Wynn Lawyer Resigns

Reportedly Knew About 7.5 Million Settlement

By Josh Resnek 

Eye Sinatra (1)
Kim Sinatra

Wynn Resorts/Encore’s chief lawyer Attorney Kim Sinatra announced last week she is stepping down from her multiple positions with the company. She will leave the company on July 15.

Her resignation has caused a shock wave in the industry as Sinatra was a key player for Wynn since 2006 as its chief lawyer and vice-president.

She received $14 million in compensation last year, according to the Wall Street Journal. Continue reading Wynn Lawyer Resigns

Mohegan Lawsuit Advances; Wynn Pays No Heed to It


Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 6.29.34 PM
Everett Mayor Carlo DeMaria

By Josh Resnek

The Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts allowed a lawsuit by Mohegan Sun against Wynn Resorts to proceed last Friday. The highest court in Massachusetts ruled that the lawsuit should return to a lower court for a decision.

But this might not mean much according to those familiar with the legal case. In addition, the judge handling the case in the Superior Court is believed to have very little interest in the case.

Some direct players in this casino game on the other side of the Wynn deal with the Gaming Commission and the city of Everett remain hopeful this could blow the cover off a flawed and favored Wynn suitability decision.

“Everyone knows about the gangster in the land deal and of Gaming Commission Chairman Steven Crosby’s relationship with one of the owners of the land. The land deal was corrupt. How it went down was corrupt,” said a source familiar with the case who wished to remain unnamed. Continue reading Mohegan Lawsuit Advances; Wynn Pays No Heed to It

How can you go on vacation when you’re already on vacation?

The mayor has gone on a vacation apparently to Italy.
Our understanding of the mayor’s vacation is that he is taking 18 days for himself.

Calls to his media manager Tom Philbin have not been returned.
Neither have e-mails.

The mayor’s vacation, if he has taken it, is a secret not to be talked about.

By every stretch of a worker’s imagination, 18 days is long vacation when you are the Mayor of Everett or anyone for that matter.. Continue reading How can you go on vacation when you’re already on vacation?