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Mike McLaughlin on the rise

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By Josh Resnek

Councilor Mike McLaughlin appears to be serious about running for Joe McGonagle’s rep seat.

On or around February 10, he will be taking out papers.

He has apparently ordered bumper stickers.

He is preparing a campaign strategy, similar to that which powered him to victory over the mayor’s best friend last November. What is important there to note at this moment is that every thing about politics is always fluid, ever changing, and never static for very long.

McLaughlin is riding the tide of his victory last November.

That victory is a gift that keeps giving for McLaughlin, who has come a long way in his life with his storied success in local politics.

Many of us who watched his dogged campaign that ended in a stunning victory last November have come to believe in him.

In random talk between those who care about Everett politics, there is the commonly held belief that if Mike campaigns day and night across the city against McGonagle the way he campaigned against Al Lattanzi, that McGonagle ought to start packing his things for the move out of his State House office.

There is more at stake in this contest if it comes to pass than one or the other of these two winning the seat.

If McLaughlin beats McGonagle, he beats the machine, the DeMaria Crime Family machine, the DCF as Councilor Mike Marchese has called it.

There is a lot more at stake in this upcoming contest than McGonagle and McLaughlin.

What is at stake is the mayor’s position.

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Good luck to new appointments

Council President Rosa DiFlorio has announced committee assignments for the 2020 city council.

Councilor at Large Wayne Matewsky, the longest serving member of the council and a former representative will be the Chairman of the influential Ways and Means Committee, arguably the busiest and most sought after committee assignment. Councilor at Large Peter Napolitano is the chair of the Committee on the Budget.

Councilor at Large Mike Marchese is the chair of the Committee on Community and Business Development and Public Utilities.

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It’s official: Chief Carli

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Fire Chief Anthony Carli was a very happy man Monday night. 

Leader Herald Report

Acting Fire Chief Anthony Carli has become Everett’s permanent fire chief.

Carli was voted permanent fire chief by the City Council at Monday evening’s council meeting at city hall.

He was elected unanimously. Carli hails from an old Everett family. H has spent his lifetime here.

Terms of his contract were unavailable to the Leader Herald.

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Zoning Board puts Off vote on 600

By Josh Resnek

The Zoning Board of Appeals last week was supposed to have voted up or down the 600 Broadway apartment building development.

Most likely, according to sources, the ZBA was going to vote for it

But something happened on the way to the vote in a crowded Keverian Conference Room at city hall.

Councilor at Large Gerly Adrien showed up.

Her appearance caught the rapt attention of the ZBA membership, who are at odds with themselves about what would be the right scale of the development in a perfect world.

Adrien stood up for those opposed to the grandiose development, intended to place 80 units in an eight story building where a medical group operates today.

“I wanted the neighborhood to know I am there for them – that this development isn’t sitting well with everyone in the neighborhood, not by a long shot,” Adrien told the Leader Herald earlier this week.

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Improving city hall Is the right thing to do

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The 2020 Everett City Government.

The mayor announced that city hall is about to receive a transformative makeover during his annual address to the city recently.

It is a makeover that has been long overdue.

The city hall structure itself is entirely out of tune with modern necessities regarding usage and light, meeting places and community accessibility.

Everett City Hall is ugly inside and outside.

For decades since being built, it has represented a bit of a time warp. It was built square and dull, without any sense of aesthetic, history, or of the future, the way kids used to build with Erector sets.

The announcement made last week and the drawings provided by city hall depicting the new and improved structure – at least outside – and what it is going to look like, are a vast improvement over what exists today.

What is that?

It is a city hall that looks like something out of the 1960’s, the rough equivalent of what a 1968 Chevy Impala would look like to all of us driving down Broadway today.

City hall’s look and feel, with the blue exterior and its undifferentiated dull and boring sameness, is almost hopelessly outdated.

What is the plan?

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