Last week’s city hall melt down a reason to consider air conditioning

The big fans inside city hall blew hot air. (Photo by Josh Resnek)

By Josh Resnek

Working inside Everett City Hall has its advantages for city employees who work inside the many offices there.

A four day workweek is a plus.

Vacations. Sick pay. Maternity leave. Pensions. Decent salaries that are guaranteed and on and on.

However when it is hot outside it is even hotter inside, making life about miserable as it can be.

Last week’s heat wave caused the Department of Public Works to place large, industrial size electric air fans on all three floors where city employees were trying to maintain concentration inside super heated offices in an environment that probably wouldn’t have passed the OSHA test for appropriate working conditions.

The big fans roared with the sound of rushing air on all three floors.

In some offices, employees worked without lights to enhance the belief that their spaces might be cooler in the shadows.

Not much worked to reduce the heat caused by the soaring temperatures outside.

The big fans were a psychological boost – but if you work at city hall or you were visiting, the bottom line is that the place needs a major overhaul to be air conditioned properly.

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— Eye on Everett —

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