Everett’s Pension Dilemma Needs Sorting Out

Everett’s pensioners should demand an immediate hearing with the mayor and the city’s Chief Financial Officer Eric Demas to discuss exactly why Everett remains almost at the bottom of the list of Massachusetts communities with pension liability.

Pensioners, and everyone working for the city must demand answers from the mayor and the CFO.

Why is Everett among the ten worst pension funded communities in the state?

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— Eye on Everett —

Missing The Mayor

Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 5.00.04 PM
By Josh Resnek

For the Larger part of the past two work weeks, the mayor has been missing in action in his corner office at city hall.

The mayor’s parking space in front of city hall is perfectly, exquisitely empty nearly all day every day.

We understand the mayor has been ducking phone calls and meetings.

Not wanting to be at his desk at city hall is explainable.

Who wants to work in August when you can be swimming in your gorgeous backyard pool behind his mansion?

Let’s face it, not much gets done during August.

But he’s the mayor.

He got elected to work just like we do.

Many people, including his supporters, expect him to be there or at least to be doing something, anything.

“He has no work ethic. Where is he?” said one of the mayor’s close supporters recently.

“I’m up early and working hard everyday? Why isn’t he?” his friend said as a matter of fact.

What does the mayor do when he is not at his desk in city hall during the summer months?

Is he watching the Red Sox? Doubt it.

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Every Thursday, the Everett Leader- Herald, and the Parlin Memorial Library publish a “Mystery Photo of the Week.” Each week we will show a photo from Everett’s past featuring Everett residents from several decades ago. Readers are encouraged to identify the people in the photo. If you know who is in this picture, call Mark Parisi at the Parlin Library at 617-394- 2305, or email him at parisi@noblenet.org.


Mystery Photo (14)
This week we travel back to Memorial Day 1949, where decorated WW2 veterans gather on Broadway before the parade. Anyone you recognize? rides. Recognize anyone?


Susan Pipitone-Braley, Everett’s First and Only Female Firefighter

By Lorenzo Recupero

Everett’s first and only female firefighter, Susan E. Pipitone- Braley (below), passed away on August 1, 2018, succumbing to cancer nearly a year after her battle with the disease had begun. FF2

She served Everett residents for 25 years — on active duty until the day she died –in both fire prevention, which covers code enforcement and fire investigations amongst other things, and her last 12 years on the force as the driver/engineer of Engine 1.

During her time as engineer of Engine 1, Pipitone-Braley teamed with Fire Chief Anthony Carli, an 18 year veteran of the force who recalled his time working by her side.

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City of Everett Receives $825,000 Massachusetts Community Development Block Grant

The City of Everett was awarded $825,000 through the Massachusetts Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program. The CDBG is a federally funded, competitive grant program designed to help small cities and towns meet a broad range of community needs including housing and economic development projects.

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