The end of the pandemic

We believe it is reasonable to surmise that most of the population is extremely pleased that the pandemic – or at least – the rules governing us during the pandemic – appear to be coming to a long-awaited end.

Only the most unseen and unexpected catastrophe can cause us to return to the Draconian existence we have all led since March 2020.

Most noticeable about the end of the restrictions here is that many, many men, women, and children are still wearing facemasks.

This proves that returning to normal is not so easy after living abnormally for longer than one year.

What took almost one year of our lives away from us in the traditional sense of thinking, will likely take at least the year in front of us to correct itself.

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Et Fini

This weekend marks the end of the state’s emergency measures connected with the pandemic for the past year of our lives.

We have followed the science here at the Leader Herald since the first reports of the outbreak. We have never regretted following the science and abiding by the restrictions that were heaped upon us.

We didn’t believe wearing a facemask was an intrusion on our rights as Americans.

We wore facemasks to stop the spread of the virus. We washed our hands. We socially distanced. We sacrificed vacations and holidays, personal moments with our families and friends.

Again, we followed the science.

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Full house at Encore, COVID requirements due to change

Gaming earnings start to slowly tick up in MA


New guidance from state and federal regulators has allowed the biggest Las Vegas casino operators – Wynn Resorts Ltd. And Las Vegas Sands Corp to allow vaccinated guests to stop wearing masks.

This contrasts with strict regulations that remain in force at Encore Boston Harbor, where masks are still required inside.

However, Tuesday’s announcement by Governor Charlie Baker that all restrictions are being done away with on May 29 gives rise to the belief the Massachusetts Gaming Commission is sure to follow with an edict allowing full capacity without masks for the Encore Boston Harbor Casino and Hotel.

In Las Vegas, it has been announced, plexiglass shields have been removed from gaming tables inside the casino parlors and in poker rooms all over Las Vegas.

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To mask or not to mask

MAY 7: Masked residents walk through the intersection at Chelsea Street and Broadway. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

Changing COVID-19 rules create confusion, questions


What’s next for all of us trying to work our way back to the new normal after the COVID-19 disaster seems to be vanishing – at least in our mindsets?

That’s difficult to say.

Many millions of Americans are showing little to no interest in being vaccinated, a sure sign that superstition and ignorance have gained a foothold over common sense and medical science.

Without the entire society or close to it being vaccinated, the virus remains a player attacking at will those who tempt the fates.

Maybe 600,000 American deaths were not enough to prove the danger of the virus.

Everett’s numbers of those being infected and dying have ceased to be meaningful measures of anything except for that of a virus in retreat.

This doesn’t take away the pain and suffering caused by the virus to so many people who lost loved ones or who became violently ill at the height of the pandemic.

The retreat of the virus is a moment of reflection and action for most of us.

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Signs COVID-19 may be easing

Daffodils bloom at Rivergreen Park, a harbinger of better weather. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)


After a year that has changed our lives and finds our society in a revolutionary moment, May is upon us and things are looking up brightly.

Facemasks no longer must be worn in Everett outside as part of the state dropping that restriction, which is in keeping with the CDC directive.

It is not known exactly how many Everett people died as a result of the virus, but that number is probably at least several hundred.

Will there be a memorial for the dead to remind us of what came before?

Seems a bit unlikely.

There remain many people who think the pandemic was a joke or a fake.

For those who suffered a loss, such a thought is not an option.

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