The Patriots

OK. The Patriots, it turns out, never had a chance.

From the first snap of the game Josh Allen outdid everyone around him on the playing field. He played like a champion.

He and his teammates came to win.

The Patriots came to lose.

It is really as simple as that.

So there is no need to determine what went wrong. The Patriots just didn’t have it.

The better team won.

That being said, the most infuriating thing about this pitiful playoff loss in a game that wasn’t close couldn’t have ended any other way.

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Bombs Away

This week’s School Committee agenda is the rough equivalent of an effort to place School Superintendent Priya Tahiliani on notice that everything about her job and those who she hired is about to change.

In Everett language, this translates into this: the SC agenda is intended to tie Tahiliani’s arms behind her back and to tie her feet together at the ankles. The agenda also provides for stipulations that act like a thick sock stuffed into her mouth.

The agenda is way overboard. Its creators are aware of this but they don’t care.

Attempting to rig the process of forcing Tahiliani to leave is part of the mayor’s plan to control the School Department and to reorganize it the way he wants, to hire whom he wants, and to fire whomever he wishes.

In the case of Tahiliani, the School Committee is attempting to rid itself of a woman of color.

This should be easy to accomplish.

There are 8 votes pledged against Tahiliani and her appointments.

This means that when the votes are taken, the mayor will not have to vote against Tahiliani. He is likely to vote for her to remain to show how fair the process is.

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The Dead of Winter

It is the dead of winter.

There is as much winter in front of us as behind us.

It is the dead of winter and there’s been very little snow and not much frigid cold.

Still, we must bundle up warmly lest we should freeze. There is no such thing as wearing short sleeves and bathing suits outside.

In addition, the dark mornings and early dark late afternoons demand our attention and alter how we feel.

All that darkness framed by much less light in between weighs on our mental well-being.

Some claim it burdens our souls.

It is the dead of winter and we are alone in our own thoughts. We battle the elements.

It is not like we are living in Florida with the air conditioning on inside our homes 24/7.

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The Patriots

the defeat the Patriots suffered at the hands of the Miami Dolphins last Sunday was convincing evidence the Pats have gone as high as they can go.

True, the Pats are getting a playoff game, and a chance to advance.

Also true, the Super bowl remains ions away for the Pats.

Even should they win their first playoff game, climbing to the top of the NFL mountain this year just isn’t in the cards.

We’d love to be made to eat crow on this prediction.

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The Bitter Cold

We haven’t experienced cold like this in several years.

This kind of cold always tends to make a mockery out of the idea that the earth is warming – but it is, and we know it.

The cruelty of such bitter cold is unimaginable to those who live down south and have never tasted of a New England winter.

This frigid, icy cold is a killer.

If you are outside unprotected for longer than 20 minutes in cold like this you will die.

If the water pipes in your home are not protected they will freeze and then burst – and then comes the plumber and there’s goes your money.

We love walking our pets outdoors. But who loves walking their pets outdoors when it is -3 or -4 below zero?

When it gets cold like this our heating systems run day and night. If paying for heating oil doesn’t sink you, paying for natural gas will.

It is always during times like these that the heating system breaks down.

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