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EHS Loses

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By Josh Resnek

EHS losing at Everett Memorial Stadium last Friday night to a revved up Central Catholic football team is a depressing turn of events.

There is losing. There is winning.

Winning is better than losing. You can’t win all the time.

No Super Bowl. No title.

It’s over.

Some of us who watched the game from upstairs near to the broadcasters box at the center of the eld all agreed. “They shouldn’t have lost.”

But they did.

The officiating was bad. Unfair, or so it appeared to the Everett EYE.

Still, EHS lost.

Their 27 straight winning streak has come to an end. “The higher you have climbed, the greater the fall.  Never speak of the end of a period for you are always at the beginning of a new one,” that according to Supreme Court Chief Justice Charles Evans Hughes.

This season is history. It was a successful season all things considered.

All eyes should be on next year. Next year is what matters.

Steve Wynn Discusses Enthusiasm, Doubts, About Casino Project With Mayor

By Josh Resnek

It is March, 2013. The mayor and Steve Wynn are in full swing about the potential of a casino and hotel for Everett.

Strategies are being prepared.

This discussion begins with the mayor speaking with the operator outside Wynn’s office in his complex in Las Vegas, according to information the Leader Herald has received about the interaction.

The mayor is in Everett, somewhere out on the streets here.

“Hi, this is Cindy,” the operator says.

“Hi Cindy, this is Carlo DeMaria from Everett. How are you?”

“Just fine,” she said.

“Ah, is Mr. Wynn available?” the mayor asked.

“Hold on just a moment. And your name again sir,” the operator asks.

“Carlo DeMaria. Mayor Demario from Everett,” he answers.

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Don’t Let Anything Get in the Way of What I Want To Do

By Josh Resnek

In French, the expression faux pas, has these exact meanings: blunder; misstep; false or wrong step.

Other meanings for the French phrase are these: social mistake; not polite; a severe social blunder.

The mayor has committed a faux pas by having his fundraiser on the same night as the E Club Scholarship Awards banquet.

Numerous comments from people we know and those we don’t know indicate the mayor

has made a poor choice.

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Bulk of City’s Free Cash, Will Be Used to Lower Property Taxes

By Josh Resnek

The mayor has announced he and his Chief Financial Officer Eric Demas have decided to take $10 million of the city’s remaining free cash to reduce property taxes.

When exactly the mayor is planning to do this remains unknown.

The mayor made this announcement during the School Finance Commission hearing Thursday night.

According to records on file at city hall, each $1 million put against the tax rate can return a savings on the tax rate for payers of between .90 to $1.16.

The full $10 million suggested by the mayor and his chief economic adviser could save taxpayers about $20 for the year – and this doesn’t include what will be paid because of rising taxes.

Also, the $10 million is money that already came from taxpayers contributions.

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The City Is Broke … Or Is It?

By Josh Resnek 

The mayor announced with some fanfare at a meeting last week that reports the city is broke are “garbage” distributed by the city’s real and only perceived but unnamed adversary, the Leader Herald.

‘The city is not broke,” the mayor said to his colleagues in government last week.

This statement followed several weeks of mayoral posturing about the city’s financial condition in the wake of a spate of reports in the Leader Herald that all might not be well with the city’s finances.

Since Wynn Resorts began making in lieu of tax payments, the mayor has repeatedly touted the city’s solid financials, reports apparently backed up and certified by his Chief Financial officer Eric Demas.

However, during an interview given to the Independent and published last week, all is not what it might appear to be.

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