COVID returns

The Massachusetts Department of Health has recently announced that COVID cases have risen dramatically in number throughout the state.

This comes as no surprise to many of us who had three to four vaccinations and still managed to contract the virus – recently.

Many of us who had COVID recently, have been suffering effects from it for weeks after the viral symptoms have disappeared.

We haven’t needed hospitalization or respirators. We aren’t suffering from temperatures or even sore throats.

The resultant coughs following the passing of the COVID symptoms are over the top for many of us sharing our experiences recently.

This writer has had a hacking, powerful, up from the stomach cough for two weeks already with no end in sight.

We are told that the cough is but a slight inconvenience compared with dying from COVID.

We are also told the vaccinations obviously did not stop the COVID but rather, stopped the COVID from consuming us or sending us to the hospital unable to breath or ultimately to die from it.

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COVID Running Amuck Throughout The World And Could Return To US

The emergency is not over by a long shot

By Josh Resnek

As we all sigh with relief as though the worst has passed with the COVID-19 pandemic which changed the world, it appears the virus does not wish to go gently into the night.

CDC experts and followers of the pandemic from the start are nearly all predicting a possible huge resurgence of the COVID-19 virus in the fall.

Many of those who have received three inoculations are being urged to get yet another booster to remain a safer distance from the virus taking us down.

Extra caution is made all the more urgent in the knowledge the United States just passed the 1 million dead mark of those killed by the virus.

Top date, Massachusetts has suffered 20,393 deaths and 1.81M cases.

A resurgence of COVID -19 would include millions more infected in nearly all age groups, millions sick, many more dying, our hospital and health system bogged down again to the point of exhaustion and overload and the economy effected by the disruption to the job market caused by the virus infecting so many.

While the national debate about masks and vaccines continues, so too has the virus.

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COVID-19 Figures Rising Across The State, The Nation and The World

CHA Everett sits high on the hill as the afternoon sun hits the sides on the buildings. (Photo By Jim Mahoney)

China’s Major Cities In Costly Lockdown

By Josh Resnek

To wear a mask. Not to wear a mask.

To keep a safe distance in crowds. To not care about keeping distance in big crowds.

To test oneself and then to quarantine if you test positive. Or not to test oneself.

Who cares if they test positive?

Such are some of the gradations of thought and action when it comes to COVID-19 during this time of weakening resistance to paying much attention to it.

Massachusetts infection figures have risen a bit but hospitalizations are down and deaths have dramatically declined, according to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

The vast majority of those now coming down with the virus in Massachusetts do not require hospitalization.

The virus can and does kill people with serious pre-existing conditions.

Those who have been vaccinated who become hospitalized tend to survive with much greater frequency than six months ago when many thousands across the nation and throughout the world were dying of the virus after coming down sick with it.

China remains the big question mark about COVID-19.

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To Wear Masks or Not to Wear Masks, That is The Question

(Photo By Jim Mahoney)

Science and Common Sense Don’t Mix At Times

By Josh Resnek

The nation is in a conundrum about what to do about COVID-19.

It is not gone.

It has not been eradicated. In some places the virus is flourishing.

At the same time, in some states like Texas and especially Florida, masks are akin to rat poison or bad government while it has been proven masks limit the spread of diseases that are transmitted by germs coming out of noses and mouths.

In the hurry to rid themselves of the inconvenience of masks, many so-called Red States have done away with mask mandates.

Mind you, COVID-19 has not been stamped out.

It is masks and mandates intended to limit and to destroy the impact of the fast spreading virus that are going by the way side.

What to do?

It comes down to this: whatever you believe is best.

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Confusion and Indecision Mount As Science Gives Way to Necessity

COVID is not over but the return to non-COVID life conflicts with changing realities about the virus

By Josh Resnek

In China right now authorities there are demanding mass testing and quarantining of those found to have COVID or Omicron to reduce the possibility of the virus spreading like wild fire throughout the most highly populated nation on the face of the earth.

For the first time since the onset of the pandemic, China’s government demanding harsh restrictions to keep the virus under control is being challenged by the people.

The people plead they cannot any longer survive the economic and social disruption.

Chinese officials closed the Shanghai Disneyland at the end of March. It remains closed.

Cases of COVID and Omicron have soared in Shanghai, a city of about 20 million.

With more than 1 1⁄2 billion people, China is rightfully petrified of the COVID virus and its proven ability to shut down the economy. China wants to stand as the bulwark against the virus.

Through its Draconian efforts to shut off and to shut down a city like Shanghai, the government is showing it means business when it comes to throttling the virus.

Here in America, and in cities like Everett across the nation, COVID cases are rising again.

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