Mayor moves to oust Cornelio

After taking $96k from city clerk in real estate deal


The mayor and his cabal of relatives and hired guns are plotting to have City Clerk Sergio Cornelio removed from his office.

Cornelio’s election as the president of the City Clerk’s Association of Massachusetts – an award given for only the most outstanding clerk – will not mitigate the mayor’s effort to have Cornelio removed.

The effort is already underway, according to a wide variety of sources.

The mayor and his closest supporters and the holders of his secrets claim Cornelio is a traitor, that “he has left the nest,” by coming out publicly in order to recover the $96,000 the mayor recently took from him.

Corey Street property. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

It was revealed last week that Cornelio was forced and coerced to pay the mayor $96,000 as a result of the sale of Cornelio’s wholly-owned property on Corey Street.

Until the time of the sale of the property by Cornelio, the mayor had no legal ownership interest in the Corey Street property, according to records on file in the Southern Middlesex Registry of Deeds.

Two local developers were told to stand aside by the mayor when they expressed an interest in buying the property from the city clerk, sources said.

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The $96,000 Disgrace


The allegations made by City Clerk Sergio Cornelio against the mayor have a solid ring of truth. Revelations that the mayor recently received $96,000 of Cornelio’s money after threatening Cornelio’s financial well-being with the possible loss of his job, as well as a threat to cut the city clerk’s office budget, unless Cornelio gave him the money is one more reason for voters in this city to remove Mayor Carlo DeMaria from public office.

What the mayor did to Cornelio, threatening him, demanding money from him, receiving $96,000 from him for nothing but to satisfy the mayor’s greed, is a crime against Cornelio, a disgrace for the office of mayor of Everett and it is an abuse of his position, his authority, and his power as the mayor of the city.

The mayor could do such a thing with any number of people who are scared, indeed, petrified they could lose their jobs unless they satisfied his whims.

The mayor’s payment from Cornelio for $96,000 is a dark moment in mayoral history here.

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$96,000 Forced Payment to Mayor by City Clerk Raises Questions About Extortion Plot

Payment to Mayor Followed Threats Against Cornelio to Cut His Office Budget and To Ruin His Life

SEPTEMBER 7: Corey Street property. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)


Everett’s City Clerk Sergio Cornelio says Mayor Carlo DeMaria stole $96,000 from him as a result of Cornelio’s sale of a property at 43 Corey Street.

“When the mayor found out what I was going to receive from the sale of the property, he told me in no uncertain terms he wanted a piece of the action,” Cornelio revealed to the Leader Herald.

Cornelio told the Leader Herald he was badgered and bothered by the mayor for the payment to the point of it affecting his health and well-being.

“I gave up against the weight of his power over me and his threats to ruin me,” he told the Leader Herald.

Before the sale, Cornelio apparently met with two well-known local developers to measure their interest in buying the property from him.

“The mayor told one developer not to touch it if he wanted to do business with the city in the future.” He told the second developer, ‘This is my score. You are to have nothing to do with Corey Street. It is mine,’” according to Cornelio.

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