Who’s running

Gerly Adrien
Fred Capone
Carlo DeMaria

Angelmarie DiNunzio
Michael K. Marchese
Ricahrd J. Dell Isola Jr.
James A. Mastrocola
Stephanie Victoria Smith
James J. LaVecchio
Allen L. Panarese
Kenneth Gianelli
John HanlonIrene
Cardillo Guerline Alcy

Wayne A. Matewsky

Stephanie Martins

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Sign Wars

Candidate Gerly Adrien is surrounded by supporters. (Photo by Josh Resnek)


The story was recently told of city employees in various departments being ordered to hold signs for the mayor’s re-election effort.

Some employees explained that they had family duties to tend to or little league games to watch or recreation summertime things to do.

“Hold the signs, or else,” they were apparently told, the Leader Herald has been informed by several city employees who wished to remain unnamed for fear of reprisal.

So those employees did what any sane city employee would do, they held signs when they didn’t want to.

A sign holding in Everett Square early Monday morning brought out a dozen or so city employees and others answering the call to hold the mayor’s signs.

We don’t pretend to have our readers believe the mayor called the sign holders to duty. The mayor does this through his underlings, department heads, and campaign organizers to meet the challenge of two serious contenders.

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Battles in store for Council seats

Empty spots sought by many


With Fred Capone and Gerly Adrien’s council seats up for grabs, a number of candidates have materialized almost instantly.

Councilor at Large Wayne Matewsky will be giving up his at-large seat.

He told the Leader Herald Monday he will be running for council in Ward 1.

Ward 1 is represented by Capone.

In 26 years, Matewsky has never failed to carry Ward 1.

School Committeewoman Millie Cardillo is giving up her SC seat.

Cardillo will be running for councilor at large.

Councilor Jimmy Tri Le, the popular Ward 4 rep, is giving up his seat and will be running for an at-large position.

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