New Crimson Tide head coach to lean on experience for 2020

Everett High QB, Duke Doherty, escapes the pass rush in 2019 and will be counted on this season by new head coach Gregory Bluestein to lead the Tide for 2020. (Photo by Joseph Prezioso)


Theluxon Pierre, Everett High School alumni and head football coach for the last two seasons, was relieved of his position with the team and his assistant Gregory Bluestein has been appointed interim head coach for the remainder of the 2020-2021 football season.

The shakeup was not due to Pierre’s coaching performance but a result of his lack of teaching credentials required at

Everett Public Schools. Bluestein, who has a Master of Education degree in Athletic Administration, has been teaching at the school for the last eight years.

With EHS now set to have its third head coach in four seasons, the question becomes could this be the year the Crimson Tide’s current slows down?

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2020 EHS graduates saluted at drive-thru ceremony

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In one of the most pleasing and improbable scenes in the city’s history, an abbreviated but appropriate 2020 Everett High School Graduation took place Saturday inside the parking lots across the street from the Encore Boston Harbor by Lynde Street.

The event was attended by 100’s.

More than 400 diplomas out of 480 were handed out by EHS Principal Erick Naumann to graduates who arrived in caps and gowns, who showed up in their parents automobiles decorated with balloons and signs, alighted from them and hopped up to one of three deco- rated stages, where officials of the school department handed each of them their hard earned prize during this year of the Coronavirus.

This year’s high school graduates have been forced to socially distance, making traditional high school graduation events untenable in the present virus environment.

From year to year during the past three decades, EHS seniors were the recipients not just of their diplomas but with highly organized graduation exercises which included speeches, the award of prizes and scholarships, and private parties and cook- outs throughout the weekend with graduates from years before.

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Sports seasons left alone, playoff realignment sought

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The Jack McGrath Press Box at Veteran’s Memorial Stadium. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

MIAA seeks to get more athletes involved in championship bid


The Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association Football Committee convened virtually via video chat and decided not to fix what isn’t broken.

The committee met to discuss proposed high school football divisional and tournament alignments for the 2021-23 seasons and voted 14-0-2 (two abstentions) in favor of keeping the current 8 division format with a redesigned playoff alignment.

Both the football committees proposals will go up to the Tournament Management Committee next on June 4 for official approval.

Since 2016, football has been played within 8 divisions, but a plan passed in February by the entire MIAA membership maxed the number of divisions in any given sport to five.

The MIAA’s approved plan, however, provided a provision that would allow for sports committees to “request divisional expansion or alternatives to realignment” when necessary to the TMC.

The football committees 8 division format proposal will allow for 16 teams to have a shot at a state championship and even more to participate in the tournament.

Proponents of the format noted the need to afford all athletes across each division the same opportunities to make it to the postseason.

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Coaching takes on new role during Coronavirus crisis

Some of the Everett High School softball coaches and athletes share a socially distant moment on a Zoom chat.


It’s the first week of May, it’s just after 2:30pm, the sun is shining and ballparks around the city are filling with young athletes waiting to stretch their muscles and show their stuff on the diamond.

Longtime Crimson Tide softball coach Stacy Schiavo is rolling ground balls to the infielders while her assistants toss balls to batters standing ready at home plate stationed just steps below the main entrance of Everett High School.

Outfielders call to each other to recover the balls battered by contact while Schiavo shouts a reminder of form to a group of girls taking swipes at the balls rolling their way.

That scene was common last year.

This year, there’s no such scene to be seen.

Instead of softball and sunshine on the diamond, the spring of 2020 is sport-less as playing fields remain closed to the public.

Athletes and coaches alike are being forced to remain apart while remaining active.

In essence, coaches are not coaching this season. At least not in the traditional ways that we consider normal.

Coaching on the field this spring has forcibly taken a benching to coaching from afar. Something coach Schiavo and her staff have tried their best to do at a time when being close is hard.

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Another successful season in the books at EHS

Screen Shot 2020-03-04 at 10.28.17 PM.png
Everett High’s Dimitry Philippe (13) goes in for a layup against Cambridge Rindge and Latin during the MIAA Div. 1 North quarterfinals at Everett High School. (Photo by Amanda Sagba)

By Lorenzo Recupero

The 2019-2020 winter sports season at Everett High School was one of the best on record.

Although none of EHS’ teams won a division or state title, three made it to the MIAA postseason and two earned league championships for stellar play during the regular season.

In any case, all three teams showed major improvements from a year ago.

Boys’ hockey, led by second-year head coach Alex Naumann, had the most glaring improvement. After missing out on the postseason for consecutive years, Naumann finally had the team playing up to its potential. They picked up 7 more wins than they did a season ago and earned a playoff bid for the first time in four years. They finished overall 12-8-1 (lost 12-0 to Boston Latin in first round of playoffs), a vast improvement from a 5-14-1 record last year. The winning season does more than the record could project, too. The confidence from a playoff berth might’ve set the foundation for more wins moving forward.

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