ARPA funding failing residents and bearing no relationship to real needs

By Josh Resnek

A succession of speakers backed by a crowd of Everett young people about 60 strong who sat in the audience inside the council chamber Monday night decried the city’s lack of interest in using American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding to relieve suffering and to create a more equitable distribution of city funding

At least a half dozen speakers said that ARPA money is not being used as it was intended.

Several speakers indicated that using ARPA funds for culverts and road work is neither within the scope of the federal mandate governing the use of the funds, nor does the administration’s use of the funding so far enhance equity for those suffering from the stress and the reality of the pervasive poverty and food insecurity that has followed as a result of the pandemic.

Primary among those speakers were members of the city’s One Everett organization, the Everett Youth Initiative and School Committeewoman Samantha Lambert as well as activist Paula Steriti.

Speakers asked for the ARPA money to be used for public transportation and for public schools.

Another asked for funds to be used to rescue and to help those affected by the pandemic, who lost their jobs, their apartments, their savings accounts and their health.

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Confusion and Indecision Mount As Science Gives Way to Necessity

COVID is not over but the return to non-COVID life conflicts with changing realities about the virus

By Josh Resnek

In China right now authorities there are demanding mass testing and quarantining of those found to have COVID or Omicron to reduce the possibility of the virus spreading like wild fire throughout the most highly populated nation on the face of the earth.

For the first time since the onset of the pandemic, China’s government demanding harsh restrictions to keep the virus under control is being challenged by the people.

The people plead they cannot any longer survive the economic and social disruption.

Chinese officials closed the Shanghai Disneyland at the end of March. It remains closed.

Cases of COVID and Omicron have soared in Shanghai, a city of about 20 million.

With more than 1 1⁄2 billion people, China is rightfully petrified of the COVID virus and its proven ability to shut down the economy. China wants to stand as the bulwark against the virus.

Through its Draconian efforts to shut off and to shut down a city like Shanghai, the government is showing it means business when it comes to throttling the virus.

Here in America, and in cities like Everett across the nation, COVID cases are rising again.

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Funding For COVID-19 Testing Running Out; Will Affect Everett Adversely

By Josh Resnek

Free testing of all kinds for the COIVD-19 virus is running out.

Soon enough, only those with higher incomes will be able to afford constant testing to mitigate against the virus.


Thousands of Everett residents living under the poverty line will soon be hard pressed to pay for their own testing.

For those with pre-existing medical conditions, the ultimate result can likely be serious illness, the spread of the virus and more unnecessary deaths, according to a comprehensive article that appeared in the New York Times last weekend.

Funding to test and treat uninsured Americans is unavailable.

Some health care providers are telling uninsured they will have to pay for testing.

In the meantime, in China, where it is believed the virus began, the Chinese government is testing the entire city – which is an effort to test something like 15 million people because of an outbreak of the virus.

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COVID Infections Dropping Dramatically; The Worst Seems To Have Passed

By Josh Resnek

By all accounts, the pandemic in Massachusetts is moving on. The mass inoculation of nearly everyone in the state has proven its value, despite the claims by anti-vaxers that we have somehow given up our rights by allowing ourselves to be vaccinated.

The slowdown in new cases and deaths – there were about 40 deaths last week and only 7,000 reported new cases of COVID in Massachusetts last week.

The local economy and social life of nearly all of us has been dramatically altered by 2 years of lockdowns, health warnings, widespread illness and high numbers of deaths.

Coming back from this is going to take a long while.

It took 2 years to get where we are.

It will take at least another two years to move back to where we used to be.

Will we ever get there?

Will life return to what used to be normal?

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Mask Mandate Ends In Everett Public Schools; A Return To Normal

Leader Staff

The mandatory mask era for students attending the Everett Public Schools ended Monday night with a vote of the School Committee.

That vote coincided with the state ending mask mandates Monday, although it remained up to the individual communities to do what they believed was proper and right.

Parents of Everett’s public school children have the right or their children to wear masks in school if they see fit.

It is the same for teachers and administrators and for nearly all employees in the school system.

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