Question 2

Do you want dental insurance providers to rake in big fees from you and give you back in services much less than what you pay?

Do you want to be forever needing money to pay for dental needs which your insurer will not allow or approve because of their desire to keep their margins of profit obscenely high?

If your answer is “no”, then vote that way on Election Day for this ballot item.

If you want to even the playing field, to gain back some of the advantages that have been lost with dental providers who keep most of your payments and are stingy in giving you back what you need, then vote “yes.”

Who among us hasn’t suffered the indignity and the inequity of not having enough on hand cash to take care of expensive dental needs despite paying high premiums for dental care?

How this has come to pass is one of those mysteries about government allowing dental insurance providers to constantly raise their premiums and to artificially set boundaries on what they must provide in return.

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McGonagle v Marchese

The Only Political Race To Follow On Nov. 7

By Josh Resnek

The local rep race between incumbent Joe McGonagle and challenger Mike Marchese takes central stage as we approach election day.

It is the only contest between two well known local politicians, one, McGonagle, who is on a substantial winning streak, and the other, Marchese, who is trying to end McGonagle’s winning streak.

To this point in time, the campaign has been dominated by Marchese’s effort to power himself over McGonagle with his name recognition, his recent finish top ping the ticket on the city council where he is a councilor at large and with emphasizing with full page advertisements in the Leader Herald that he can’t be bought, doesn’t represent special interests and does not walk in a lock step with the mayor.

To date, McGonagle has not been highly visible.

He tends to do his business on the Hill, and to keep a low profile, which has been his recipe for success.

McGonagle signs are noted throughout the city, and it is expected his signage will be boosted in the next four weeks before the election.

Marchese has put up about 75 signs. He has been receiving calls for signs, he told the Leader Herald.

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McGonagle vs Marchese

The most interesting political race coming up in November, bar none, is Rep. Joe McGonagle versus Councilor at Large Mike Marchese.

Marchese is running as an Independent.

McGonagle is an incumbent Democrat.

McGonagle can be expected to do his thing, which has been the cause of his repeated success in the past three elections.
He has proven himself not unbeatable, but very hard to beat. Marchese will discover this as he goes about his business trying to undo McGonagle.

Marchese is on a bit of a high right now.

His public support for the former Pope John facility to be used as a school to reduce overcrowding has been roundly applauded by the new voices rising up here.

His topping of the ticket last time out is another reason for his rise in popularity.

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Fresh Off 600 Vote Victory, McGonagle Now Faces Councilor Mike Marchese

By Josh Resnek

Last week’s primary victory for Representative Joe McGonagle revealed he still has the winning magic with Everett voters.

He decisively defeated his opponent Guerline Alcy by more than 600 votes.

The citywide tally was 1,642-1,006.

In the final weekend of the campaign, McGonagle sent out a number of expensive citywide mailings that appear to have cemented his victory against Alcy.

Those expensive citywide mailings are a bone of contention for Councilor Mike Marchese, McGonagle’s opponent in the November finale.

“Where did he get that kind of money to make all those mailings?’ Marchese asked the Leader Herald.

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McGonagle Wins Primary With Convincing Margin

Faces Marchese in November

Leader Herald Staff

Representative Joe McGonagle defeated Guerline Alcy by a wide margin in Tuesday’s primary balloting.

McGonagle now faces Councilor at Large Mike Marchese in the Election Day finale in November. Marchese is running as an Independent.

McGonagle is, of course, a Democrat.

Tuesday turnout was lower than expected.

Unofficial figures not yet certified placed McGonagle’s victory at If you can – just got the winning figure. 1,642 McGonagle – 1006 Alcy.