ISD Cracking Down

Since last summer’s fire on Morris Street, which caused serious burns to an Everett firefighter, the Everett ISD has been cracking down hard on property owners in multi-family homes who are imperiling their tenants as well as first responders by overpopulating them.

The two owners of the Morris Street property, who were renting individual rooms as though they were apartments, pleaded innocent at their arraignment in

Malden District Court last week.

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Council Approves 3-Year Term for Angiolillo

Linda Lee Angiolillo, the newly confirmed permanent Executive Director of the Election Commission, at City Hall Monday night.

Leader Herald Staff

Linda Lee Angiolillo has been appointed by a unanimous vote of the City Council to serve for the next three years as the Executive Director of the Election Commission.

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Capone Critical of Mayor

Says Taxes Out of Control

By Josh Resnek

About a dozen taxpayers outraged at their drastically higher tax bills for their commercial properties did not get a chance to speak before the City Council’s session began Monday night.

Confusion about what exactly they should do, and the rush of City Councilor Rosa DeFlorio to close the open speaking period before anyone had the courage to speak, led to nothing being said by the public who came to city hall to speak on the matter.

Councilor Fred Capone, however, was not afraid to speak. He decried the rising taxes and wondered aloud to his colleagues in government about what has gone wrong

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Good Luck to City Council President Dell Isola

The new Council President Richard Dell Isola leads a city council almost entirely dedicated and devoted to the whims and the wishes of the mayor.

The record will show that during the past legislative year led by Councilor Peter Napolitano that the mayor was not overturned on anything – not an appointment, a request for money, or new initiatives.

The mayor rules.

The council follows.

This is the modern incarnation of the council for better or worse.

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Mayor Pushes for Transparency; Investigation to Include Himself?

By Josh Resnek

The mayor is agreeing and insisting with the School Committee for an investigation into the entire hierarchy of the School Department, which is likely to include the School Committee membership and himself.

As an avowed longtime close friend and confidant of former School Superintendent Fred Foresteire, and as an ex-officio member of the School Committee, the mayor is very likely to come under scrutiny in the investigation ordered by the School Committee if, in fact, the investigation is to be effective.

“The investigation we have ordered needs to be defined,” said a member of the School Committee. “It has not yet begun,” he said.

“It is the major priority of the new School Committee to be convened,” he told the Leader Herald.

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