Nasty fire sets off fear and wonder in lower Broadway industrial district

DECEMBER 8: A raging four-alarm fire at the Schnitzer Recycling plant on Rover Street was contained after several hours. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

Disaster potential highlighted by blaze

By Josh Resnek

A smoky fire at the Schnitzer recycling facility on Rover Street caused more concern than damage. No injuries were reported in the fire which began shortly after 8:00 a.m. and was put out by 10:30 a.m.

The menacing plume of black smoke rising from an enclosed steel crusher on the sprawling property that abuts the LNG facility was visible for miles.

The smoke was worse than the fire itself.

Early concerns that the fire could have caused a conflagration have been eased by the fact the fire was put out so quickly, and could not and did not spread.

The Everett Fire Department was on the scene within minutes of the first alarm being run.

However the EFD at present has severe apparatus limitations and a shortage of firefighters.

During the recent mayoral campaign, Councilor Fred Capone argued that a new fire station and new fire apparatus as well as additional firefighters are needed to meet the demands of the city’s future and should have been part of Encore’s lower Broadway investment package.

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Fire Chief Carli resigns

Lt. Scott Dalrymple expected to be appointed


Everett Fire Chief Anthony Carli is resigning.

He submitted his resignation last week.

Lt. Scott Dalrymple is expected to be named chief by the mayor.

Firehouse sources claim Carli was disappointed he could not do more than he was doing, and that he felt frustration at being unable to make the changes in the department he was advocating.

Carli was appointed chief on January 30, 2020, after several years as the acting chief. Union rules did not allow for the acting chief to become the chief, but the Everett City Council went forward with his appointment as chief unanimously.

A seven-page report issued by the Everett City Solicitor’s office allowed for the city council vote at the time.

The city solicitor gave the administration the OK for the appointment of Carli as chief. In retrospect, the city solicitor’s determination was wrong, or at least, was overturned by the union’s imperatives.

Carli had recently been demoted to acting chief in accordance with Firefighters Union rules and regulations.

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Capone wants new EFD hires to be fire firefighters first

EFD Ladder 1 battling a multi-alarm fire on Bellingham Ave. Saturday. (Photo by Kevin Wiles)

Grills Chief Carli on recruit’s role


Councilor Fred Capone questioned Fire Chief Anthony Carli about 20 new firefighter hires against the backdrop of Everett firefighters having fought two major fires during the weekend.

New firefighters haven’t joined day-to-day line forces in Everett for the past five years.

Firefighting suppression resources have been lacking here.

The chief was quick to defend the department, which is now training approximately 20 new firefighters to act as EMTs first and firefighters second, as the city morphs into having its own emergency ambulance service.

A five-alarm fire in Revere on Endicott Avenue brought Everett firefighters to the scene on a nearly all-day call which required mutual aid companies from out of the city to be stationed in firehouses here.

A day following that fire, a fire on Bellingham Avenue emptied Everett’s firehouses again until the fire was suppressed.

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Fire ravages The Scrubbing Board

Everett firefighters battled the smoky blaze but the business is thought to be a total loss. (Photo courtesy of Stanley Forman)

No injuries reported as damage estimates range close to $700K


The Scrubbing Board on Hancock Street, one of this city’s major launderettes, suffered a fire in its ceiling Monday.

The business was destroyed but the owner, John Mattuchio, said it will be rebuilt completely.

Matuccio estimated the loss at $500,000- $750,000.

“I believe the fire started in the ceiling and was confined to the ceiling and roof. The firefighters believe the fire must have started from an electrical malfunction of wiring in the ceiling,” he added.

Mattuchio, a well- known Everett businessman and the former president of the local Kiwanis Club, said he was grateful for the great effort made by the Everett Fire Department to minimize the loss.

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