Congrats to Mike McLaughlin

Councilor Mike McLaughlin’s re-election to a ward seat on the city council is another example of the city’s changing political landscape.

Because McLaughlin was not supported for re-election by the mayor and his cabal of city employees, cousins and paid supporters, it was taken for granted that he couldn’t win against the businessman first-timer Al Lattanzi.

Even Lattanzi had been persuaded by his best friend the mayor that he couldn’t lose.

Lattanzi campaigned hard. He spent some money. He went through all the motions and he got thoroughly beaten.

McLaughlin ran a high road campaign with no negativity.

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The Election

The municipal election last week has come and gone but the results continue to reverberate in our city.

Never before in Everett’s modern political history have three minorities been elected to serve on the city council at the same time. The election to an at-large council position of Gerly Adrien, a young, educated, Everett woman whose ancestry is in Haiti is a huge victory by itself.

The Stephanie Martin victory in a ward seat is highlighted by her intelligence and savvy. Martins is of Brazilian heritage.

Both Adrien and Martins have pledged to be independent, indicating they will not be a rubber stamp for anyone while doing the peoples’ business.

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Veterans Day 2019

The United States has been in a state of ready or perpetual war since our founding in 1776.

During that period, millions of men and women have signed up and served, or been conscripted and served, and have died in battles and engagements all over the world for the protection of liberty and democracy.

World War was the last great unquestioned engagement for us on the world stage.

We helped to save the world from tyranny in the greatest struggle in world history.

There was no second guessing in that world war which took so many millions of lives.

Everything that has followed has been a test of our resolve and of our reason.

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Superintendent choice about exclusion, Discrimination

Someone needs to stand up and to be heard before a vote is taken on who the next superintendent of schools is going to be.

School Committee Chair Thomas Abruzzese has all but disqualified himself with his recent rant and rave to the other 14 members of the search committee, a stern, angry warning to all those who don’t think like him to begin doing as he says or to resign.

At Wednesday evening’s meeting of the superintendent choice committee, four finalists we know of will be introduced to the public at the end of the committee’s executive session by Abruzzese. There will be apparently one fellow from Holyoke, a receiver, two applicants from Chelsea’s public schools, who were passed over for the Chelsea position, and a third fellow from Cambridge.

Abruzzese has hijacked the proceedings with his handpicked committee, which includes among others, his daughter-in-law.

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Council asking for executive session about alleged sign controversy an Absurdity

The city council voting to have an executive session of the Committee on Legislative Affairs as requested by Councilor Anthony DiPierro to get to the truth of a highly questionable and rather meaningless political sign incident, is an absurdity.

All of us with an ounce of common sense understand this an effort by DiPierro to ridicule and to humiliate Councilor Michael McLaughlin to satisfy DiPierro’s cousin the mayor.

DiPierro alleges McLaughlin, tore down several political signs in a fit of anger last July. The incident was apparently reported in October.

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