Everett out of the red, virus numbers down

FEBRUARY 20: The vaccine clinic at Pope John was up and running over the weekend. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)


It is a time when we watch on television as the president does a candle lighting for the 500,000 dead from COVID-19 and memorializes the nation’s dismal, third- world country response to it.

Another 100,000 Americans from all walks of life are expected to die in the next three months – so it is obvious the virus remains deadly as our response to it finally ramps up.

Many millions more will come down with the virus but will likely survive.

Here in Everett, infections are dramatically down. Hospitalizations have dropped. The use of masks and social distancing efforts have worked – and now comes the advantages that begin to be felt with mass vaccinations.

Everett’s designation as a hot red zone for the virus has been changed to yellow this week by the Department of Public Health – a sure sign the virus trend is apparently heading in the right direction.

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— Eye on Everett —

Tough Week For The Mayor

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By Josh Resnek

It is a hard thing to live with being called a thief by lawyers ling a motion in Federal Court in the effort to succeed with a civil lawsuit when you are the mayor of Everett.

This is exactly what happened over the weekend when the Boston Herald headlined a story about an amended motion entered in Federal Court maintaining that the entire apparatus of state government, lobbyists, lawyers, the Gaming Commission and public of officials past and present conspired to disqualify Sterling Suffolk Raceway, the qualified applicant and choosing over them, Steve Wynn, the sexual harasser who lied to everyone on his way to being granted a casino license here.

The motion detailed what it called,” fraud, kickbacks and political cronyism crossing the line of legality and other unlawful methods to conspire to x the application process…”

The motion pointed a direct finger at Mayor Carlo DeMaria.

The headlines in the Herald on Sunday screamed out a telling allegation about Mayor DeMaria, among others, who all helped out and who were allegedly given or promised rewards for helping out to secure Steve Wynn the golden goose, a gaming license in Everett.

— Eye on Everett —

The Next Generation

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By Josh Resnek

Gerly Adrian cuts a familiar figure in the Everett of today.

At city hall, nearly everyone knows her and to know her is to like her.

In political circles, which are still largely white and male with very few exceptions here, she is a woman in a man’s world…but it is a disappearing world she is growing into prominence in.

Last time out she lost to the rep by 180 votes in what was a very close race considering the substantial backing the rep had. Congressman Michael Capuano had incumbency and everything else that comes with being part of the small family that tends to re-elect one another from race to race.

Ayanna Pressley, who wiped out Capuano is the new sheriff in town, so to speak.

Capuano isn’t even a memory at this point and as for Ayanna, we will likely never or rarely see her here.

This being said, the world opening up to Adrian is a road already traveled by Pressley, who is now serving in Congress where Capuano had sat successfully for 20 years until she rained on his parade.

What is ahead for Adrian?