The people have spoken

SEPTEMBER 21: The “Vote” sign at the door to City Hall points the way to Ward 5 Precinct 2. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

Primary elections are preliminaries for the big event on November 2.

In this primary, it can be said that many people have voted and many have had their say.

The primary numbers don’t compare with the final election tallies.

The final election will bring out many more voters than in the primary.

But the primary sets the tone for what is to follow.

In many respects, the primary is the election, except to say, primary winners, can down in flames in the election.

Second place finishers can battle to the top in the election and defeat the primary winner.

We’ve witnessed such political events during a long life. Margins are important.
Wide margins of loss in the primary are sometimes almost impossible to bridge in the election.

Yet many primary second placers can work hard and smart and finish off the primary winner in the finale on November 2. We learn that political campaigns are all idiosyncratic.

What does this mean?

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Biggi man on campus

Jayden Biggi makes a stop in a win against Xaverian. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)


At 6-foot-3, 290 pounds Everett High senior offensive and defensive lineman Jayden Biggi is a hard body to move.

In the Crimson Tide’s latest victory, Biggi, a four-year player, was front and center in the effort, helping to open up huge running lanes for his teammates to get through. With his help, the Tide ran it into the end zone five times against Somerville.

An honor roll student, and self-proclaimed “quiet leader”, Biggi, one of the Tides seven team captains, prefers to lead with his actions rather than his vocals.

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Rushing attack batters Somerville, 38-6

Everett’s Jayden Clerveaux (4) makes a run for the end zone during a High School varsity football match between the Everett Crimson Tide and the Somerville Highlanders at Everett Veterans Memorial Stadium on (Photo by Joseph Prezioso)

Improve to 2-0, Lynn English up next


The Crimson Tide jumped on visiting Somerville early in their home-opener Friday, rushing the ball with ease en route to a thorough 38-6 Greater Boston League victory.

Powered by five rushing touchdowns, two from senior running back J.C. Clerveaux, including a thrilling 49-yard score in the first half, the Tide (2-0) looked sharp offensively.

With two passing touchdowns leading the way in the team’s first win, and a stable of runners leading the way in their triumph over Somerville, the Tide showcased an ability to be an all-around offense, able to run and pass effectively to pick up a W.

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Ward 6 School Committee whittled to two candidates

Catherine Hicks will be facing Mike McLaughlin for the prize Ward 6 School Committee seat in November following Tuesday balloting.

Longtime School Committeeman Thomas Abruzzese did not make the cut in this hotly contested battle for the Ward 6 seat.

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