Rays are Little League champs

Rays’ Ryan McMahon (8) celebrates hitting a home run with players during the Little League championship game between the Major league Rays and the Red Sox at Sacramone Park. (Photo by Joseph Prezioso)


Everett Little League’s playoff finisher at Sacramone Park Saturday was “Silly” good.

The Rays completed a two-game series sweep of the Red Sox with a 4-0 shutout to capture the 2020 Major League Championship and did so in exciting fashion.

It was 12-year-old pitcher Ryan “Silly” McMahon, who earned the nickname for his playful nature and not his skill set, that helped secure the title for the Rays with a no-hitter on the mound and a home run – his first ever – at the plate.

“He was just out there having fun and being himself,” said assistant coach Mike Belloise, who is in his first season with the Rays but coached McMahon in the past as part of a traveling team when he was 9.

“He just kept saying to me ‘We’ll win one together, we’ll win one together’ and after we did, he came to me and said, ‘I told you we’d win one’,” said Belloise.

After finishing the regular season 5-6-1, the Rays outdid their opponents by a combined score of 26-3 while going undefeated in the playoffs.

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