Mayoral battle brewing

Everett City Hall on Broadway. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

Capone, Adrien look ready to announce candidacies


What a difference a week makes in the political life and times of the city of Everett.

Councilor Fred Capone is apparently nearly set planning out a mayoral campaign and has moved a dozen steps forward in what many believe will lead to an announcement in or within two weeks.

Several of his close supporters told the Leader Herald he is set to launch a social media platform, a money-raising instrument, and that he is putting together his entire media package.

In addition, Councilor Gerly Adrien has been wading into the mayoral battle slowly but surely.

An intriguing full-page advertisement on her Facebook page says this only: “Things are about to change.”

Also, she has apparently been mass texting city employees asking if they would support her candidacy – a move, supporters claim – designed to lay the possibility of a run for mayor at the mayor’s doorstep.

Adrien’s bold and out front behavior at the recent city council meeting indicated to her closest supporters that she is unafraid to run against the mayor.

Sources familiar with the mayor’s thinking have been saying for several months that he does not fear Capone, rather, he fears Adrien.

The mayor does, however, understand the numbers.

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No free ride for mayor in this year’s election

MARCH 19: The race for the mayor’s office at Everett City Hall (above) will begin soon. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

Capone, Adrien seen as top contenders


March is quickly turning into April. The winter is vanishing. The cold is dissipating. The pandemic is lessening its grip on all of us.

Now comes the mayoral campaign.

This is Everett’s Kentucky

Derby, its fight for the championship, its proverbial effort to determine who is the most popular of them all in Everett?

Who will that be this time around?

The mayor has announced early. He has set many things in motion for his reelection.

He believes he can’t lose.

That’s never the right way to approach an election, thinking you can’t lose.

The mayor running for, yet another term is getting a bit much, even for him. Even his supporters are aghast at over-development, poor management and some believe, mismanagement of funds, excessive spending, crimping on public safety, and pretending to care about public school education when he doesn’t.

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Measuring the mayoral race with primary, election on the horizon


Early on, the mayor is motivated to run for another term and to win.

He is out early in the game setting up a headquarters on Main Street, capturing a key endorsement from former mayor David Ragucci (who no longer lives here), and lining up a public relation, social media, print advertising platform.

With more than $100,000 in his campaign account and much more to be raised, the mayor is the man to beat.

The big question: can he be beaten?

On paper, he looks unbeatable.

He’s got the city locked down and tied up into his personal political game almost entirely.

Underneath the belief he is unbeatable, however, comes the understanding, and the mayor understands this better than most, that he could be beaten through no fault of his own.

How does this work? What does that mean?

There are times in a long political life as mayor – and the mayor’s political life has been longer than nearly everyone who has come before in this city – when no matter what he does, how much he spends, how many hands he shakes, how many doors he knocks on that he cannot win.

When a win isn’t in the cards, there is no way for a politician to buy a win, to exploit past heroics, and to regain what has been lost over 12 years.

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Adrien’s call for publicly listing lawsuits, settlements shot down


By law, all the city’s legal business is public record.

By statute, every lawsuit and settlement are public record.

In reality, the city’s business inside the city solicitor’s office is a closely guarded secret unless someone asks.

Councilor Gerly Adrien and Councilor Fred Capone favored having the city solicitor’s office provide all this information semi-annually as a matter of increasing transparency about the city’s business.

In fact, the mayor has been touting his belief that transparency above all is what he wants to achieve.

But when push came to shove, City Solicitor Colleen Mejia told the council that she would choose privacy over transparency in this instance as a measure of prudence.

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Mayoral race changes quickly for hopefuls


The political landscape has been rocked by Councilor at Large Gerly Adrien’s successful fundraising effort.

The first-term councilor at large with more than $61,000 on hand in her political account has transformed her potential for higher office overnight.

“That’s a healthy sum of campaign money to run a citywide campaign,” said Council President Wayne Matewsky.

Although Adrien insists she remains committed to her position on the city council, she has asserted that she is watching the local political landscape carefully, and especially the upcoming citywide election primary in September and the election itself in November.

In the world of Everett politics, anything is possible.

With $61,000 in Adrien’s campaign account and more money being raised in a grassroots effort, she could soon top $100,000.

This would rival the mayor’s present $125,000 balance in his campaign account.

The mayor has not faced a situation such as this in 12 years.

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