Capone not backed on city budget cuts

Councilor’s calls for fiscal amendments, restraint on line items met with silence


The expression “like lemmings to the sea” originated in the 1950s and remained popular for decades afterward.

The phrase was used as a way of symbolizing people who unthinkingly follow what the crowd is doing, often with dangerous, if not downright fatal, consequences.

Last week, during the city council’s budget overview discussion, only Councilor Fred Capone refused to be a lemming among his council colleagues.

Despite showing common sense about paring down the budget during a time of fiscal need, Capone seemed to be talking to the wind.

For some inexplicable reason, technical difficulties prevented the budget hearing being broadcast so the people of Everett could see and listen to their elected leaders at work in real time.

Regrettably, the hearing took on the look and feel of a closed door executive session – a moment when many councilors appeared to act like lemmings to the sea.

Councilor Capone was the only meaningful voice questioning the budget, as near as we can tell.

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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Mayor DeMaria’s inaccurate narrative of the December 23, 2019 Council meeting
requires a response. The two items of concern are 1) the requested eminent domain proceedings for the Pope John High School property and 2) the financing of $10,500,000.00 to fund the taking. The Mayor misstated, at the Council meeting and again on his Facebook page, that all members instructed him to negotiate the purchase of the parcel for the exclusive use as senior and veteran housing. He also posted on his Facebook page that three Council members changed their position once the election was over. This is simply untrue. Continue reading Letter to the Editor