Pandemic out of mind, but cases rising again

People in the hallways of the newly reopened Everett City Hall September 28, 2020 in Everett, Massachusetts. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

Politics push Covid-19 off stage


For the first time since March, city hall reopened to the public Monday morning to a strict regimen of allowing only 25 people to congregate at social distancing intervals on the first floor only.

The first floor is open from 8am – 12pm.

After that, those needing to access services from city hall must use the service window. Visitors must sign in and out. Masks must be worn at all times.

With the presidential debate and President Trump’s pick for the Supreme Court dominating the nation’s news window, Coronavirus concerns have pushed back from primacy to secondary status for millions of Americans, and this includes residents of Massachusetts and Everett.

The beginning of this week saw a rise in the number of COVID-19 cases in Everett.

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As Covid-19 grows again, we must remain vigilant

Everett remains one of the Covid-19 hot spots in Massachusetts where infection figures are rising again to levels experienced during June.

The rise here in Massachusetts is unsettling.

The rise of infection and the rate of infection in the rest of the nation is off the charts right now and growing. To many of those who claim to know about pandemics, these rising figures all over the nation coincident with the coming of fall is terrifying.

Flu season is almost upon us and the COVID epidemic is not yet behind us.

We have been warned by expert epidemiologists, Dr. Fauci chief among them, that we might be facing a twin epidemic in a month or two.

As states reopen their economies, figures are rising precipitously, especially in places like Florida.

As schools have opened and colleges, too, more and more COVID cases are popping up everywhere – a reminder to us the danger is all around us, the danger has not passed.

Yet many people grow complacent.

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Violent outbreaks, chaos at Las Vegas, Boston casinos


Over the Labor Day weekend, Las Vegas Police responded to a large disturbance at the Encore Casino and Hotel on the Strip. About 20 men and women were apparently fighting in the hotel lobby and then the fight spread to the gaming floor, causing a ruckus that in the end, sent shock waves along the length of the Strip, which is right now trying to survive the effects of the pandemic.

At one point, someone apparently tossed a pile of money into the air “making it rain money” causing near pandemonium among those who scurried to pick it up and to put it into their pockets.

Multiple men and women were involved in the fracas, which apparently began when one man confronted another and sucker punched him, and then a fight began,” according to reports in the Las Vegas Review-Journal newspaper.

“During the same time, another male began swinging a liquor bottle, hitting several persons. Two security officers were struck by unknown males. In the process, a veridoc (identity verification) machine, plants, and stanchions were damaged,” according to a lawsuit filed by Wynn Resorts to sue those responsible for causing violence on their property.

Sixteen people were arrested, and three Wynn guards were sent to the hospital.

Many patrons of the casino who gamble there because they feel safe in the five star environment, were aghast over the goings on, according to reports in the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

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