Down to the wire with Primary Day next Tuesday; candidates spar

By Josh Resnek

Candidates on the ballot for next Tuesday’s primary rushed to intensify and to complete their campaigns before voters go to the polls for the ultimate verdict.

A candidate’s forum sponsored by five local organizations hosted a City Council candidate forum at the Connolly Center on the last day of August which was well attended by a number of candidates.

Seven of 13 councilor at large candidates participated.

Six candidates in the ward races also attended the event which was put together by La Communidad, Everett Community Growers, Everett Haitian Community Center, NAACP Mystic Valley Chapter, and the Brazilian Women’s Group.

Who shall win and who shall lose, who shall be victorious and who will be placed aside remains the ultimate mystery as the election process winds its way to a conclusion.

Primary races for at-large positions finds 13 candidates vying for a place.

This includes 4 incumbents, Mike Marchese, John Hanlon, Stephanie Smith and Irene Cardillo.

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Marchese Spars With Clueless Demas Playing Dumb Protecting The Guilty

By Josh Resnek

Councilor at large Michael Marchese.

Councilor Mike Marchese (right) and Eric Demas, the city’s Chief Financial officer went back and forth for about 15 minutes as Marchese tried to find out how a $2,500 a year payment to Mayor Carlo DeMaria could have risen to $40,000 without anyone in a position of responsibility asking questions about it.

“How does $2,500 a year rise to $40,000 a year,” Marchese asked Demas.

“How is it that the mayor got this money out of the budget without the line item including his name on it,” Marchese asked.

Demas, who designs the budget and who is liable for its final configuration answered with an array of double-talk vignettes designed to throw off Marchese.

“Come on tell me. How does this happen? Who did this? Who is responsible? I’d like to know,” Marchese asked the poker faced Demas.

The humorless Demas responded that he isn’t a lawyer and is not qualified to give such an answer.

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Marchese launches re-election bid for Councilor-at-Large seat

Mike Marchese.

I am pleased and proud to announce my candidacy for re-election to the Everett City Council, as your Council-or-at-Large.

I love this city. I love its people. Serving here in public of- fice is an honor and a privilege.

My family has played an active and involved role in our community for generations. The Marchese family arrived in Everett in the 1890’s. My grandparents raised a family in Everett while working hard to sponsor new family members to come to the United States. My parents raised four sons and were a very close and respectful family. My Dad built a very successful business which exists today.

I understand my obligation to give back to a community that has given me so many opportunities. I have served you at City Hall for almost 20 years.

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Mayor chases, harangues Marchese in city hall lot

By Josh Resnek

The real show Monday night occurred in the parking lot after the city council meeting had adjourned.

The mayor tracked down Councilor Mike Marchese who was walking to his car and preparing to leave after giving the mayor what he wanted – his vote for the $10.5 million the mayor said he needed to purchase the Pope John property.

Dressed in jeans and a sweater, the mayor confronted Marchese.

“What are you trying to do? Are you against elderly and veterans,” the mayor shouted at Marchese.

“What are you complaining about?” Marchese asked him.

You got the votes you wanted and the money. What’s your problem with me?”

Marchese told the Leader Herald and posted a similar account on his Facebook site regarding the incident.

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