New Ladder 1 Is A $1 Million Reality

Leader Herald Staff

From on online Twitter feed we have learned that Everett’s brand new Ladder 1 is about to go into service following a final inspection.

Thus ends about 2 years of negotiations and meetings and warnings and pleadings by the Fire Department for a new piece of badly needed state of the art equipment.

It is a brilliant red, double axel monster of a truck with major league capabilities and nothing quite like it in most departments at this moment in time.

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Buying And Developing The Polluted Exxon Site Is A Bold Undertaking

By Josh Resnek

Exxon site Monday afternoon.

The Davis Companies are taking on a mega money land/development deal that is all about huge outlays of capital and borrowings, an enormous price tag for pollution
mitigation, ballooning construction costs caused by inflation and rising interest rates as a recession appears to be coming on.

Timing is often a key component of every successful huge undertaking such as the Exxon site.

We suspect no one knows this better than the enormously successful folks who run the Davis Companies.

The Davis Companies is a rich outfit filled with talent and ambition.

The founder of the company, Jonathan Davis lives in a 9,000 square foot home in Chestnut Hill valued at $14 million.

The company president Richard McCreary’s Weston home is not quite so large but carries an estimated valuation of about $5 million.

The “pauper” of the group is Davis executive Michael Cantalupa. His Winchester home is modest in size compared with those of his executive colleagues with a valuation of under $2 million.

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By Josh Resnek

An embryonic effort is growing to launch a recall of Mayor Carlo DeMaria.

The possible recall in the making is the result of the mayor’s involvement in the Federal probe concerning racism, discrimination and retaliation that has been launched by US Attorney Rachael Rollins.

That probe is apparently well underway.

The recall effort also centers around the mayor’s effort to remove or to have replaced School Superintendent Priya Tahiliani.

Tahiliani filed an extensive complaint alleging racism and sexism against the mayor with the Commission Against Discrimination.

The planning and discussion effort for the recall is being led by about a dozen prominent and outspoken Everett residents including John Puopolo, Paula Sterite, and Sandy Juliano.

Former councilor, Attorney Fred Capone, who lost the November, 2021 election to the mayor by 210 votes, is believed to be supportive of such an effort but will not publicly comment about where exactly he stands.

Capone has been keeping a high public profile since his election loss.

In addition to his support for the action taken by the US Attorney, Capone has repeatedly expressed concern about the mayor’s longevity payments of $40,000 a year which remain a question of contention between Capone and DeMaria.

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DiDomenico secures $65 Million in Funding

Special to the Leader Herald

Senator Sal DiDomenico has announced he has secured several legislative achievements and over $65 million in funding for local organizations, municipalities, and projects in his District and throughout Massachusetts. These massive investments and new programs will provide critical support to non-profit organizations, promote new public projects, and empower residents of all backgrounds.

“This is a victory for taxpayers, every man, woman and child in the district, and it is a victory for a better life for all of us,” DiDomenico told the Leader Herald.

The legislative victories and allocated funding were passed thanks to DiDomenico’s amendments filed in the fiscal year 2023 state bud- get, the economic development bill, the ARPA spending bill, also known as An Act relative to immediate COVID-19 recovery needs, and the transportation infrastructure bond bill, also known as An Act relative to Massachusetts transportation resources and climate.

“One of my top priorities is providing essential resources for people in my district and across the state, especially for those most in need,” said DiDomenico, Assistant Majority Leader of the Massachusetts Senate. “I am so proud to have secured $65 million for organizations and programs that provide vital services for our residents. This funding will create new opportunities for people of all ages in our communities and support projects that will improve lives and protect our public spaces.”

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Draine Gains

By Josh Resnek

The city’s chief equity officer Cathy Draine has apparently moved into a key advisory and day to day work position with Mayor Carlo DeMaria, our city hall sources claim.

Cathy Draine shown accompanying Mayor Carlo DeMaria.

“She is writing his more important releases and is taking on a wider role in the mayor’s efforts to get the charges of racism, discrimination and retaliation under control,” said a source who wished to remain unnamed.

Draine is Black.

Drain is believed to be above the mayor’s chief of staff Erin Deveney at this point in dealing with a variety of issues the mayor is facing.

“She will do everything she can, and is doing everything she can to aid the mayor in preserving his leadership,” added the source.

“It is all about Deveney’s falling status and Draine’s rising star with Carlo,” he said.

Draine is apparently dealing with the racism crisis the mayor is trying to sidestep.

His former chief of communications, Deanna Deveney (no relation to Erin Deveney) resigned in disgrace with former Councilor Anthony DiPierro following months of political and racial acrimony.

Deveney’s position has not been filled.

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