President Biden to launch nationwide vaccinations

JANUARY 15: RN Risa Ferrara prepares a Covid-19 vaccination for first responders at Rumney Marsh Academy. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)


The inauguration of President Joe Biden this week will apparently signal the beginning of the federal government’s role in vaccinating the American population.

To date, the creation of the vaccine stands as a modern miracle of medical science, and one former President Trump can take credit for.

The mishandling of the distribution effort and the production end of the program are both enormous failures as Biden takes office.

Everett is an example of how a community only this week got its first responders vaccinated with the general public, largely and almost entirely unvaccinated with no end to such a scenario in sight.

Everett is a living example of a city being overrun by the virus and the inability of its population and its city government to curtail its outbreak.

This week and last week Everett has reported the largest number of infections that have been recorded since the epidemic shut everything down last March.

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Local first responders get Covid-19 vaccine

JANUARY 15: First responders rolled up their sleeve as dozens of area firefighters, police officers and EMTs received the first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

City suffers 1200 new Coronavirus cases


Everett remains one of the top Massachusetts hot spots for the transmission of the COVID-19 virus.

Get-togethers continue throughout the city despite a strong effort by the city government to warn residents about the perils of private gatherings.

The mayor continues to place the blame on the spread of the virus on crowded homes and apartments with family members and visitors not wearing facemasks or exercising social distancing protocol and washing hands repeatedly with disinfectant jell.

The mayor’s recent vacations to Aruba and Arizona run against what he has been urging Everett residents to do – “To please stay at home.”

Everett health officials have reported approximately 1,200 new cases of the virus in the city since January 4.

The city remains in an emergency mode that began last March.

Statewide figures have soared and deaths as well.

Last week, the state reported 4,200 new cases and 67 new deaths attributed to COVID-19.

More vaccine due soon as Covid-19 cases worsening

A Pfizer technician prepares vials for the firm’s Covid-19 vaccine at the NY facility. (Photo courtesy of Pfizer)

Mayor blames residents for virus spread


Everett counted nearly 700 new cases of the COVID-19 virus during the past seven days.

The week began with elevated numbers of new infections in this city and among all our neighboring cities and towns.

The mayor has placed the blame for the spread of the virus on residents.

He claims the virus is being spread from apartment to apartment and from home to home by families failing to adhere to pleas for social distancing and face masks.

Massachusetts reported more than 5,500 new cases last week and 77 deaths.

State infections numbers rose to about 40,000 new cases in the past seven days.

At the former Whidden Hospital now owned and run by the Cambridge Health Alliance here in Everett, beds are hard to find.

The hospital is crowded and busy.

“The hospital is packed. It is not entirely filled with COVID-19 patients. A lot of people are sick,” said an employee of the hospital who wished to remain unnamed.

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The winter of our discontent

Among the worst aspects of this winter that is upon us is that Everett’s schoolchildren and schoolchildren remain learning online at home. Universities’ classroom instruction across the nation has experienced the same fate.

Add to this the extraordinary impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and our nation’s rather slow and painful reaction to it.

Several hundred thousand more deaths from the virus are expected in just the next three or four months, and frankly, vaccines of no vaccines, there appears to be no end in sight for our problems with the virus, with unemployment, with small businesses going under, with major cities experiencing a revolution in where we work, how we work, and creating great questions about the future of many downtowns – and this includes Boston.

Everett has been dramatically affected by the virus and its resulting hassles.

The Encore Hotel and Casino are right now all about dreariness. The hotel is closed. The casino is restricted from generating money – which the city is relying on for our Host City payment – and it is a question mark when everything is going to change, or return to normal, as we like to say.

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