Running on Empty


Clearly, Mayor DeMaria is not a proud and content mayor. He refuses to debate What is he afraid of? If he feels his accomplishments are so wonderful then why won’t he debate?

We have a mayor that is afraid to debate. If you want respect and want to act like a big city mayor then you must debate. This country was built on debating and still is.

A mayor that disbanded the library board of trustees. He gave these jobs to his friends and family.


A mayor that was accused of sexual misconduct.

A mayor that allowed ECTV to supposedly get hacked. Allowing the theft of a disgusting racially charged council meeting tape. A meeting where councilors openly attacked Gerly Adrien.

A mayor that laid out ten million to purchase Pope John. Not even telling anyone he wanted to do this. And he had no documentation discussing the purchase with the Archdiocese of Boston. According to the mayor, it was all verbal. That is a scary thought.

A mayor that wants to remove the new school superintendent. The mayor feels that Pryia Tahiliani has three strikes against her. One is being a woman. The second is her race. The third is she won’t put up with his BS.

A mayor who has utter contempt for his opponent Gerly Adrien. For the same reasons, he dislikes Pryia Tahiliani.

A mayor that had to be deposed by the FBI over the shady casino land deal.

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Haitian Organizers Scrap Debate When Mayor Refuses To Participate

Capone Supporters

Adrien and Capone left to themselves didn’t work


First the mayor said he was coming then he said he was not coming, according to event organizers.

That ended the mayoral debate scheduled for Saturday night by the Everett Haitian Community Center.

Fred Capone had expressed concern earlier in the day that the event was being held on a third floor walk-up in the Sky Plex Venue at 427 Broadway making it impossible for the handicapped or the elderly to attend.

At first, Capone said he was not going to attend the debate.

Later on Saturday afternoon, Capone e-mailed the event organizers he would attend.

Capone also informed the Leader Herald, “I will be there.”

Gerly Adrien and Capone would have been forced into the unenviable position of debating one another.

The mayor’s decision not to attend was part hubris, part racism, part insecurity and part political posturing.

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Adrien, Capone agree to Leader Herald debate, mayor silent

JULY 10: Mayoral candidate Fred Capone on the campaign trail visit to Appleton Street. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)


A mayoral debate proposed by the Leader Herald for the third week in August – or at an agreed-upon moment, place, and time suitable to all three mayoral candidates – has been accepted by Gerly Adrien and Fred Capone.

When asked whether or not they would debate, two out of the three candidates said: “Absolutely.”

The mayor has not yet confirmed or denied his willingness to debate in a request announced in the Leader Herald last week and sent to the mayor by e-mail.

The Leader Herald has offered to organize, manage, produce, and fund the debate in a public place available to all.

The debate would be carried live on Facebook, and ECTV.

The candidates will have the opportunity to make unedited opening and closing statements.

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McLaughlin issues debate challenge to incumbent Rep

Massachusetts State House. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

As we enter the final month of the 2020 State Representative campaign and seeing that nothing is of the normal that we could have imagined in February when nomination papers became available.

Seeing that the voters of Everett should hear directly from Representative McGonagle and I on the important issues facing our city and state.

I today put out a challenge to State Representative McGonagle that we both work together to see a one hour debate can occur and be shown as often as possible on ECTV and covered by the local news media over the next 30 days.

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