Plan for high school sports to kick off season February 1

Needs approval of city board of health, would give athletes a chance to play short seasons


Pending approval from the City of Everett’s Board of Health (BOH), team sports play at Everett High School is scheduled to resume Monday, February 1.

Should the City’s BOH approve the winter schedule, according to the Everett Public Schools, the following sports teams will move forward with a modified season in 2021.

If the vote passes, boys/girls basketball along with coed ice hockey will begin tryouts and a preseason Monday, February 1. The regular season for both sports would start on March 1 and run through April 10.

The Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association (MIAA) will not be conducting any state-wide tournaments, but the Greater Boston League (GBL) is exploring a division only tournament to wrap up the year.

Along with Everett High School, the GBL currently consists of teams from Malden, Medford, Revere, and Somerville. If a season and subsequent inter-division tournament are approved, these teams would also match up with Lynn Classical, Lynn English, and Chelsea High School to help bolster the competition.

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Leader news photographer covered the DC insurrection

On assignment for the wire services when “Stop the Steal” rally turned violent, rioters stormed U.S. Capitol

Editor’s Note: Joe Prezioso is a valued colleague and a great photographer from Revere. The Leader Herald has relied on Joe for years to provide great photographs of Everett news and events. His view of what happened at the Capitol are stirring. We are grateful for his efforts there. Read this first-person report…and you are there.


I was on assignment for AFP, Agence France-Presse, and doing a story on a number of supporters of President Donald Trump that were going to D.C to take part in the stop the steal rally.

This was not like covering events in Everett – which I have done for 15 years.

Six buses were being organized by Super Happy Fun America and leaving from various towns and cities around Boston. I spent the next nine hours on a bus with the group leaders in what turned out to be a very loud and crazy ride. Many members were very boisterous. There was no time to sleep. I also had to make images of this trip.

The bus stopped at many rest stops along the way for people to get out and stretch or use a restroom. At the last rest stop before entering D.C, the leader of the Vietnamese Trump group got up on a pedestal and gave a demo about signs she had brought for everyone and how to wear them. She even had some PVC poles that she jokingly said could be used to protect yourself if you got attacked by Antifa.

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The mayor’s re-election campaign has begun using taxpayer’s dollars


Our mayor has his campaign ads running early.

The full-page ad in the Independent paid for by taxpayers last week is just the start of many more to follow.

Self-promoting ads and city business become easily blurred. When the mayor took his entourage to Italy on taxpayer money, who really believed that was city business?

Some of the items listed in his full-page taxpayer paid for ad campaign are things you expect our tax dollars to be spent on…

You would expect city government to at least be doing basic things with our tax money. Isn’t that why we elect them in the first place?

Yet there are some things listed that had nothing to do with the mayor and could hardly be considered his achievements. Some of these advertised items were a decade overdue. Corey and Victoria St lots needed repaving ten years ago. The Victoria St lot is now what every taxpayer would expect it to be.

For many years it resembled a crater on the moon.

It was an extremely dangerous surface to walk on and impossible to plow in the winter. The sidewalk area is still in disrepair.

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— Eye on Everett —

Mayor heads out of town…again


The mayor’s Blue Suit was singing a happy tune when I spoke with him Tuesday.

“I am so, so elated,” he said to me.

“What about, buddy?” I replied.

“He’s gone again. The mayor took off to Arizona yesterday. Yahoo!” the Blue Suit shouted.

“You may not think his vacations are right for the city and its people, but they are sure right for me,” he said, gloating just a bit. I had never heard him so happy.

“What if the mayor never came back? What if he went from Arizona to Las Vegas, and then from Vegas to Italy, and then from Italy back to Aruba? How would you feel about that?” I asked the Blue Suit.

“The longer he is away, the better it is, Josh.”

“Really?” I asked. “Who would be running the city?” “Are you kidding? The mayor’s chief of staff can handle everything and anything, and she does just that. I like her. She knows what she’s doing.”

“What’s her name?”

“Erin. Erin Devaney,” the Blue Suit replied. “She used to be the head of the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles. She’s smarter than the mayor. She knows what she’s doing.”

“She can’t be that smart,” I answered the Blue Suit. “How smart can she be working for the mayor? She’s put herself in a terrible position. There is no future in it. Working for him is a dead-end for everyone. There are no exceptions. How do you think she rationalizes working for the mayor?” I asked the Blue Suit.

“That’s easy, Josh.”

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The mayor’s disingenuousness

Not telling anyone he was going to Aruba for two weeks during a city emergency is one thing.

Turning up on a Zoom School Committee meeting from his vacation room in Aruba last Monday is another.

The mayor’s ruse was to attend the meeting as though he was inside his mansion on Abbott Avenue.

It was very important for him to make it like he was here when he was far, far away during a difficult time in the city’s modern history.

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