Contractor chased, “chest bumped” and sworn at by enraged mayor


Claims city favors more expensive contractor

Leader Herald Staff Report

Mayor Carlo DeMari chased and chested bumped local contractor Peter Tufts following the contractor’s testimony to the council Monday night.

Tufts left the chamber after speaking briefly before the council.

He was speaking with the mayor’s chief of staff Erin Deveney at the top of the stairs on the third floor when the mayor accosted him.

“The mayor stormed up the stairs with his blue suit on. He’s pointing his finger at me.

“You f***ed me good. You f***ed me good,” the mayor repeated.

“He pointed his finger at me.”

“You know what you said,” the mayor complained bitterly.

Tufts said the mayor became more belligerent and out of control.

“Now he’s chest bumping me and then he says, ‘”“You’re another piece of s**t like Greg Antonelli.”’

The mayor apparently told Tufts he had to return to the city council chamber to do a swearing in of a police officer.

When the mayor came back out, he was spitting fire at Tufts.

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City Hall Wasting Taxpayer’s Dollars Failing to Cap Electric Charges

$200,000 Down the Drain and Growing?

By Josh Resnek

A report in last week’s Leader Herald revealed that the city wasted $140,000 on electric charges for one month because the city had apparently let its 3 year contract run out.

The city’s contract, which apparently ended sometime before the start of the new year, was brokered by Mario Cornelio for Patriot Energy in 2014.

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