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The Fourth of July

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It is the Fourth of July coming up.

It is my favorite holiday as it comes at the end of June and the beginning of July – at the beginning of summer.

In fact, on the Fourth of July there is much more summer in front of us than behind us. In New England, where the summers are fleeting, the Fourth of July is a moment to savor. It is as if winter is very far away. In fact, it is difficult to believe on the Fourth of July that winter even exists.

It is warm. It can be humid. Sometimes it rains.

This year, we are dealing with a pandemic, the Coronavirus.

The Fourth of July will come and go this year.

The general feeling among the people of Everett and in the cities and towns across this nation is that the virus supersedes the holiday. Many others believe the holiday has been ruined by all the restrictions caused by our response to the virus.

Those of us driving around and checking things out note the yearly display of flags waving everywhere.

Family members and friends are making plans for cookouts and parties although the celebration will be subdued for health reasons.

Block parties and large parties of all kinds everywhere well not be allowed.

Frankly, large gatherings are a bad idea.

There are other reasons the Fourth of July this year will be different from all other years.

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A very different school year in store

Multiple options being drawn up for fall reopening guidelines

Everett High School is bathed in late evening sun on June 5, 2020. (Photo By Jim Mahoney)


On Thursday, the State of Massachusetts will be setting out a handful of possible solutions and options to aid and guide school systems in effecting a successful reopening of public schools in September.

It is expected the Baker Administration will be suggesting at least several reopening programs that will allow for virtual teaching for students done at home as well as in class teaching with strict social distancing and hygiene policies to stop the spread of the Coronavirus among students, teachers, and parents.

Everett Superintendent Priya Tahiliani will be carefully scrutinizing the state’s new guidelines.

She is likely to act affirmatively within the suggested framework to get education going in Everett again.

This we know right now.

Schools can and will likely reopen with safeguards in place, according to the state’s COVID-19 Command Center’s Advisory Board.

The state’s figures of infection have been falling as well as hospitalizations and deaths. They are within the CDC’s guidelines.

As many students as possible will be safely brought back to in-person school settings.

This will include measuring the risks associated with COVID-19 for in-person programs, but also the known challenges and consequences of keeping students out of school. The state is mindful that there is no substitute for in-person instruction.

The state is designing a social compact for reopening.

This provides for students and staff to stay at home if they are feeling sick or have any symptoms connected with COVID-19. School systems need enhanced protocols to monitor this.

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Coronavirus curve flattened locally, massive surges plague other states


For now, Everett and Massachusetts in general are in a safe zone.

Everett’s numbers have been falling for weeks, although there are new cases, but they are very few – and deaths as well.

ICU’s in Massachusetts are not filled, and hospitals have returned to a semblance of normal.

More than 9,000 residents of Massachusetts and about 35 from Everett have succumbed to the virus, which is now spreading like wildfire in our largest and most populace states.

The numbers in California, Arizona, Florida, and Texas have grown so large so fast, that the hospital systems of all those states are now under strain. In California, hospitals are under siege.

Epidemiologists are predicting a near catastrophe in the next 3 weeks unless the virus is tamped down.

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Coronavirus slowing as reopening continues

About 20 states experiencing surge in Covid-19


Massachusetts and the City of Everett are now into Phase 2 of the reopening plan designed by Governor Charlie Baker and carried out by Lt. Governor Karyn Polito.

The great efforts in Massachusetts to put a cap on the virus through the extensive day to day use of social distancing and added hygienic aids has produced a stirring effect.

New cases in Everett are up fractionally from last week.

Confirmed COVID-19 cases in Massachusetts slowing. (Photo courtesy of the CDC)

According to the city, there are presently slightly more than 1,700 peopled infected right now, with very few new deaths being reported.

Additionally, hospitalizations have dropped dramatically, although exercising precaution remains the duty of the day for all of us.

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Wynn not gambling on hygiene as Encore prepares for eventual reopening


When exactly the Encore Boston Harbor in our city is going to reopen is anyone’s guess.

If the Coronavirus remains under control in Massachusetts, it seems likely the Encore might be able to open up before the end of the summer or maybe even in July, according to state officials.

How that reopening will look and how it will take shape and form from top to bottom from outside to inside the hotel to gaming tables to restaurants is being worked on by experts hired by Wynn Resorts.

The New York Times published an article Monday detailing efforts being made in Las Vegas by Wynn Resorts and MGM that revealed the extra-human and scientific/medical hygiene efforts to make Las Vegas safe for visitors.

The reopening of the Strip in Las Vegas is underway.

Great crowds have not yet materialized.

Governor Steve Sisolak says he is confident that” every possible precaution” has been taken to ensure that the famed resorts can both serve guests and protect public health, the NYT’s reported.

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