Voting by mail in ballots a great success in the city

Something like 4,000 mail in ballots were counted on Primary Day last week.

Mail-in ballot far outnumbered those votes cast at precinct stations.

They were, by all accounts, counted flawlessly with City Clerk Sergio Cornelio and Assistant City Clerk David Ragucci presiding over the tally with the members of the Everett Election commission and its staff.

It goes to show during this era when the president is running about trying to cast question on the nation’s ability to count a vote when much of it is mailed in that Everett could serve as a worthy example of just how it’s done the right way.

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The upcoming presidential primary, can the presidency be bought?

How will Everett vote on Super Tuesday?

Many local political followers who are Democrats believe Senator Elizabeth Warren will win in our city.

Trump will win the Republican vote and the nomination locally for president.

Bloomberg might capture a larger than usual bunch of Democratic votes.

He’s been spending a pile of money in Massachusetts.

Will there be Russians milling around trying to disrupt the Everett vote?

We don’t think so.

The biggest question for nearly all of us who are following the trials and tribulations of the Democrats and Republicans is not whether the Russians will disrupt the vote, which would be an impossibility despite the press trying to worry us with fears of Russia dominating the election.

Rather, the most significant question is whether or not the election, ie, the presidency of the United States can be bought by the billionaire former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg.

Can a billionaire buy the presidency?

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Voting here already underway; Presidential primary next Tuesday

By Josh Resnek

Dependent upon who you speak with about the presidential race now underway, there are the dual beliefs that President Donald Trump must be beaten to save American Democracy and that Trump’s re- election is the only thing that will save it.

The nation is split.

The politics are divisive.

A lot of the news is fake.

And now its presidential primary time next Tuesday in Massachusetts.

Everett already began voting for the primary on Monday, according to officials in the Election Department.

“I am expecting about 1500 to 2000 votes out of a total that might reach 8500 cast before all is said and done,” predicted City Clerk Sergio Cornelio.

As he spoke Monday morning inside his city hall office, early Everett voters getting a jump on the primary were already casting absentee ballots, filling them out and the votes being filed by officials on the third floor of city hall inside the Keverian Room.

“All those ballots will be counted, logged properly and treated as absentee votes and walked into our office on Election Day,” Linda-Lee Angiolillo, of the city’s Election Department.

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Martins Kicks-Off Campaign For Ward 2 City Councilor Voted Citywide

Screen Shot 2019-09-18 at 6.09.09 PM.png
Stephanie Martins (center) alongside supporters at a recent campaign event. 

It was a full house at the 8/10 Bar and Grille on August 15, as the candidate for the vacated Ward 2 seat Stephanie Martins welcomed residents to her kick-off.

A number of elected officials, candidates, community leaders, teachers, seniors, and residents were present to show their support. Martins was introduced by longtime Everett business owner and former

Chamber of Commerce and Everett Kiwanis President David Larovere who praised Martins for her accomplishments and reaffirmed her potential as a new addition to the council.

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Looking at Politics

Primary Day in Everett

By Josh Resnek

A drive around the city on Primary Day 2019 was a drive around an empty space.

As at-large candidate Mike Marchese said early in the morning: “It looks like a ghost town.”

A ghost town indeed.

When I drove into Everett Square early this morning there were a handful of sign holders, chief among them former mayor, former city clerk, councilor at large John Hanlon, doing what he has done for a lifetime – and as his wife told me earlier on the telephone – “Loving it. It is his life.”

Councilor at large, former rep, Wayne Matewsky was also holding a sign in the square waving to the early morning primary day traffic.

A Steve Simonelli supporter carrying assign stood next to him also waving.

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