— Eye on Everett —

All Revved up With Nowhere to Go

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By Josh Resnek

The mayor is bored with being the mayor.

He hates going into his office at city hall.

He is rarely there.

He dislikes having to appear before the city council, and does so only when absolutely necessary.

He’s been there and done that so many times during the past decade that it is like putting nails in his eyes to have to talk with councilors or to debate measures he simply wants passed.

At this point in his career the mayor of Everett wants initiatives, whatever they are, to be done his way or not at all.

His vision is the only vision.

His ideas are the only ideas.

He believes he owns the keys to the city – that Everett is his – that everything he’s done over the years constitutes a big owe to him from the people of the city.

“I’m owed for everything I’ve done for this city,” he has repeatedly said to his colleagues in the public forum.

He believes this.

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Looking at Politics

Primary Day in Everett

By Josh Resnek

A drive around the city on Primary Day 2019 was a drive around an empty space.

As at-large candidate Mike Marchese said early in the morning: “It looks like a ghost town.”

A ghost town indeed.

When I drove into Everett Square early this morning there were a handful of sign holders, chief among them former mayor, former city clerk, councilor at large John Hanlon, doing what he has done for a lifetime – and as his wife told me earlier on the telephone – “Loving it. It is his life.”

Councilor at large, former rep, Wayne Matewsky was also holding a sign in the square waving to the early morning primary day traffic.

A Steve Simonelli supporter carrying assign stood next to him also waving.

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Matewsky Tops Ticket. Hanlon 2nd, DellIsola 3rd Marchese 4th, Adrien 5th

By Josh Resnek

Councilor at Large Wayne Matewsky topped the ticket in light balloting on Primary Day Tuesday in the at-large primary race.

Incumbent councilors John Hanlon, Richard DellIsola, and Mike Marchese finished 2, 3 and 4 in that order.

Gerly Adrien finished strong at the number 5 position.

Councilor Peter Napolitano was close with the highest voting pack at 6.

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— Eye on Everett —

You think Fall River is bad… come over to Everett

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By Josh Resnek

Dear Andrew Lelling:

You’ve been having a lot of fun in Fall River lately.

I’m inviting you to Everett.

You and FBI Agent Elio need to take a close look at the obvious. Kickback Carlo DeMaria is in his tenth year of organized, obscene, uniquely disguised municipal theft and greed.

Everett isn’t Fall River.

The mayor won’t allow marijuana here.

He can’t trust himself to decline huge cash payments from marijuana businesses wanting to locate here.

But he brought a casino here.

That was worth something to him as he does not do things that fail to reward him personally.

“What’s in it for me,” is his mantra.

According to a law suit now winding through Federal Court in Boston, he received a sizeable kickback in return for delivering the land used for the casino and hotel site to Steve Wynn.

I’ve talked with a number of people with knowledge of the kickback, including one who says he can identify how Kickback Carlo was paid, exactly how much he got, and who aided him in executing the arrangement.

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Looking at the News

New Light Shed on Parlingate Library Controversy

By Josh Resnek

The Mayor, who has been quoted as saying he never saw a library he wanted to enter during four years at college, has come to take a commanding interest in the management, or mismanagement, of the city’s library system.

The system is utterly demoralized by the administrative changes ordered by the mayor that have been made in recent months, according to sources.

The facts of the matter have come to light about why Parlin Library officials stopped sending old city photographs and descriptions to the Leader Herald after we had been publishing the popular series for longer than a year.

In this dispute alone the seeds of the changes the library has undergone were planted.

It was the mayor’s doing entirely, the remaking of how the library system is run and the placement of a city lawyer without library experience or library training to run the system, according to sources who spoke with the Leader Herald.

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