Matewsky resumes council presidency

June 14: City Council president Wayne Matewsky returned to the chair Monday at city hall after recovering from a heart attack he suffered while on vacation. (Image capture by Josh Resnek)

Wayne Matewsky returned to city hall Monday night to take over the leadership of the city council again.

“I am pleased and feel blessed to be back here. You cannot imagine how grateful I am to return to the council to serve the people of Everett,” Matewsky told the Leader Herald.

Matewsky’s return follows a remarkable recovery from serious health issues and surgery two months ago.

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Matewsky returns home, recovering at Spaulding

Rehabilitating after successful heart surgery in Florida, says getting stronger everyday


City Council President Wayne Matewsky has returned to Massachusetts.

He was flown to Boston Saturday on a medivac airplane from Florida, where he took ill three weeks ago.

Matewsky suffered a heart attack.

Five days later, he underwent surgery. Surgeons performed a quadruple by-pass on him to repair his blocked arteries.

The operation was successful.

Since the operation, Matewsky was gaining strength and be- ginning to take steps out of his hospital bed in Ft. Lauderdale. He is now at the Spaulding Hospital in Cambridge, perhaps the finest rehab in the nation.

“I’m tired but I’m getting stronger every day,” Matewsky told the Leader Herald Monday afternoon.

“I am working hard so I can get back to my home in Everett which I love and to be reunited with my mother Marion and my dog, Tammy,” he said.

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Matewsky stricken while on vacation

Councilor hospitalized in Florida


Councilor Wayne Matewsky suffered a heart attack while vacationing in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida late last week.

Everett City Councilor Wayne Matewsky.

The popular and durable city councilor was placed in an induced coma until such time as surgeons will be allowed to operate on him.

As of Tuesday afternoon, he was resting comfortably inside his hospital room, out of the coma, conscious and aware.

Doctors refused to comment on his condition other than to say they are watching him carefully after what appears to have been a rather severe heart attack.

Two of Matewsky’s closest friends, former Representative and local businessman Stat Smith, and former councilor Nicky Saia, have both flown to Florida to be by Matewsky’s bedside.

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Matewsky’s streamlining succeeds

Since taking over the council presidency in January, Councilor Wayne Matewsky has promised to “slenderize” the meetings by keeping to the rules of order, and by efforting to suspend the habit of allowing eleven councilors to speak on each and every issue and to go on and on and on.

So far, his effort has succeeded.

Last week’s council meeting was a perfect example.

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Matewsky appointments aim to streamline and focus on issues

City Council president Wayne Matewsky and his mother Marian at Matewsky’s swearing as council president.

New council president sets committee for upcoming session


Council President Wayne Matewsky has promised to take the repetition out of city government.

He has slotted key councilors to lead council committees in order to shorten council meetings and to focus on issues being fully vetted before committees before going to a vote before the council.

Bottom line, Matewsky says that too much time is being taken up with issues before the council when most of the issues should be resolved in committee and then voted on officially by the council.

Matewsky named Councilor Mike Marchese to chair the Ways and Means Committee.

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