 clerical employees from a variety of departments are scheduled for layoff almost immediately.

The city, through its city solicitor, has informed Teamsters 25, the bargaining agent for those employees losing their jobs of the anticipated layoffs.

The union replied to the city solicitor seeking added information in order to properly represent their membership.

The city suggested a series of dates to discuss the layoffs to take place before July 1.

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Mayor drags feet on integration of city’s workforce

Last week, some of us listened to the online vigil for George Floyd carried on Zoom and put on by the mayor and Councilor at Large Gerly Adrien.

Adrien’s remarks, as expected, were stunning.

She said things that we do not believe we have heard ever from anyone in public office in Everett in its modern era.

In essence, she did something the US Attorney has failed to do.

She indicted the mayor, claiming the city’s employees in nearly every department, are mostly white, with very few Black and brown skinned people as well as very few Hispanics.

She included all the departments – and what is terrible about this – she is right.

The mayor plays lip service to the city’s minorities.

He praises minorities on the one hand.

He does not like minorities. He does not hire minorities on the other.

But who in the city government other than Adrien is going to stand up and be heard against the mayor’s racist hiring practice?

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