Perillo headlines “E” Club of Everett 50th gala

The “E Club is celebrating its 50th year!!


The “E Club is celebrating its 50th year!! Our 50th Dinner will be held on Saturday, November 27th. We would like as many “E” Club Alumni and Members to attend as well as anyone that would like to be there to help us celebrate the students at Everett High School. We have given out $34,000 alone! Let’s keep the ball rolling Crimson Tide!

Paul Perillo will be our Main Speaker! Paul started his sports career at Everett High School in Baseball and later continued as Captain for Boston University. He covered sports for the Herald for 11 years before being offered a job with the Patriots; The job offers of a lifetime. He has now been with the Patriots as a writer and spokesperson on WEEI, for 21 years.

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The “E” Club of Everett announces its annual Meeting

Executive Director of the “E” Club of Everett, Vincent J. Ragucci Jr., invites all current members of the organization to the annual meeting at 6PM on January 7th in the Zion Baptist Church, 757 Broadway.

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What a Night! What a Dinner!

E-Club Dinner

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Vincent Ragucci, Dan Ventura of the Boston Herald, Mayor Carlo De- Maria’s chief of staff Kevin O’Donnell, and Carl Colson. Ventura was honored for his excellent reporting of high school sports and the Crimson Tide football program over the past 25 years.

By Josh Resnek

When you’ve been to as many Spinelli’s banquets as I have in a lifetime, it is easy to overlook how good a job the renowned caterer does every time.

This was the case at Spinelli’s last week for the E Club banquet.

Here’s the Spinelli’s deal for a time like the E Club’s.

Hot rolls and butter are served first. The rolls are just right. There is plenty of butter on the table for everyone. Then comes the homemade chicken soup, rich and delicious, although I passed on the chicken soup because I only eat my mother’s chicken soup and because her death in July, I probably will never eat chicken soup again.

When you are done with the chicken soup, now comes the pasta.

Spinelli’s sauce or gravy, whichever you prefer to call it, is delightful. Smooth, sweet, red, just the right touch of garlic and served on a plate with linguini or whatever one chooses.

Now comes the salad, a fresh, full garden salad with a fine dressing that tends to suit nearly everyone.

Wonderful. I cleaned the plate.

At this point, most people watching what they eat might well go home – but the real event hasn’t even begun.

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The E-Club Festivities

The annual E-Club dinner and scholarship awards night was a great success.

It was a great success because it was dignified, the food was great, the speeches were all to the point, and the honors bestowed on young men and women is the stuff to remember fondly for a lifetime.

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