Delta virus cases rising

EHD quiet about COVID uptick


Residents here have heard the news about an uptick in new cases of the Coronavirus, but no hard stats are available right now from the Everett Health Department.

Last week and into the beginning of this week, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health confirmed 586 new cases of virus across the state.

Vaccinations here and across the state have been continuing.

Anti-vaccine fans locally need to be aware that the highest number of new cases by a wide margin are occurring in the 20- 29 and the 30-39 age brackets and the assumption is the vast majority of those coming down with the virus or the variant have not been vaccinated.

Across the state, there were 114 patients hospitalized for COVID – 19.

Twenty-nine patients are in intensive care units with 12w of that number on respirators in order to stay alive.

In Middlesex County (Everett is in Middlesex County) during the past 14 days, there have been 526 new cases with more than 90,000 residents tested for the virus.

More new cases were reported in Middlesex County than in all other counties in the state.

In addition, cases were up in every county in the state during the past two weeks, a disturbing trend that could have implications.

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Facemasks cause fascination

We believe it is altogether incredible the number of men, women, and children wearing facemasks nearly two weeks since the Massachusetts State government and the CDC set us free from wearing them.

Those of us who have been vaccinated understand that we don’t need the facemasks anymore.

We can’t give the disease and we can’t catch it, either.

It is rather amazing that so many have chosen not to get vaccinated for whatever selfish and unscientific reason they hold dear.

Some believe they are exercising the right to freedom by staying clear of vaccinations.

In fact, refusing vaccinations is like tempting the fates.

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MobileVax returns June 4

The Everett Public Schools held a Covid-19 mobile vaccine clinic at Everett High School on Friday, May 21.

Ward 5 School Committee member Marcony Almeida-Barros helped to bring the MobileVax clinic, a collaborative effort of Tufts Health Plan, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, and the East Boston Neighborhood Health Center to the school.

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Questions about the future arise as COVID threat eases

Encore becomes vaccination center


New infections continue to litter the landscape here but overall, the pandemic is ebbing.

Hospitalizations are way down. Severe illness from the virus has declined as doctors and hospitals have devised new procedures and a bevy of drugs to deal with the virus when it attacks.

The chief cause for relief is vaccination.

Since President Joe Biden was elected, more than half the nation has been vaccinated.

The older and the elderly have been given a great deal of protection from falling ill with the virus as a result.

Schools are once again doing in-classroom teaching.

Restrictions of all kinds have been reduced or eliminated throughout the state by the Massachusetts Department of Health.While facemasks and social distancing continue to be required by the state, the real question arises: how much longer will this be a part of public health policy?

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Two schools shuttered after outbreak


Infections among staff and students at the Parlin and Madeline English schools last week led to both of those facilities being closed Thursday and Friday.

Rather than tempt the fates by staying open, the School Department and the city’s Health Department decided to close the schools in to err on the side of safety rather than chance.

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