Co-captain Joe Murillo helps anchor EHS O-line

Offenseive lineman Joe Murillo (62) keeps the throwing lane clear for QB Karmarri Ellerbe. (Photo By Jim Mahoney)


Crimson Tide senior captain Joe Murillo has spent the last four years committed to improving his game to help boost Everett High School’s offensive line to elite status.

At 6-foot-4, 300 pounds the left tackle, a starter for the first time in his career, has done so this season while earning the respect of his coaches and peers.

Behind the strength of Murillo and the offensive line, the Crimson Tide remained undefeated (5-0) while posting 18 touchdowns on the ground in just five games.

“His greatest quality is being a great kid who is coachable and has a team-first mentality,” said EHS Assistant Coach Ross Pietrantonio.

Head Coach Robert DiLoreto echoed the sentiment.

“We are very proud of Joe’s outstanding leadership this year. He has been a huge factor in our run, pass, and blocking game,” said DiLoreto, who has engineered an offense that is averaging nearly 200 rushing yards per game.

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EHS struggling to control violence

Everett High School. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

Blaming officials will not solve problem


Since Everett High School reopened for in-class live instruction we have been receiving disturbing reports, and sometimes graphic videos, of violent hand-to-hand combat on the stairs in front of EHS and inside the school.

We have also received a number of e-mails from concerned parents who express worry about the safety of their children and teachers who are finding it difficult to coexist in the school with the outbreaks of violence.

At first, the reflexive action is to blame someone, anyone in a position of responsibility for the violence at EHS.

Let’s blame the principal.

Let’s blame the police officer stationed there.

Let’s blame the teachers.

Let’s blame the superintendent of schools and the school committee.

This doesn’t work because all of them together aren’t responsible for what’s
going on in high schools these days with students who go out of control, who attack one another, who fight in the corridors or punch students, and occasionally, teachers.

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Tide marching band scores high marks in competition

The Crimson Tide Marching Band. (Photo by Joseph Prezioso)

The Crimson Tide Marching Band scored several first pace accolades Saturday at the US Bands Silver Showcase at Dartmouth High.

The musicians garnered Best Music, Best Visual, and Bet Percussion while performing its “A Day Which Lived in Infamy” repertoire.

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Tide Rolls

The 2021 Crimson Tide. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)


With a handful of team practices completed since officially starting the 2021 football season, the Crimson Tide and head coach Robert DiLoreto are already getting a grip on their team identity.

“Our first practice was nerve-racking, everyone was super excited to be back on the field,” said DiLoreto, who is still undefeated at the helm for the Tide after finishing up his first year as coach with three impressive victories.

“I felt there was a level of tension and expectation, but once things got going we all relaxed,” said DiLoreto. In the young season, DiLoreto has picked up on positive trends that should bode well for a young Crimson Tide squad moving forward.

“Effort,” said DiLoreto. “Our team has been giving their best effort on the practice field, every snap. It’s evidentially clear. The positive energy is contagious and they are feeding off of each other,” he said.

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Inspirational 150th Everett High commencement

June 9: EHS grads shout and applaud during 2021 graduation ceremony at Veterans Memorial Stadium. (Photo by Joseph Prezioso)

403 graduates receive diplomas


The Everett High School Class of 2021 made it over the finish line with flying colors last Wednesday in an upbeat ceremony during a traditional graduation.

The pandemic now slipping away behind us in memory allowed for a much more unrestrained celebration Wednesday. Keynote speaker Superintendent of Schools Priya Tahiliani struck just the right note during the graduation with her words.

“You have all gotten here on a very similar road together,” she told the graduates seated in front of her.

“You are a graduating class with integrity and grace that will go down in history.”

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