Aggressive challengers vie for votes, seek to unseat mayor

JULY 7: The mayoral campaign races along at a fever pitch as the candidates scour the city for every vote they can muster. Low voter turnout predictions in an off year election make every vote count. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)


The mayor, Gerly Adrien and Fred Capone have been crunching voter numbers for several months.

The numbers don’t lie – that is – the number of voters expected to come out on Primary Day is about 5,000 “give or take several hundred,” according to City Clerk Sergio Cornelio.

Cornelio told the Leader Herald the history of mayoral primaries back to the beginning of the decade reveals low voter turnout for primaries and larger voter turnouts for November elections.

When there is no presidential election or gubernatorial race to drive voters to the polls, “election numbers are naturally lower,” Cornelio said.

‘This year represents a different kind of election coming up. Making predictions about it is all about uncertainty,” he added.

Predictably, the mayor believes he is way ahead. He believes he cannot be beaten.

Why not.

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Signature oversight corrected


Certification requirements changed

The city clerk and Everett’s Election office have confirmed that signature requirements have been changed to coincide with the recent Charter change concerning the upcoming city election.

Signature requirements for all those running for District School Committee and City Council seats have been officially dropped, as required by the city Charter change but were overlooked, according to City Clerk Sergio Cornelio.

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…Mike McLaughlin in



One of the city’s most enigmatic politicians has taken out nomination papers to run for the School Committee against former School Committee Chair Attorney Thomas Abruzzese.

The entrance into the School Committee race by Michael McLaughlin represents one of the most surprising changes of venue in an election season by a local politician in many years.

McLaughlin’s decision could very likely be the death knell of Abruzzese’s School Committee career.

McLaughlin brings to the table proven widespread popularity as a councilor and he brings to the Everett political arena an unrivaled sense of competition.

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Voting by mail in ballots a great success in the city

Something like 4,000 mail in ballots were counted on Primary Day last week.

Mail-in ballot far outnumbered those votes cast at precinct stations.

They were, by all accounts, counted flawlessly with City Clerk Sergio Cornelio and Assistant City Clerk David Ragucci presiding over the tally with the members of the Everett Election commission and its staff.

It goes to show during this era when the president is running about trying to cast question on the nation’s ability to count a vote when much of it is mailed in that Everett could serve as a worthy example of just how it’s done the right way.

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The upcoming presidential primary, can the presidency be bought?

How will Everett vote on Super Tuesday?

Many local political followers who are Democrats believe Senator Elizabeth Warren will win in our city.

Trump will win the Republican vote and the nomination locally for president.

Bloomberg might capture a larger than usual bunch of Democratic votes.

He’s been spending a pile of money in Massachusetts.

Will there be Russians milling around trying to disrupt the Everett vote?

We don’t think so.

The biggest question for nearly all of us who are following the trials and tribulations of the Democrats and Republicans is not whether the Russians will disrupt the vote, which would be an impossibility despite the press trying to worry us with fears of Russia dominating the election.

Rather, the most significant question is whether or not the election, ie, the presidency of the United States can be bought by the billionaire former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg.

Can a billionaire buy the presidency?

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