$1000k DAV scholarships program to continue, honors late educator

Everett Superintendent of Schools Priya Tahliani and City Councilor Fred Capone.(Contributed photo)

City Councilor and Everett attorney Fred Capone met with Superintendent of Schools Priya Tahiliani earlier this month to cement the future of an annual $1000K scholarship pro- gram that celebrates a great American service organization and equally dedicated Everett residents.

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— Eye on Everett —

Hoop Dreams

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I guess the mayor was trying to create a bit of wonder and question among his neighbors about the NBA basketball net and stanchion that showed up at his home on Abbott Avenue about three weeks ago.

The piece, one of three donated to the city of Everett by an official at Catholic Memorial High School, found its new home in the unlikeliest of places – in the mayor’s front driveway.

The piece is valued online at about $10,000.

On the same day the mayor received the basketball net and stanchion, a dear friend of his received the other two given as presents to the city of Everett.

That represented a gift of about $20,000.

They are now standing in front of the mayor’s friend’s home on the North Shore. I told the person who received them that I would not reveal who he is because he is not a municipal employee like Jerry Navarro, the mayor’s chief supporter and cheerleader at city hall (who we call the “Paperboy” because he steals the Leader Herald for the boss).

As a municipal employee, Navarro is bound by the state’s conflict of interest statute, Chapter 268A because he is the one who received the basketball nets and stanchions from the official at Catholic Memorial High School on the strict and uncompromising conditions from him that they were being donated to the city of Everett – not to the mayor and a friend of his who lives on the North Shore.

To take these pieces and then to give them, one to the mayor and two to his friend, constitutes a violation of Chapter 268A.

In other words, the mayor cannot accept such a gift from his head cheerleader and the head cheerleader cannot dole out the gifts to the city as presents to the mayor and his friend. It is stunningly clear but simple violation of the ethics laws he is bound by as a city employee.

The mayor can’t accept the donated basketball net and stanchion and take possession of it by putting it in his front driveway because it is worth too much money.

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Exelon Generation Donates Robotics Kits to EHS

Generous Gift Greatly Expands Opportunities for Science Students

Executives from Exelon Generation joined students and educators inside an Everett High classroom on Thursday morning to celebrate a generous gift that enhances and expands student access to cutting-edge technology.

The donation comes in the form of eight robotics kits, totaling $12,800. The purchase greatly improves the ratio of kits-to-students and will facilitate better student learning and experience in robotics and engineering classes.

“These robotics kits will allow our students to go from groups of five to groups of two for their projects,” said math and engineering teacher Anna Seiders. “This will have a profound impact on their learning experiences. We cannot thank Exelon Generation enough for their continued support.”

Her students agree wholeheartedly.

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The Family Strength Initiative, better known as FSI for Autism, presented a $5,000 donation to the Integrated Learning Program at the Webster School and the Webster School Extension during Monday’s Everett School Committee meeting. The funds will be used to purchase supplies and materials to support the district’s substantially separate and partially included programs for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. From left: Shawn Coyle, Robert Lamontagne, Everett Public Schools Special Education Direction Michael Baldassarre, Stephen Lamontagne, Shane Coyle, Karen Lamontagne, and Wendy Golini. Continue reading “A SHOW OF STRENGTH”