A mild winter so far

With February reaching its end with the snap of finger, many of us take joy that the winter has been neither cold nor snowy.

Those of us who have lived through many a New England winter understand that March can turn into winter when our minds are already wandering toward the spring.

That’s what we have watch for carefully.

Thinking the winter is over is always a mistake.

The moment we exult in a warm day at the beginning of March we are hit by a snowstorm or two and below freezing temperatures, ice and high winds.

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Lorrie Bruno

Lorrie Bruno was one of those rare Everett residents who was always willing to do for others at all times.

She was the proverbial do-gooder willing to give others the shirt off her back to help out those in need.

“She was just a great person,” is the comment heard most often among those who remember her service to the city and to the residents of Everett during her ten years on the city council.

Her death last week left many residents saddened.

Councilor Wayne Matewsky recalled Bruno as a very generous, caring, gentle woman who was always available for the residents of this city who reached out to her.

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Everett’s racial inequality questioned, again

The visit by Congressman Joseph Kennedy to Everett over the weekend, coupled with the visit to Everett of Senator Edward Markey two weeks ago, proves the importance of Everett’s diverse voter base.

Markey and Kennedy are on a collision course. Actually, they’ve already collided.

Also on a collision course is the mayor and his nearly all white city government about 700 strong with the city’s residents largely non-white at this point, yearning for the mayor’s nod to evening the make-up of the city government into something much more diverse and representative of the city.

Both Markey and Kennedy noticed the imbalance in racial equality here.

Both the congressman and the senator noticed that very few of the city’s elected officials chose to attend meetings with them.

Those who did not attend, refused to attend, or just shrugged off attending did so because Councilor at Large Gerly Adrien was the driving force for both the senator and the congressman coming here during Black History month to meet with members of the minority community.

Most noticeably absent, but not necessarily missed very much, was the mayor of Everett.

Why was he absent?

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The Academy Awards

The Academy Awards have been losing a great deal of their luster in recent years.

Since 2018, when 36 million viewers watched the annual self- congratulation Hollywood movie love fest, about 13 million viewers have abandoned the show, according to reports of the agencies that measure viewership.

Why is this so?

People in general, and especially younger people, just don’t care a hoot about anyone except for themselves in modern America.

Like many Americans who tuned into the show, I had not seen many of the movies nor did I recognize the stars up for Academy Awards.

I hadn’t seen Parasite, the South Korean movie that won the Academy Award for Best Picture and a host of other Oscars. I didn’t see Little Women. I did see the Joker.

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Central Fire Station rehab a job without a finish

The Central Fire Station rehabilitation appears stalled.

Frankly, it has been stalled and then started, like a car with a gummed up fuel line since it began more than a year ago.

Fire Chief Anthony Carli bemoaned the situation before the city council Monday night.

He explained how the contractor has yet to keep to a timeline.

He is hoping the $2 million project will be completed by April when it was supposed to be completed last October.

Carli appeared before the city council to speak of the necessity for an additional $141,000 to complete the project.

The city council approved the money but what was not explained fully by the chief is how a contractor has held the city hostage for months and months redoing what is arguably the single most important structure in the city – the Central Fire Station.

Not only has the road next to the fire station been closed, but the front bays of the station itself has been wrapped in a canvas and all but inaccessible for more than a year.

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