Mayor Has Not Moved To Get Ball Rolling With Pope John Rehabilitation Project

Construction equipment provides symmetry against backdrop of new Broadway apartment complex. (Photo by Josh Resnek)

Mayor said to be seeking SC chairmanship

By Josh Resnek

It has been several weeks since the school committee requested the city council to urge the mayor to get the rehabilitation of the former Pope John facility going.

The hope was for a request for proposal (RFP) to be prepared by the mayor’s office and officially posted for public scrutiny by the city to attract qualified builders that will seek to become the contractor for the rehabilitation project.

That project is expected to cost at least $76 million, as requested by the mayor.

It was the mayor’s request of the school committee and the city council that the gold standard be used.

He said, at the time if this is what the school committee and city council were in favor of, if this was the will of these two elected government bodies, that he would follow through with the project.

In the meantime, nothing public has materialized with regard to the posting of an RFP. There have been no public communications between the mayor and the school committee an or the city council.

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Be aware, Wasteful Spending Alert

“We can and we will fight city hall!”

By Stephen Pinto

Why is GTA at the Parlin Library almost everyday working on that small piece of land?

That must be some sweet deal they have with the city.

Wonder what the city has paid them in the last few years?

The city council really needs to tighten up their control over spending.

I blame the council for waste as they are the body that approves the budget.

Another question I have.

Rep. Joe McGonagle should be embarrassed and ashamed by having Anthony Dipierro a well – known and admitted racist campaigning for him.

Why is he not embarrassed or ashamed to have such a hater and social failure as a close campaign adviser and whatever else?

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By Josh Resnek

Many weeks have passed since the Davis

Companies allegedly pulled out of a multi-billion dollar development of the contaminated 95 acre Exxon Mobil site.

The Davis Companies had been prepared to mitigate the site, and then to build upon it a mountain of residential housing and commercial projects as well as new roads and wide open expanses plush with greenery and places to sit under the sun.

The idea was to take this 95 acre contaminated property and to turn night into day.

Davis Companies was ready to go. Their executives were all set to push the shovels into the land and to begin digging when the deal apparently fell apart.

Several people familiar with the project told the Leader Herald that Davis Companies had underestimated the cost of mitigating the environmental contamination of the property.

“They didn’t realize how deep the pollution had seeped below the giant oil storage tanks that dots the landscape of the property,” a source told the Leader Herald.

About the same time, the mayor announced at a public meeting with an off the cuff comment that the Davis Companies was stepping back in order to gain a better price from Exxon Mobil for the property.

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Hanlon Suggest 5 Year Building Moratorium

“Something needs to happen,” says Costa

By Josh Resnek

Councilor John Hanlon sure knows how to get people thinking.

Halon has suggested a 5 year moratorium on building.

A 5 year moratorium on building – or anything for that matter – is a daunting prospect to behold.

The city council is taking up the matter in earnest.

The long road began Monday night at a council committee hearing and spilled over into Tuesday night’s council hearing.

As the oldest member of the council, Hanlon represents oldline families hanging on here, fighting against the winds of change, and wishing to have all the development stopped before everything about their lives disappears.

Councilor Darren Costa is new to the council game, but he brings to the council a vision that has been lacking and a lingua franca, a way of expressing himself, that is both concise and clear and delivered cleverly with earnestness.

Costa does not yet understand the power in his manner of presentation.

“The Ward 3 zoning ordinances are out of date. It is difficult to apply the logic of zoning to all of Everett,” he said at the committee meeting Monday night.

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Planning Board Tables Two Controversial Development Projects

Leader Herald Staff

The Planning Board showed a great deal of spine and resistance to a proposal to turn a piece of single family housing into a 12 unit apartment house at the corner of Abbott Avenue and Elm Street Monday night at city hall.

The crowd wishing to be heard had grown so large and boisterous the meeting was moved from the Keverian Room into the city council chamber where the matter was heard.

What ensued was a spectacle considering the lawyer for the developer is a great friend of the mayor’s and his chief fundraiser.

The mayor lives on Abbott Avenue.

He did not attend the meeting.

In another odd turn of events, the disgraced former councilor Anthony DiPierro appeared to oppose the project.

‘What was he doing there,” said Councilor Mike Marchese.

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