EPS Employees Aren’t Census Takers


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We agree completely with Superintendent of Schools Fred Foresteire and the School Department attorneys Murphy, Lamere, & Murphy that the public school employees cannot be used to collect census records and that private student records cannot be scrutinized for census purposes.

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— Eye on Everett —

Wynn Mayor

A Success Not So Sweet

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By Josh Resnek
There was a time, and it was not so long ago, when the deal the mayor made with the gambling mogul Steve Wynn was the toast of the town.

When starting out about 5 years ago, the mayor took the idea of looking at some of Everett’s most polluted land as the place to put a casino and hotel.

The land deal was fraudulent but everything has ended up OK notwithstanding all the talk about FBI investigations that have apparently been going on for almost 5 years.

The deal itself for the casino and hotel is inarguably one of the biggest business deals in the history of the state of Massachusetts.

Getting to the finish has been problematic, and for the mayor, it has been painful.

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— Eye on Everett —

What’s Up, Mr. Mayor?

By Josh Resnek

Many city hall types close to the mayor claim he’s been a bit jumpy lately.

Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 7.02.32 PM.pngThey say he seems to keep it together for a while and then tends to suddenly lose it as though he can’t deal with what he’s doing – or more likely – that he’s dealing with issues which he cannot control and which may be affecting him and angering him.

Let’s face it, for all his faults, the mayor remains a human being and is subject to ups and downs like the rest of us mortals.

But the mood swings and outbursts are about things we do not know, that we only think we know, and which only he is having to deal with.

What could be causing the mood swings and outbursts?

Too much time at his pool? Too many vacations?

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Beer Distribution Bill Suddenly Pops Up in House

By Andy Metzger
State House News Service 

Certain craft brewers would have new freedom to change how their suds are sold under a bill that moved out of a powerful House committee on the last day of formal sessions.

Under current law, brewers who go into business with a distributor to ship their kegs and cans to Massachusetts bars and package stores become bound to that distributor and cannot re them without good cause like a failure to promote the product.

A coalition of local breweries, from small batch startups to the industry giant that makes Sam Adams, have sought more leeway for them to swap distribution companies.

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