Mayoral debate proposed by Leader Herald

A debate between Mayor Carlo DeMaria, and his opponents Gerly Adrien and Fred Capone is being proposed to the candidates for the third week in August on a night to be determined by the candidates, and a place, with all their approval.

Letters of invitation will be sent by mail and e-mail to all three candidates with de- tailed stipulations about how the debate will be managed and directed.

The Leader Herald will pay all costs for the event, which would likely be televised by ECTV and carried live on all three candidates’ Facebook pages as well as the Leader Herald’s Facebook site.

The debate is intended to be open to the public and held in a public auditorium, most likely the main auditorium at the Everett High School.

The format will not allow for the moderator of the debate to do anything more than to ask each of the candidates questions already presented to him and to keep a timer regarding answers and debate.

Leader Herald Publisher Josh Resnek will moderate the debate.

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Mayor’s hopefuls out early seeking votes

MAY 22: Mayoral candidate Fred Capone greets supporters while campaigning and collecting signatures in Everett Square Saturday. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

Candidates strategies differ as they vie for corner office


As May transits to June, the mayoral hopefuls are all showing their hands, and their strategies to get themselves elected mayor.

All three races are especially transparent as to what each candidate is doing or not doing at this early moment in a race that will end with a primary during the first week in September.

Gerly Adrien and Fred Capone have both been campaigning door to door and with noticeable early morning visibilities every day.

In what must be considered a first, Adrien has already filed her signatures following an organized, early signature campaign.

Filing signatures after only a week since the nomination papers were issued is fairly extraordinary.

The mayor appeared to be giving away an early start to his two opponents.

Not really.

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Capone wants new EFD hires to be fire firefighters first

EFD Ladder 1 battling a multi-alarm fire on Bellingham Ave. Saturday. (Photo by Kevin Wiles)

Grills Chief Carli on recruit’s role


Councilor Fred Capone questioned Fire Chief Anthony Carli about 20 new firefighter hires against the backdrop of Everett firefighters having fought two major fires during the weekend.

New firefighters haven’t joined day-to-day line forces in Everett for the past five years.

Firefighting suppression resources have been lacking here.

The chief was quick to defend the department, which is now training approximately 20 new firefighters to act as EMTs first and firefighters second, as the city morphs into having its own emergency ambulance service.

A five-alarm fire in Revere on Endicott Avenue brought Everett firefighters to the scene on a nearly all-day call which required mutual aid companies from out of the city to be stationed in firehouses here.

A day following that fire, a fire on Bellingham Avenue emptied Everett’s firehouses again until the fire was suppressed.

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Candidates in full stride

MAY 16: Gerly Adrien waves to passersby at Glendale Park. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

Capone, Adrien, mayor’s campaigns race out of the gate


All three mayoral candidates have jumped from the starting gate with vigorous campaigns, featuring highly professionalized social media platforms – Facebook and Instagram and websites – as well as videos, and press releases.

Early in the campaign visibilities by Adrien and Capone, that is, in-person early morning and during the day public campaigning in Glendale Square and door to door meet- ups with voters throughout the city, have raised eyebrows throughout the community.

Everett is a political community. City hall is important. Who sits as mayor is the veritable top of the mountain.

All three candidates want to get there.

The mayor very badly wants to remain there.

He has been ramping up his media machine for months. The staff devoted to his media runs into the hundreds of thousands in salaries.

The mayor has been using his office to propel his public relations in a variety of ways.

He publishes an informational newsletter with his photograph on it that is distributed throughout the city once a month. This costs the city $4000 a month. He claims it is not a political newsletter, but local voters are a bit more discerning than that.

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Capone rails against potential stadium deal

A rumored sale by the mayor of Veterans Memorial Stadium to make way for redevelopment is opposed by mayoral candidate and city councilor Fred Capone. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

Says preserve site, honor vet’s memories


The mayor’s plans to sell Everett Memorial Stadium and to build a hotel or 300 units of apartment housing on the site, is being questioned and discouraged by candidate for mayor, Councilor Fred Capone.

The mayor and a developer have apparently agreed on a money deal, as reported more than a year ago by the Leader Herald.

How much will be paid and by whom and what will be built on the site remains in question.

Those questions are being pursued in earnest by Capone. He believes the stadium, which was built as a war memorial to the city’s fallen war dead, would be better left alone by the mayor.

“Relocating the stadium would result in the loss of one of our community’s most historical treasures. Additionally, without the stadium, the veteran memorials both outside the park and within it would be out of place, lose some of its significance or risk significant damage during a relocation effort. Moreover, if another large-scale construction project is proposed one more neighborhood would become overcrowded and engulfed,” Capone said during a recent Zoom meeting where he discussed the issue with voters and members of the city government.

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