Encore Reports Another Banner Revenue Month for August

By Josh Resnek

Encore Boston Harbor reported another powerful earnings month in August, according to figures released Monday by the Massachusetts Gaming Commission.

Total gaming figures amounted to $52 million, $3 million better than July revenues which came in at $49 million.

“We are pleased with the revenue figures,” Encore President Robert DeSalvio told casino the Gaming Commission and casino analysts.

“Slots figures were lower than anticipated but we have time to improve those figures substantially,” he said.

Encore’s slot figures have been sluggish, considered a problem by some industry analysts or not a problem at all by others.

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Encore Income Figures Meet all Expectations; Spectacularly

By Josh Resnek

Encore Boston Harbor’s $48.6 gaming income for July was over the top, according to figures compiled by the company and released by the Massachusetts Gaming Commission.

In fact, the three casinos in Massachusetts cumulatively generated $81.4 million in July revenue, with Encore Boston Harbor in our city accounting for about 60% of that figure.

Bottom line – Encore’s predictions of what it would generate were right on the mark.

The state is pleased as well, as 25% of Encore’s $48.6 million translates into more than $12 million in tax revenues for the state.

The Massachusetts state budget had earmarked slightly more than $100 million in taxes during Encore’s first year in business.

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Part of the Miracle

The casino and hotel up and running makes this arguably about the most successful business summer in the city’s history.

The casino’s jobs number alone are staggering with almost 5,000 employees now receiving paychecks!

It is as if an entire new city has been built inside the present city of Everett.

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Encore off to explosive start out of the Box

By Josh Resnek

The Encore Casino and Hotel generated almost $20 million in gaming revenues during its first week in business at the end of June despite the Sunday opening, according to figures compiled and released Monday afternoon by the Massachusetts Gaming Commission.

For Everett public officials and for Encore officials themselves, the first week’s revenues at nearly $20 million is a staggering figure compared with all other gaming entities operating in the state.

If such weekly revenues can be maintained, then the annualized gaming revenues generated by Encore will be in the $1 billion+ range during its first twelve months in operation.

The state took in more than $4 million as its cuts of the gaming revenues during this first week, a figure certain to have raised eyebrows in the governor’s office.

Casino experts all agree, Encore’s first week should be exceeded by more substantial weeks in the months to come.

Followers of Wynn Resorts financials were all abuzz on the Internet about the first week’s results.

At this level, the gaming industry is able to push up volume and profits substantially, allowing in some quarters for a 6-10% jump in gaming revenues.

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Buffet at a Glance

Screen Shot 2019-07-10 at 6.29.04 PM.png

Leader Herald Staff Report 

When you hear people talking about going to Vegas, everyone talks about the buffets. Whether its the glamorous buffet at the Bellagio or one of the off strip buffets where you can choose from blue or yellow casseroles, people love them.

Encore doesn’t miss out here either.

Upon paying the host at the buffet entrance, one is ushered into a beautiful Willy Wonka-like eating area with giant flower arrangements and fruits all around. Your drink order is taken, soda, water and coffee are included in the price ($40) but alcoholic drinks are not. From there you have free reign to grab a dish and head for the food.

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