Mayor: Davis Companies Pull Out “False”

The Davis Companies did not buy the land for their proposed project from the Exxon Mobil Company. The mayor disputes the claim they have pulled out. Shown above is part of the 95 acre property.(Photo by Joe Resnek)

By Josh Resnek

The mayor insists it isn’t true the Davis Companies has pulled out of its bid to purchase the sprawling Exxon Mobil property in Everett and turn it into a new multi-billion dollar neighborhood of commercial, light industrial and residential properties.

This, despite reports in the Leader Herald and the Boston Globe that Davis Companies has balked at purchasing the polluted 95 acre industrial property. The mayor insists Davis Companies stepping away is just a ruse.

“Deal for nearly 100-acre Exxon Mobil property in Everett falls through,” read the headline in the Boston Globe September 21.

“The purchase and sale agreement was terminated less than four months after the parties inked the deal,” the Globe added in its story after receiving confirmation of that fact from Davis Companies.

More than two weeks passed before the mayor made an off-the-cuff comment at a public meeting.

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What Happened? What Happens Next?

Davis Companies Pullout Inexplicable

By Josh Resnek

The Exxon Mobil 95 acre property set to be the largest development in Everett’s history has collapsed.

As of September 13, the proposed redevelopment of the sprawling and heavily polluted Exxon Mobil site on the Eastern side of the Revere Beach Parkway and Route 16 is dead.

Questions have arisen – why? What happened?

The mayor has refused to answer calls for an explanation. Davis Companies was also not forthcoming about its pullout from the deal, which might have proven to be the most exotic, big money, commercial, industrial, retail and housing development in the state’s history.

Observers familiar with the negotiations between the city and Davis Companies have admitted that as of the second week of September, Davis Companies was ready to put their shovels into the ground to get this project underway, that is how certain company officials were of this proposed development.

When word came last week that Davis Companies had apparently declined to go through with the purchase of the land, many were left to wonder, what happened.

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Davis Companies pulling out of Exxon Mobil land deal?

(Photo by Joe Resnek)

By Josh Resnek

Unconfirmed reports indicate that the Davis Companies has apparently pulled out of the development it was leading to create a new neighborhood out of the 95 acres either owned or about to be conveyed to Davis Companies by Exxon Mobil in Everett.

An Exxon Mobil official allegedly told co-workers at the Everett site “the deal was off” because of excessive clean-up cost and pollution mitigation remedies that made the development “unworkable”.

The Leader Herald reached out to Davis Companies Chief Development officer Michael Cantalupa for a comment.

Cantalupa did not respond.

The Leader Herald also reached out to Mayor Carlo DeMaria for a comment.

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Davis Companies Seeking to Make Development of Exxon Site Seamless

Davis Founder and Wife Make $1000 Contributions to Mayor’s Campaign

By Josh Resnek

One of the first actions taken by the president of the Davis Companies, and his wife, before announcing the planned purchase of the 95 acre Exxon site in Everett, was to make twin $1,000 donations to Mayor Carlo DeMaria’s campaign account.

Also listed as contributing from the Davis Companies are executives Richard McCready, who made a $1,000 campaign contribution to the mayor on 8/23/21 and another Davis executive Michael Cantalupa who contributed $500.

McCready lists his residence as 121 Chestnut Road, Weston.

Cantalupa lives at 5 Churchill Circle, Winchester.

Records on file with the Office of Campaign and Political Finance (OCPF) reveal that Jonathan Davis and his wife, Margot of 76 Fernwood Road in Chestnut Hill made the donations on 5/10/21.

The Davis’ made contributions of $1,000 and $500 respectively to DeMaria in 2019 and an additional $1,000
contribution by Jonathan Davis in 2018, according to OCPF records.

The donations speak volumes about the mayor’s propensity for raising campaign funds from potential developers interested in or developing in Everett.

Their timing also indicates a great deal of interest in acquiring the Exxon site by the Davis Companies.

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