The 600 project put off until January ZBA meet

By Josh Resnek

A multi-million dollar middle income rental development at the 600 block of Broadway was expecting some kind of approval or disapproval from members of the Zoning Board of Appeals last week.

A large number of proponents for the $25-$35 million multi story apartment building turned out to a meeting held at the Parlin Library but only four members of the Zoning Board of Appeals appeared.

Those who turned out expressed disappointment that a full ZBA compliment of its voting members failed to show up for the hearing.

Three members of the ZBA reported having personal emergencies that prevented them from attending the meeting.

The project is owned in part by John Tocco, the former Encore vice- president who has gone into the real estate development business.

He expressed dismay but remained hopeful everything would be made right for the development group in January, when the ZBA will next meet on the matter.

It was a huge disappointment for a large crowd of first timers to a public meeting in the city of Everett who came to support this project, perhaps one of the most ambitious real estate developments to be proposed for Broadway in its modern history.

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Questions exist about Proposed 85 unit Property

An 85 unit six story apartment house with retail space on the first floor has been proposed for 602 Broadway.

On its face, this is the most interesting, costly, and likely the most stunning development offered for Broadway in a half century.

Only Sal Sacro’s apartment house across from the Parlin Library is bigger, and that structure is not on Broadway.

The former Pope John Property in size and mass is also similar although it is not a Broadway residential property.

We wonder, and city hall watchers wonder, too, how this property development proposal will sail through political channels here without inspiring the wrath, the indifference or the outright negativity that leads to such projects being rejected out of hand for all the wrong reasons.

It will likely be approved without a hitch because a good friend and confidante of the mayor, John Tocco, is the co-developer of the property and the mayor is therefor privately behind its approval.

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Base the Decision on Merit

A proposed development by Greg Antonelli where he hopes to place 30 units of new residential housing at a site on 295 Chelsea Street has inspired the ire of the abutters, the Mastrocola Family.

The property is behind the Taco Bell on the Parkway, which is adjacent to the Mastrocola Building where a number of business offices are located including the Mastrocola Insurance Agency.

The Mastrocolas have circulated a petition opposing the project.

On its face, we do not oppose the project as it is proposed for one of the most densely populated business and residential areas of the city and close to significant road connections where huge residential projects have been completed recently.

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Revitalizing Everett Square

The mayor’s effort to revitalize Everett Square, or at least to get the process going after being mayor for almost 12 years, is a step in the right direction and a long overdue one at that.

The City Council voted to begin the long process of creating an Request for Proposal (RFP) to get the ball rolling last week.

The bottom line is this: without a major square that serves as the heart beat of the city, the city is without a central reason to exist.

As odd and as alien as it might be for most Everett residents of today to think about Everett Square as something other than what it is, it badly needs to be redone, entirely.

The square needs more and better residential apartment spaces, taller buildings, rede ned empty space and parking, more smaller businesses, restaurants, stores of all kinds.

It needs a master plan that is brilliant or the next decades changed square will become the city’s next slum.

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Antonelli Approved By Planning Board

Developer Greg Antonelli talks about the building he is going to erect at 605 Broadway in front of the Planning Board Monday night. The meeting went well for Antonelli who received the go ahead to build from the board.

By Josh Resnek

If the meeting of the Planning Board Monday night at city hall was a symphony it could be said it ended with a grand flourish.

In the end, after a lot of discussion about one project and not very much about the other, it was finally done.

Nearly a year’s worth of negations with the Zoning Board of Appeals and the Planning Board has ended successfully with two new buildings to take their place at 605 Broadway and in Glendale Square.

The Planning Board gave final approvals to two projects, being developed, one by Greg Antonelli, the well known developer and local businessman.

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