No takers for city’s diversity position

Need to integrate workforce, represent population pressing


The administration is claiming there are no qualified candidates to name to the newly created Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

Created more than a year ago, the new office is intended to deal with latent and overt racism in Everett.

Also, Everett needs to integrate its city workforce which is woefully and embarrassingly absent of people of color and ethnicity.

It is estimated that as little as 5% of the city workforce are non-whites at a time when the city’s population is largely immigrant, Black, and brown.

Recent racially charged incidents involving Councilor Gerly Adrien and the mayor and some of her city council colleagues point to the need for the position to be filled as soon as possible.

The inherent racism in public efforts to have Adrien resign or to shutter her from a ZOOM meeting, as the mayor suggested recently, has cast some doubt on the administration’s ability to run the city government without a constant flow of highly public civil rights violations.

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