Crimson Tide top St. John’s Shrewsbury on Thanksgiving Day

Everett High’s Jayden Clerveaux (4) celebrates one of his two touchdowns against St. John’s Shrewsbury as the Crimson Tide rolled to a big win at Everett Veterans Memorial Stadium. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

Serve up 44-14 victory

By Lorenzo Recupero

Thanksgiving Day football at Veterans Memorial Stadium returned in a big way, capping a winning season for the Crimson Tide.

In the 44-14 victory over St. John’s Shrewsbury on Thanksgiving, the Tide showcased its depth with a full-fledged attack from start to finish.

Leading 21-0 by halftime, Everett got scores from five different players by the end of the game, including two apiece from seniors Jayden Clerveaux and Cam Mohamed.

Posting 93 points over their two-game win streak (beat Andover 49-21), the Tide (9-1) end the year hot.

“It’s a really strong way for our team to end the season. It really worked out for us on all three phases, said,” EHS Head Coach Robert DiLoreto. “We spread the ball on offense and played great on defense and special teams, it was a complete team effort. Everything really came together,” said DiLoreto.

The win was his first on Thanksgiving as head coach of Everett.

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Gridiron Flashback

In honor of all the Everett fall football stars of yesterday, we are showcasing snap shots of newspaper clippings from the past, each including some of the biggest names and games in EHS football history.


(Photo by Joseph Prezioso)

In our first and only flashback of the season we look back to 2003, a banner year for the Crimson Tide. In the Thanksgiving Day game that year, the elusive Frank Nuzzo (featured) ran for two touchdowns in the 24-0 win. Nuzzo scored a team-high 19 TDs and 118 total points on the year.

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They Came From Everett

Mike Matarazzo’s new book on Everett personalities a must Christmas gift

By Josh Resnek

Former City Clerk Mike Matarazzo is inarguably, the greatest historian writing about this city living or dead.

Last June, he published “They Came from Everett,” a collection of short historical biographies of the men and women who came from this city, who achieved one form or another of great success and notoriety in their lives, and who were proud to call this city their home.

Matarazzo’s collection of stories is a triumph in a city where so little of its long history has been written about and preserved.

He is fascinated and moved by Everett’s past and the people from this small city who made larger than life contributions to the worlds of sports, entertainment, science, business, government and life itself.

Matarazzo is inarguably Everett’s City Historian.

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Where is Gerly Adrien?

As one of Councilor at Large Gerly Adrien’s most engaged supporters during her mayoral run, we are left to wonder: what has happened to her?

She has not attended a council meeting since she lost the primary.

Many, many Everett people and her supporters have taken notice of this.

Some of us who have lost money, position, possessions and loved ones during a long life, would very politely remind Councilor Adrien that losing is one thing.

Winning is not everything.

When you lose, as Adrien did, it is a defining moment in her young life – but it is not the end and should not be treated like the end.

There is a great deal of pride to be taken in making the run, giving the effort, putting oneself on the line for all the chips on a big bet.

Losing is not the end of the world.

It is actually the beginning of a new moment.

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Mayor, CFO must come clean about longevity

Mayor Carlo DeMaria and Chief Financial Officer Eric Demas are steps away from difficulties they will not ultimately be able to squirm out of if they don’t fix the longevity scam that has been hidden from the taxpayers.

Throw into this mix of longevity architects the city council, which has shown not an ounce of leadership regarding the $40,000 yearly payment to the mayor – a so-called bonus that he has received and which his acolytes claim her had nothing to do with.

City Solicitor Colleen Mejia is taking things to the edge by making rather empty and vacuous claims that the longevity payment to the mayor, which cannot be found in the city budget unless you understand the secret of where it can be found, is perfectly, gloriously, wondrously legal and right.

The mayor’s yes men and women all agreeing the longevity payment has nothing whatsoever to do with them, reveals the unreality of the situation.

That the mayor makes more than the mayor of Boston is ludicrous, despite discrepant voices making that claim and endorsing it.

Maybe the case could be made that the mayor deserves a salary larger than the governor’s and the president’s.

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