Another New Playground

The Encore effort to transform a dreary, underutilized gorgeous location along the water to make a park in Everett is good stuff.

This is what has begun on the former General Electric site – a toxic off-limits site that will be turned into a river front, family friendly playground and park.

It is exactly this type of partnership with the city that makes such good sense – and in a place where so much can be done to reclaim the land and the waterfront for generations to come.

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— Eye on Everett —

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Homecoming It Wasn’t

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By Josh Resnek

In a petty display of nastiness, fakery, and laziness, Everett’s bumbling mayor made a ridiculous play to hijack something that didn’t exist in the first place in order to call it his own.

We speak of Homecoming 2018, which the Everett Public Schools (EPS) was forced to cancel last spring. The event had not been mentioned, nor advertised, by the district since the school year started. No advertisements or notices. No reminders on social media. Nothing. Because there was nothing to promote.

Superintendent of Schools Frederick F. Foresteire reminded everyone that the event had been scrapped during the Sept. 17 School Committee meeting. In fact, Committee member Millie Cardello expressed her disappointment that her classmates from the Class of 1968 wouldn’t be able to take part in this year’s festivities. It had become a tradition that classes celebrating their 50th reunion meet at EHS in the morning and ride the parade route in a trolley. It’s things like this that made Homecoming such a popular event. Continue reading — Eye on Everett —

Sexual Harassment Action Moving Forward

Waiting For Mayor and Others to Return From Aruba

By Josh Resnek

A sexual harassment and bullying complaint led with Steve Supino, the head of the mayor’s Wellness Center in the old high school building on Broadway, will be moving forward as soon as the mayor returns from Aruba, according to the father of the woman making the allegations.

“They were approached to make this situation right and they refused. It would have been so easy to handle the matter. It was the easiest thing to do but this was not done for a variety of reasons that will come out,” added the woman’s father.

He said they went to Supino and the mayor but to date, both have apparently refused to do anything about his daughter’s Everett workplace nightmare.

“My daughter has hired counsel. When the mayor returns he will hear from him about how to move forward. He will have a chance to work with us to make things right or my daughter will sue the city,” he added.

“This kind of sexual harassment and bullying cannot be allowed in the Everett workplace,” he said.

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Ready to Show Their Hand

MGC Taking Up Next Steps in Wynn Resorts Investigation Sept. 27

By Josh Resnek

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission announced Tuesday morning that on Thursday September 27 they will be discussing how exactly it will take the necessary steps to make use of all the investigative material that has been gathered since their investigation of Wynn Resorts began after the fall of the company’s founder, Steve Wynn.

The fall of Wynn and the plethora of accusations made against him by dozens of women led to his resignation as the head of the company he founded following the release of an investigative report published in the Wall Street Journal.

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Have you ever been to a dedication of a parking lot? In 1958 the city of Everett dedicated the parking lot between Norwood and Corey St. Most of the city officials were there. The local radio station WHIL (now known as WKOX-AM) also saw t to cover the event. The radio reporter is on the far right holding a microphone.