Fire chief resigns

The resignation of the fire chief brings to mind the question: who runs the fire department?

Does the fire chief run the department?

Does the union head of the firefighter’s local run the department?

Or does city hall run the department?

The greater question is this: does it matter who runs the department as long as the department is run efficiently and by the book?

Fire chiefs come and fire chiefs go. The department always carries on.

However, it is imperative that the Everett Fire Department be run by a qualified chief of operations who understands firefighting, who has been a firefighter himself or herself, and whose entire amount of dedication to service is literally married to the welfare and to the betterment of the department.

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Everett fire chief resigns; deputy chief appointed provisional acting chief

By Josh Resnek

Everett Fire Chief Scott Dalrymple (above) has reigned.

Fire Chief Scott Dalrymple has resigned and Deputy Chief Sabato LoRusso has been appointed provisional acting chief, according to a fire department official and several sources said to be familiar with the sudden change of leadership.

Dalrymple’s resignation apparently came on the heels of a new recruit being fired by the chief after he allegedly left a shift a half day early without being given permission by his commanding officer.

When a request was made to Dalrymple from city hall, and by an official with the firefighter’s union that the new recruit be rehired, Dalrymple melted down at being told what to do.

“I run the fire department,” Dalrymple allegedly told a city hall official.

“No you don’t. I do,” the city hall official apparently shot back.

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The city ambulance reveals itself after a very long wait

By Josh Resnek

Not quite in service yet but almost ready to go.

The Long awaited arrival on the city’s streets of the Everett Fire Department’s ambulance service is just a few steps away from becoming a reality.

The entire process has taken about three years, but when peoples’ lives are at stake, introducing a city ambulance service is a complicated and time consuming task.

Thousands of hours of emergency response training by dozens of Everett firefighters, many who were hired just for this new ambulance service, has resulted in a good many Everett firefighters being certified to ride the ambulance and to treat residents in need of immediate, emergency healthcare.

The fire department has predicted that response time with the new ambulance service will improve – and in an emergency environment where every minute might mean life and death – it is wise not to rush the ambulance into service before everything is seamless about its operation.

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Everett receives $892.5K in grants from MGC $10.2 million mitigation fund

By Josh Resnek

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission has distributed $10.2 million in grants to local communities with Host Agreements.

Everett’s share: $892,500.

Everett’s grants included $199,100 in funding for a feasibility study to restore the seawall and Charlestown Pumping Station and the extension of the Mystic River Harborwalk.

Also, Everett Police received $104,100 for overtime funding for Encore area police patrols due to increased activity. An additional $18,700 was granted for Conex storage units with video surveillance, interoperable radio system and Everett Police paint and graphics.

The Everett Fire Department received $45,000 for training for high rise and below grade firefighting, crowd management and lithium-ion battery fires.

In addition, a $248,000 grant was given for the design of a shared use path connecting the Northern Strand to Alford Street on lower Broadway, including data collecting and related work design.

A $336,700 grant was received as funding for the construction of the Wellington Connector trail which connects the Northern Strand bike path to the Woods Memorial Bridge.

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Should Everett police and fire patrol their ranks for sexual predators? Or is it a union matter?

By Josh Resnek

Everett resident Wendy Poste has been fighting for justice since she was allegedly drugged and raped by an Everett firefighter who was on the state’s sexual predator list while he served and when she was raped.

This former Everett firefighter not only made it onto the list, but has since committed a second incident of sexual violence which he pleaded guilty to and is a part of the public record.

Yet he was able to work until retirement with the apparent full knowledge of fire and police officials here who have largely tried to ignore the harsh reality that Poste keeps bringing up to the public and city officials from meeting to meeting of the city council.

From the woman’s perspective, ignoring Poste’s pleas for justice is all wrong.

From the perspective of bureaucracy, Poste has a very low expectation that anyone in city government will pay heed to her.

In fact, no one in a position of responsibility has expressed anything publicly about her belief that sexual predators should not be allowed to serve on the police and or the fire department in Everett…or in any city.

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