Wynn battling catastrophic restrictions, Encore hours cut, Vegas, Macau hit hard

COVID, lawsuit, shutdowns creating concern


The Encore Boston Harbor Hotel and Casino is in terrible shape at the present.

The hotel remains closed.

The casino’s reduced hours have been cut income dramatically.

The restaurants, which had been doing well, have all been suffering from the newly imposed hours of operation cuts.

Running a casino with a closing time of 9:00 p.m. is like trying to own a Mcdonald’s with less than half the open time that is needed to cut a profit and to meet expenses.

In Las Vegas, the situation has grown so bad, Wynn Resorts has closed its casino and hotels during the mid-week for lack of visitors.

There have been no seminars or conventions since March. Those two are the lifeblood of the industry.

Without massive visitation from air travel, Las Vegas is empty.

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In the face of fiscal crisis city decorates with $800 wreaths

New Christmas wreaths on the street poles as a Dagle electrician strings lights on the tree at Everett Square. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

Christmas tree is beautiful but cost Everett $8000


The new wreaths placed on poles throughout the city were the talk of the town last week.

After all, they are beautiful, green and golden and impeccable, more so in many
ways than what the Town of Wellesley installs on its

After all, they are beautiful, green and golden and impeccable, more so in many
ways than what the Town of Wellesley installs on its poles every Christmas.

The only difference – Wellesley can afford it – Everett should think more carefully about its spending in the face of the crisis the city is facing with the virus and Encore.

The juxtaposition of lines of people wearing face mask along the length of Chelsea Street underneath these stunning wreaths, brings to mind one of the cruel ironies of the Christmas season. Everything that glitters, like the wreaths, brings to mind one of the cruel ironies of the Christmas season.

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Violent outbreaks, chaos at Las Vegas, Boston casinos


Over the Labor Day weekend, Las Vegas Police responded to a large disturbance at the Encore Casino and Hotel on the Strip. About 20 men and women were apparently fighting in the hotel lobby and then the fight spread to the gaming floor, causing a ruckus that in the end, sent shock waves along the length of the Strip, which is right now trying to survive the effects of the pandemic.

At one point, someone apparently tossed a pile of money into the air “making it rain money” causing near pandemonium among those who scurried to pick it up and to put it into their pockets.

Multiple men and women were involved in the fracas, which apparently began when one man confronted another and sucker punched him, and then a fight began,” according to reports in the Las Vegas Review-Journal newspaper.

“During the same time, another male began swinging a liquor bottle, hitting several persons. Two security officers were struck by unknown males. In the process, a veridoc (identity verification) machine, plants, and stanchions were damaged,” according to a lawsuit filed by Wynn Resorts to sue those responsible for causing violence on their property.

Sixteen people were arrested, and three Wynn guards were sent to the hospital.

Many patrons of the casino who gamble there because they feel safe in the five star environment, were aghast over the goings on, according to reports in the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

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— Eye on Everett —

The mayor learns to deal with Encore


A very well-known gentleman I know from the North End who loves to play cards with the bad boys told me a great Carlo story that went something like this:

“Carlo played for hours one night with my buddies. He ended up owing thousands when he left the card table and headed home. He was pretty grim. Losing at cards is bad. Owing when you leave the table is worse.

“Anyway, before Carlo left the table, one of the bad boys in charge of the game asked him politely: ‘When do I get the money you owe.?’”

“Carlo turned to him and said: ‘Next week. Guaranteed. You know me,’ he added, my buddy told me.

“Yeah, Carlo. That’s what I’m worried about,” my buddy told me the North End guy said to him with a grimace.

“’See you next week Carlo. I’ll be waiting right here. No excuses, Carlo,’” he said, according to my buddy.

Next week came and passed.

No Carlo. No payment.

The fellow in the North End was getting a bit impatient. Mind you, this wasn’t about Encore not paying its in lieu of tax bill to the city even though the payment was guaranteed by the host agreement.

“Where’s my money? “the North End gentleman asked Carlo during a phone call after waiting patiently several weeks, my buddy told me.

Carlo responded adroitly. After all, he is the mayor, a big crap shooter really up on his toes and aware of everything going on in his world.

“Oh. I already paid what I owed you,” Carlo exclaimed, my friend told me.

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Encore sidesteps direct payment to city coffers

Encore Boston Harbor. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

Policy change causes panic, financial havoc


What has happened in Springfield with MGM attempting to renegotiate its host agreement with the city there has now begun here with Encore.

The city’s savior, the brainchild of the mayor, has apparently changed the host agreement unilaterally by sidestepping Everett on a $10 million payment it owes in lieu of taxes.

Instead of paying the city what it owed since March as promised for July 15, Encore has apparently paid the state, and then the state will pay the city.

Several councilors have conceded that’s a nice how do you do coming at a perilous moment when the city’s finances are in question.

Expenses are exceeding income, and budget cuts, layoffs and salary reductions have been levied to bridge the income gap.

“It gives me great concern that Encore would pay the state rather than the city like they did in the first and second quarter. It’s a big concern they would do that,” said City Councilor Mike McLaughlin.

“It shows irresponsibility on the part of Encore. Out of four payments, they’ve only gotten one payment right and on time. Not a great track record,” he said.

For the mayor, who brought Encore to the city, the payment gaffe is an agonizing twist.

Encore was to have been a panacea for the city. The city’s financial difficulties were over with the coming of the casino, according to the mayor.

“Instead, it looks as though our money problems have multiplied,” said Councilor at Large Mike Marchese.

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