COVID Changed Our World

We are longer than a year past the end of COVID.

Make no mistake, COVID rocked our world.

COVID changed our world.

The United States is a far different place today than when the COVID pandemic shut down our world and sent us inside away from each other.

The colossal impact of shutting down our society in 2020 has not entirely been replaced by a return to normalcy.

Our city’s downtown areas remain largely empty by comparison to the way they were before the pandemic, a dramatic change for which there seems to be no simple antidote.

The unrestrained nature of life seems to have coalesced into something far different than nearly all of us experienced before the pandemic.

We no longer rush to be among thousands of people in crowded downtowns or stadiums or concert venues.

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The 4th Annual Everett Community Art Walk is Open

It’s official! The fourth annual Everett Community Art Walk is OPEN!

Take a walk around Everett to local businesses to find artwork from many different local artists. They’re all waiting for YOU to go find them, just like an art scavenger hunt.

You can find a map with all participating local businesses at or pick up a paper map at the Parlin Library or Shute Library.

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Lighting up the sky

July 1: Part of the large crowd that enjoyed the Fourth of July fireworks display at Glendale Park. July 1, 2022 in Everett, Massachusetts. (Photo By Jim Mahoney)


The Independence Day celebration at Glendale Park on Friday, July 1 drew a huge crowd of Everett residents from all walks of life.

Several thousand men, women, and children, families mostly, attended the city-sponsored event.

Many set out blankets and brought refreshments or simply sat on the grass to enjoy the festivities.

The event went off without a hitch.

The Everett Police reported calm and order throughout the day and night.

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Celebration of Life, Scholarship Set To Honor Late Michael Joseph Matarazzo


When lifetime Everett resident Michael Matarazzo passed away suddenly in April of this year, it opened a huge void in the lives of those who had the chance to know him.

Included in the many in Everett grieving the loss of Matarazzo was childhood friend and former teammate, Ross Pietrantonio, who felt it necessary — and fitting — his longtime pal continue to be celebrated in life after his death.

“He was a legend,” said Pietrantonio, who first played football with Matarazzo on the Everett Pop Warner D-Team at 8-years-old. They traveled together to Florida for the national tournament. “[He was] quiet, hardworking and didn’t say a lot — but he did a lot,” said Pietrantonio of the late Matarazzo, who was part of multiple championship sea- sons for the Everett High School football dynasties of the 2000’s.

At a Celebration of Life at Village Bar & Grill scheduled for Thursday, July 7, Pietrantonio plans to commemorate the essence which made Matarazzo so special to the community, with hopes of recapturing it for the future.

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Everett at a Cross Roads

By WALT RICE Special to the Leader Herald

Everett is at a cross roads where residents can either change the dysfunctional framework of city government or simply get ready to experience more of the same in the years to come.

Reprehensible does not begin to describe the most recent conduct of those on the zoom meeting and how distasteful the dialogue was revealed to be. Corrupt leadership at the top allows these types of things to happen and flourish when there is a complete lack of internal controls and failure to adhere to publicly accepted standards of conduct.

But, it is worth bearing in mind that although Carlo DeMaria has maximized every possible way to enrich himself while overseeing the executive staff and appointed officials (cronies), he is still not much more than just the current puppet master, yet not the original architect of the dysfunctional system in place. He gleefully inherited it – and in reality, he learned to exploit it in an unprecedented fashion once the casino came into focus.

In time, the exploits, greed and shallow egos involved in this recent downfall drove the administration to where it sits today. Racism is just a part of the problem but not the only problem. It is a blemish among numerous others that have festered over and it spilled onto the streets in plain view of the community. And the community responded.

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