Wreaths, tree beautiful, cost still a concern

Wreaths on Broadway. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)


Did we buy them? Did we rent them?

“I don’t know,” said Councilor Fred Capone about the city’s wreaths, which apparently cost $800 each.

“Can we get the individual cost of the wreaths and the tree and the vendor?” Capone asked.

He said they were beautiful but he wanted to know the cost.

Councilor Mike McLaughlin said the cost didn’t matter.

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Letter to the Editor

Fireworks have become an unacceptable BANG in our community!

In the past several weeks I have received an abundance of phone calls, texts, emails and individuals stopping me on thestreet to stress to me the negative impact of fireworks that are illegally being set off causing anxiety to their quality of life. Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic that we are trying to overcome and the unforeseen anxiety that we have adapted to was a challenge enough, we did get through this together now to be startled by loud bangs and the intentional and constant lighting off fireworks is ignorant and unacceptable! Our elderly residents, children, pets and those suffering with medical conditions should not be startled in the middle of the night by this “noise” never mind the chance of a fire in our tight-knit community.

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Looking at Politics

Mask are now mandatory while in public in Massachusetts. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

Virus a seismic event for local campaigning


When Napoleon was defeated by the Duke of Wellington at Waterloo in an epic battle that ended Napoleon’s career in 1815, the rain was to blame.

The battlefield was made into a muddy mess by days of rain, a situation that put Napoleon’s massive advantage in numbers to a test.

He could not unhinge him- self from his inability to move his troops, cavalry and artillery, in the mud to surround the British-Dutch forces who ultimately sent him into exile after destroying his army.

Here in Everett, and everywhere in Massachusetts where political campaigning is about going door to door, campaigning is changing before our eyes.

In the rep race, Mike McLaughlin will officially be facing the incumbent who filed all his signatures earlier this week.

Their race will be a test of the new normal.

For his part, McLaughlin has called off his campaign.

He has been seen all over the city helping out constituents personally, delivering food, aiding the elderly, getting out and about, and especially so at food pantries.

The rep has not been seen. He has not attended a variety of Zoom meetings that McLaughlin has attended during the height of the virus crisis.

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CHA Everett Hospital gets supply of mask

Councilor Mike McLuaghlin (first from right) alongside CHA Everett Hospital healthcare professionals (from left, Nancy McCune, Henok Aweke, Roger Conant, Christian Lanphere).

Councilor Michael McLaughlin was able to coordinate bringing respiratory mask to the front line for our healthcare workers at Cambridge Health Alliance Everett Hospital this past week. Thanks to the generosity and commitment of business leaders like Everett Home Depot store manager Steve Radzikowski and GTA Co, Inc. owner Greg Antonelli,  200 respiratory mask went directly to the nurses and doctors in our community.

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Statement by Councilor McLaughlin

After much thought, this is my official statement regarding the Steve Wynn allegations that came to light on Friday. These accusations of sexual misconduct are deeply concerning to me as a city councilor and vocal supporter of Wynn developments since the Everett project was first proposed in 2012. Continue reading Statement by Councilor McLaughlin