Matewsky postpones kid’s Halloween party

The Russo-Gaff family has a spooky yard for Trick-or-Treaters this year. Melanie Russo (above) peeks out from behind her Halloween decorations on Bucknam Street. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

City will allow Trick or Treating from 5-7 PM October 31

Everett’s, 41st Annual safe children’s Halloween party hosted by Councilor at Large, Wayne Matewsky, is unfortunately postponed until 2021. The Matewsky committee initiated the event in 1979 due to tainted candy, however, the Covid-19 pandemic has made this unsafe this year.

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Matewsky leads charge on Charter change

Everett High School. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

Wants return to ward voting for school committee, councilors


The dean of the city council, at large Councilor Wayne Matewsky, is taking the lead in returning the city’s voters to yesterday about how the city’s voters elect their representatives on the city council and the school committee.

Two weeks ago, the city council took up the matter, at Matewsky’s request.

Now Matewsky is actively moving the measure forward by proposing a Charter change which turns back the political clock when Everett’s voters elected individual ward councilors and school committee members from the wards they reside in.

The present scheme has Everett voters electing ward councilors with citywide voting tallies.

“I’ve been around a long time. I know going back to how we always elected our councilors and school committee people makes great sense. I mean, it really has to change. The old way was the better way,” Matewsky told the Leader Herald and his colleagues two weeks ago.

Not everyone agreed with him.

Councilor Fred Capone said he believed the present voting protocol represents a purer form of democracy than returning to the old way.

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One vote to restore ward representation

Councilor Matewsky calls for change, several legal, political hurdles exist


City councilors are presently elected at large by citywide vote despite having a special category of at-large councilors.

If this sounds confusing, it is.

A few years back, the city changed the electoral process to have ward councilors voted in by a citywide vote instead of a ward vote only.

This was part of the redoing of the City Charter.

Is this fair, is this just and politically right?

Councilor Wayne Matewsky believes a ward councilman should be elected by the ward voters only.

This issue was brought before the city council Monday night.

“I only want to do what is right,” said Matewsky. ‘I am trying to correct something that is wrong,” he added.

Any return to yesterday requires the affirmative vote of the council as well as a petition being presented to the House and Senate and passed by the legislature.

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Matewsky running for rep?

By Josh Resnek

The political grist mill this week was rife with reports that former Rep and councilor Wayne Matewsky is considering running for the rep seat against Joe McGonagle.

“I am definitely considering a run,” Matewsky told the Leader Herald Tuesday.

The rep announced he is seeking re-election last week.

He will be facing Councilor Mike McLaughlin, who has already taken out papers and is actively campaigning for the position.

Matewsky said his consideration is serious but tempered with the reality that he is his mother Marion’s most important source of support.

She is 91 and Matewsky is extremely devoted to her well-being.

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