Smith claims city paying Wellness Center vendors for services not provided

By Josh Resnek

Councilor Stephanie Smith demanded answers that left the mayor’s chief of staff Erin Deveney tongue tied regarding the city paying vendors who pocketed city money for doing nothing in return.

The generally monotonic and loquacious chief of staff appeared unable or unwilling to give Smith the answers she asked for.

Smith detailed her personal visits and questioning of staff at the Wellness Center which presented a picture of financial irresponsibility and lack of city oversight.

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Why does the city refuse to bring justice to an Everett woman allegedly raped by a firefighter?

By Wendy Poste

Every woman in this city should demand justice as I am demanding justice after being raped by a former Everett firefighter who was a convicted sex offender and who was given an award for his service by the EFD.

He served for years and years and everyone in a position of power here knew this and did nothing and have continued to do nothing.

The city of Everett and its entire leadership allowed a firefighter who was convicted of Indecent Assault and Battery of a child under the age of 14, placed on probation for 3 years and a CONVICTED SEX OFFENDER FOR LIFE continue working in a position of trust thus distracting the rest of the firefighters who are focused on protecting our City is heinous!

This evil person was sent to his car more than once during his years to “distract him from his urges”! Had this been dealt with swiftly and fairly in 1997, it would have saved me from living a nightmare. This firefighter drugged and raped me, and I had no idea at all that he was a monster! I have nightmares regularly, and there are days that my PTSD takes over and I am unable to function……. all because City Government chose to ignore the facts presented to them. Two police chiefs, two fire chiefs and four mayors chose to ignore this situation. Shame on the entire City! Will you choose to ignore my plea, too?

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“Let’s Do It”

Council in favor of Pope John as a public school

Smith, Marchese, Lattanzi lead the fight

By Josh Resnek

A stunning thing happened at the Everett City Council meeting Monday night.

The council showed independence and resolve with a strong vote of confidence given to the conversion of the vacant Pope John High School facility into a 7th and 8th grade home in order to begin fixing a serious overcrowding situation that exists in nearly all the public schools.

Councilors expressed their sentiments unequivocally, and those sentiments are that Pope John remains, that the facility will be used to mitigate overcrowding, that it will not become another housing development as desired by the mayor.

For Mayor Carlo DeMaria, this was a jaw dropping wake up call.

When Councilor Al Lattanzi, admittedly one of the mayor’s chief supporters and backers, stated his intention to support using Pope John as a school again, it represented a historic moment of sorts in the current history of city politics.

I support this,” he told his colleagues.

For Lattanzi, it was a remarkable moment where he made the decision to act on his own without guidance from his friend the mayor to support the needs of the city’s public school children.

His favorable remarks about using Pope John as a public school resonated with his colleagues and with those listening in the council chamber.

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Sunday afternoon around Everett

By Josh Resnek

Woodlawn Cemetery is about as pristine and perfect a public space and burial ground as one can find. Everything the trustees build or plant is done with integrity, a sense of aesthetic and design and above all, symmetry.

(Photo by Josh Resnek)

The grounds are immaculately manicured and glowing under the sun with an array of plantings and colored flowers and bushes.

The monuments themselves represent a sea of granite planted there for an eternity for more than several centuries.

The older portion of the burial ground on a Sunday afternoon when the cemetery is largely empty of visitors late in the afternoon sets the mind wandering.

The older granite monuments In the above row of monuments we notice the symmetry of these nicely spaced monuments which are all nearing a century in age.

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Davis Companies pulling out of Exxon Mobil land deal?

(Photo by Joe Resnek)

By Josh Resnek

Unconfirmed reports indicate that the Davis Companies has apparently pulled out of the development it was leading to create a new neighborhood out of the 95 acres either owned or about to be conveyed to Davis Companies by Exxon Mobil in Everett.

An Exxon Mobil official allegedly told co-workers at the Everett site “the deal was off” because of excessive clean-up cost and pollution mitigation remedies that made the development “unworkable”.

The Leader Herald reached out to Davis Companies Chief Development officer Michael Cantalupa for a comment.

Cantalupa did not respond.

The Leader Herald also reached out to Mayor Carlo DeMaria for a comment.

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