Bruce Springsteen leaving country if Trump reelected

We guess the Promise of America isn’t enough by itself to sustain Bruce Springsteen in America.

For all his millions and millions, and for all his powerful method of expression and musical talent, for all his fame and golden albums he has let it be known that he is moving out of America to another country if Donald Trump is re-elected.

Can you imagine that?

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Concern over rising Covid-19 numbers

Masked voters wait in line to cast their ballots at City Hall on October 18, 2020. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

Our general impression is that we should be paying close attention to the epidemiologists about the possible effects of the rise in the virus throughout the nation right now.

Just this week the state Department of Public Health has issued serious warnings about Everett residents being prime for contracting the virus in the days and weeks to come.

The national case level has exploded to almost 65,000 new cases a day while another 1,000 a day are dying and now, the hospitals are filling up again.

While not as many people are dying, the filling up of the hospitals with flu season coming up is odious.

Our hospital system can’t handle the flu and the virus at the same time.

The prospect of many thousands more dying every day for the next three to five months is, we believe, terrifying, especially for those who are older and who suffer from pre-existing conditions.

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Presidential election in two weeks

We are two weeks away from the Presidential Election being called by folks who consider themselves pundits that it is the most important in US History.

We would beg to differ.

Several elections have meant more to the American Republic and for American democracy than this election between President Donald Trump and former Vice-President Joe Biden.

We believe the election in 1860 of Abraham Lincoln was perhaps the most important and historic moment in all of American history.

Lincoln’s succession to the American presidency at a time when the nation was split politically, socially, and economically dwarfs the first election of President Trump four years ago and his possible re-election in two weeks.

The coming of the Civil War, which had everything to do with America remaining a slave-keeper democracy or not, was a far greater moment than trying to ascertain just how nasty Trump might be if he gets another four years.

Lincoln would lead us through the war. He would free the slaves. He restored the Republic, and it was brought back to life as one nation.

That’s very big medicine as far as we’re concerned.

The idea that American democracy is over if Trump is re-elected is stale and ineffectual reasoning.

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Commitment to integration needed here

These editorial comments about racial imbalance here in the city’s workforce are not about hating the mayor.

They are about the harsh reality.

The comments are about hating racism and xenophobia.

However the mayor wishes to see it, the deplorable fact of the matter is that racism is being perpetrated by the mayor’s lack of action to turn the corner on it.

Racism inside the corner office at city hall is one of the hallmarks of the mayor’s tenure here.

Everything under the sun has changed about this city during his time in office.

The nearly all-white make-up of the city workforce remains the same.

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The wasted Encore benefit

$30 million in lieu of tax payments have been made or are Since June 2019 when the doors opened to the Encore Boston Harbor Casino and Hotel in our city, approximately owed to the city treasury.

To date, nearly every million received has been a million spent with little to nothing left to cover the city for a rainy day.

The Encore income package was perceived as panacea for the city’s income difficulties – a dream come true because of the city’s inability to keep spending in line with its income.

Time and events have proven that Encore is not the beginning, nor is it the end of the city’s need for additional cash to meet its obligations.

That being said, it is important to note that Everett will not likely get another chance in our lifetime for another Encore type business in the city.

Therefore, we are suggesting that either the city council or the administration, or both, need to form a committee to oversee the spending of the Encore yearly income package.

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