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Get Well, Papi!

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By Josh Resnek

My wife and I have a dear friend who has been fighting uterine cancer for the past five years.

Five years ago, when it was first discovered, it almost did her in.

This is a vibrant 63 year old mother and school teacher. She is tri- lingual. She teaches in the Lynn School system at Lynn English High School.

From the start, she fought the death sentence with a passion.

Five years later, she is still fighting.

No matter how good the folks are at MHG in Boston, the uterine cancer she carries can never be erased. It can only be controlled.

Fast forward to last week.

Our dear friend’s numbers were up, meaning the cancer had grown more active again.

An intervention was needed.

My wife drove her into Boston for a round of chemo treatments at MGH. Everything went well. Her numbers have dropped dramatically. She is readying right now for a trip to Europe with her daughter, who happens to be my daughter’s best friend and a student at University of Southern California.

“After my chemo treatments you won’t believe who I ran into on my recovery ward?” she told us when we visited the next day.

“David Ortiz!”

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Everett Lacking in the Art Department ?


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(Photo courtesy of Medrano Visual Arts)

By Lorenzo Recupero

If you ever find yourself strolling through Broadway or Ferry Street, the main arteries through the area, you’d be hard-pressed to find a pulse for artwork.

To one local artist, and her organization, Everett is an empty canvas just waiting to be colored over.

“Everett is lacking art,” said local 24-year old artist, Jennifer Medrano, who has an image in her mind of a more artfully vibrant Everett.

“As an artist, I wish Everett had more. It’s such an industrial place. I feel like you work here and then just go home,” said Medrano, who specializes in acrylic and watercolors as her focus but employs many forms of creativity in her art, including digital mixed media.

A resident of Everett for the last four years, Medrano is ready to advocate for local artist like herself to have outlets within the city to create, share and view different artworks, which to her helps to foster a sense of inclusiveness and community for artists, something she feels Everett is lacking.

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Buffet at a Glance

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Leader Herald Staff Report 

When you hear people talking about going to Vegas, everyone talks about the buffets. Whether its the glamorous buffet at the Bellagio or one of the off strip buffets where you can choose from blue or yellow casseroles, people love them.

Encore doesn’t miss out here either.

Upon paying the host at the buffet entrance, one is ushered into a beautiful Willy Wonka-like eating area with giant flower arrangements and fruits all around. Your drink order is taken, soda, water and coffee are included in the price ($40) but alcoholic drinks are not. From there you have free reign to grab a dish and head for the food.

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Local Election Map Not Changing Very Much; Deadline Looming

Leader Herald Staff Report

With the July 19th final day for signature submissions to the election commission at city hall looming, the local political tarmac has not substantially changed on either the at-large race, or the city council ward races.

So far, only seven candidates have been certified for their names to appear on the ballot in the councillor- at-large category.

The councillor-at-large candidates are led by perennial ticket topper Councillor-at-large Wayne Matewsky. Councillor-at-large Michael Marchese, another top contender has been certified, as has former Mayor and Present Councillor-at-large John F. Hanlon and Council President Richard Dellisola, Jr. and Catherine Tomassi-Hicks.

The eight other candidates for an at-large seat whose signatures have not yet been certified are: Councillor-at-large Peter A. Napolitano, Councillor Stephen Simonelli, Gerly Adrien, Joseph LaMonica, David Lindsey, Jr., James Lavecchio, Leo Barrett, Renee Solano.

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School Superintendent Search Committee Reported to be Possibly Eyeing Charlie Obremski

By Josh Resnek

The Leader Herald has been told by several high ranking city officials that Assistant Superintendent Charlie Obremski is now actively being pursued as a possible candidate to replace acting superintendent Janet Gauthier.

Officials close with the search committee have indicated there has been a “change of the wind” regarding the advocacy for an outsider to step in to take over full reigns of the school department.

At the beginning of the process some months ago school committee officials were adamant that it was an outsider that they would be seeking. In fact, school committee Chairman Attorney Thomas Abruzzesse said that he didn’t care if it were a world-wide search and that new leadership needed to be brought to Everett.

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