Mayoral candidates aggressively chasing votes

Adrien, Capone, mayor going door to door


May has just turned to June, an unlikely time in this city for mayoral candidates to be jousting with one another.

Yet this is exactly what is now taking place.

Gerly Adrien, Fred Capone, and the mayor are all involved in more highly accelerated campaign efforts at this early time in their race for mayor.

The mayor has begun campaigning door to door in several neighborhoods. There is nothing perfunctory about the mayor when he campaigns.

He has already organized the apparatus of the city government to tout his accomplishments and performance. He has opened his campaign headquarters although it is not presently being used.

The mayor is not taking anything for granted.

Adrien has set the early pace with dogged, every day, door-to-door canvassing of the city’s neighborhoods.

She was the first to turn in her signatures, a very early and impressive show of organization.

Her online money-raising efforts have been impressive. They have intensified. Over the long weekend, she apparently raised many more thousands of dollars. She is likely holding about $80,000 at this point in her campaign account.

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The Race is on, Capone is in

Will run for mayor against DeMaria


City Councilor Fred Capone volunteering at the Grace Food pantry. (Photo By Jim Mahoney)

City Councilor Attorney Fred Capone is set to announce his candidacy for mayor Friday, according to those familiar with Capone’s scheduling concerning his campaign.

His announcement Friday will end months of speculation about whether or not he was going to take on Mayor Carlo DeMaria, who has already announced.

Saturday, DeMaria opened his campaign headquarters on Main Street.

Capone will also be opening a campaign headquarters during the weeks to come.

Capone is said to believe that this is his moment, and he is determined not to let it pass.

Capone has apparently set up a fundraising apparatus.

He has also created a video and social media platform with a website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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If Councillors Fred Capone and Gerly Adrien run for mayor, as we expect they will, the mayor will hard-pressed to account for his past actions and allegations of sexual harassment and alleged payoffs in return for municipal favors done during his twelve years in office.

In the present political and social environment, integrity, above all, is what ought to matter when it comes to who serves the people of the city in public office.

Popularity, too often, is the chief reason politicians are elected and re-elected over and over again.

In today’s highly polarized political environment, the political careers of some politicians and businessmen, and women can be ended in an instant without them stepping inside a courtroom.

Today, the public judges guilt and innocence by what is reported in the media or by the courts. Perception is everything.

The public and private lives of the president, governors, senators, congressmen, and mayors are scrutinized very closely these days.

It is the same with prominent businessmen and women.

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Capone family honors Dorothy Martin Long

The Capone family recognizes Dorothy Martin Lang for her contributions. (Courtesy photo)

The Capone Family recently honored the late Dorothy Martin Long in recognition and appreciation of her advocacy on behalf of Housing Families GREAT Youth and Families Program in Malden.

Housing Families assists children experiencing educational challenges created by housing instability to receive homework and tutoring help. Mrs. Long was a steadfast supporter of the Program.

Dorothy volunteered as a tutor for over 16 years. She was well known in Everett for her community service, her boundless energy, and her commitment to helping others.

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