Thank you Cambridge Health Alliance Hospital

With the epidemic now ratcheting up into a swirl of health care challenges, no place in the city faces a larger challenge than the former Whidden Hospital.

By all accounts, the hospital is well stocked and staffed but stretched to the core by the demands set upon it by the coronavirus.

The doctors and nurses, the staff, the janitors, everyone having to do with the emergency ward and the hospital above it, need to be praised for their efforts collectively and individually.

Not every city the size of Everett has a hospital facility to rely upon these days.

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The mayor’s boasting

The mayor has been patting himself on the back for calling off school as early as he did and then for closing city hall the same way. He has told others in government and in the local media which has allowed him to praise himself for his leadership, these were tough decisions for him but that he had to take them and that now he was pleased with his actions.

Wonderful. What leadership he has shown in this instance.

The mayor would have residents believe he acted with the wisdom and the decisiveness of a Franklin Roosevelt or a Harry Truman. He did indeed close the schools and city hall.

He acted on the school closings before he left for Aruba.

The closure of city hall was a decision he made in Aruba and that was enforced from Aruba.

Bottom line, the mayor went on vacation and telephoned his decisions from his hotel room or on his cell phone from the beach.

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First responders are vigilant

Everett’s first responders, its police officers and firefighters and its Cataldo Ambulance service EMT’s are the first line of defense for residents and businesspeople terrorized about the coronavirus epidemic.

Very few of us can imagine the pressure felt by first responders who are more likely catch the virus than any of us.

Each time they answer the call, the chance for infection from the virus stalks them like a Grim Reaper.

They don’t have themselves only to think about. They have their wives and their children, their parents and brothers and sisters.

The virus is sinister in its ability to take someone very healthy and strong and in a matter of a few days, reduce them to a state of horrific illness, on to ventilators when they can’t breath, and finally to the funeral home shortly after that.

Many point out that the death rate isn’t so high.

The experts say you have a two in ten chance of dying which means you have a 80% chance of recovering.

These are good odds, unless you are a first responder.

The president has said 100,000 deaths from the virus would be a good figure.

It is not a good figure if you are one of those who die.

The president did not mean 100,000 deaths is good.

He meant it is far better than 1 million deaths or any number less than that.

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What exactly to do about coronavirus? Not everyone is exactly sure

Screen Shot 2020-03-26 at 4.12.19 PM.png
City Hall will locked up. (Photo by Josh Resnek)

The American economy is at a standstill. Everyday we do not reopen for business, the hole we are digging ourselves into grows geometrically.

It is expected by the end of this week, approximately 20 million – 30 million men and women have lost their jobs and will be applying for unemployment.

Many thousands of men and women in Everett face the same stark reality of no job, no money coming in, no place to put their children so they can work and no work to be had because the marketplace for jobs has shut down.

Each week we are closed down those figures will jump dramatically.

At the same time, those infected are growing in greater numbers all over the state and the nation.

Deaths are rising dramatically. Hospital intakes are exploding. Hospitals across the nation are concerned, and rightly so, that they were not ready for this. Even here in Massachusetts hospitals are complaining about not being able to meet the crush that is upon us and which cannot be immediately stopped.

To its credit, the Everett Board of Health has been leading a heads up strategy of informing Everett residents of nearly everything they need to know about trying to avoid being contaminated.

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Sal DiDomenico’s legacy

The death over the weekend of Sal DiDomenico, the father of State Senator Sal DiDomenico, brings to an end the charmed life of a hard working and generous man who left this earth after spending a lifetime doing for others, and for his family, whom he loved.

Senator Sal wrote an impressive farewell to his father on his Facebook page – a long, passionate, personal message about his Dad that should be read. If you are a Facebook fan, go to the Senator Sal DiDomenico site and read it.

It reveals a side of Senator Sal’s humanity we do not ordinarily come in contact with.

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