Hidden Budget Deals Must Be Exposed

The upcoming Everett City Budget is a mish mush of flagrant and superficial listings that fails to itemize entirely expenditures throughout its large mass.

The Everett City Budget, which advertises itself as award winning is a farce and in many respects, is a fraud perpetrated on the taxpayers of this city.

The last several Award Winning Budgets did not include the fact that Mayor Carlo DeMaria was being paid $40,000 a year for a longevity payment that should have been $2,500 a year.

The funds to pay the mayor for this unlisted $40,000 item that should have been included in the budget for all to see were paid to him with vacation and sick time funding.

Two $20,000 payments were issued to the mayor last year so he could receive the $40,000 longevity payment that he had been receiving for the past four years without his name attached to expenditure and disbursement in the budget.

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More Apartments Or More Clean Commercial?

Everett residents would do well to pay close attention to the housing boom going on here. After all, it is impossible to ignore.

May thousands of units have gone up during the past decade. Many thousands more are being planned for right now.

Apartment houses look nice. These developments tend to clean up former industrial areas that were largely useless in their polluted, untransformed presence.

We all know these thousands of new residents do not vote here. Many don’t know they are living in Everett. They don’t shop here. They don’t make investments here. They don’t run businesses here. These new residents in these new apartment complexes are transients – cruising through their young lives, needing a place to live and then moving on.

What’s wrong with that?


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COVID Running Amuck Throughout The World And Could Return To US

The emergency is not over by a long shot

By Josh Resnek

As we all sigh with relief as though the worst has passed with the COVID-19 pandemic which changed the world, it appears the virus does not wish to go gently into the night.

CDC experts and followers of the pandemic from the start are nearly all predicting a possible huge resurgence of the COVID-19 virus in the fall.

Many of those who have received three inoculations are being urged to get yet another booster to remain a safer distance from the virus taking us down.

Extra caution is made all the more urgent in the knowledge the United States just passed the 1 million dead mark of those killed by the virus.

Top date, Massachusetts has suffered 20,393 deaths and 1.81M cases.

A resurgence of COVID -19 would include millions more infected in nearly all age groups, millions sick, many more dying, our hospital and health system bogged down again to the point of exhaustion and overload and the economy effected by the disruption to the job market caused by the virus infecting so many.

While the national debate about masks and vaccines continues, so too has the virus.

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“Mayor Inept and Hiding,” Says Capone “Won’t Address Racism”

By Josh Resnek

Another round of highly insulting and racially charged behavior by Councilor Anthony DiPierro and the mayor’s chief of communications Deanna Deveney and several other Everett City Hall employees and former public officials has been roundly condemned by former councilor and Attorney Fred Capone.

In addition, Everett High School student representatives have disinvited the mayor and DiPierro from attending the 2022 graduation ceremonies citing their racist tendencies and to do nothing about them.

“I commend the Everett High School Class of 2022 for having the courage to say what the city council and the mayor are unwilling to: ‘Racism in any form is wrong and won’t be tolerated.’

Capone told the Leader Herald he was disheartened and outraged by the shocking, racist audio and video Zoom session participated in by DiPierro, Deveney and Assistant City Solicitor Keith Slattery and others in which anti-Black, racist language was revealed and watched by thousands on a number of websites and Facebook pages.

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