Mass Gaming’s Decision Offers Peril And Opportunity For Wynn Resorts

By Walter Pavlo
For the Leader Herald

Wynn Resorts CEO Matthew Maddox took over the company in a crisis that would have tested the most seasoned executive. As the right-hand-man to Steve Wynn for nearly 20 years, Maddox not only learned from the casino magnate but earned his respect. Now Maddox is considering whether the company stays in Boston or moves on.

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC) gave its decision on Wynn’s suitability last week with a number of conditions, including a fine of $35 million for the company and $500,000 for Maddox. While one would think Wynn/Maddox would cut the checks and move on, MGC’s wording in its decision may cause problems for Wynn down the road … or it could offer a way for Wynn to bow out gracefully.

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Santina Ciol

Ciol, Santina “Tina” Lifelong resident of Everett, age 93, passed away on May 2nd. Daughter of the late Joseph and Assunta (Bazzana) Ciol. Sister of the late Joseph Ciol and his wife Lena, Mary V. Ciol, Anthony Ciol, John Ciol, Regina Pescatore and her husband James, A. William Ciol and his wife Claire.

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Stop the grandstanding; Sign and pay $35 million

If Wynn Resorts wants to go a long way in rehabilitating itself then it must sign the Massachusetts Gaming Commission judgment, agree to all of it, and send the $35 million to the state.

Claiming their lawyers must carefully scrutinize every word of it before signing, or that they might not sign it is rubbish.

This should have already been done.

The money should already have been transferred into the Massachusetts Treasury.

Instead, Wynn Resorts does not want to seem too hasty before agreeing and sending in the money to gain their suitability to be acceptable to hold a license.

The MGC is allowing Wynn Resorts to buy its license with a $35 million payment.

Pay the money and everything is forgotten.

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Everett most stressful city to live in Massachusetts?

stress city.jpg

By Josh Resnek

Where you live can absolutely impact your stress level, especially when you consider factors such as nightmarish rush-hour traffic, population density, income, and the cost of living. According to a rating of US cities compiled by Zippia, Everett ranks 22nd as the most stressed out.

It is listed as the most stressed out city in Massachusetts, as well.

Hard to believe?

Yes it is.

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What about traffic and Everything else?


By Steven Pinto
Leader Herald Contributor

First let me start off by saying I voted in favor of the casino. I did so based on what our politicians were saying. Lower taxes, jobs, cleaning up of toxic land and a financial wind fall to the city of Everett.

It appears at this point that residents will never see a lower tax rate. Were residents mis-lead? I would have to say yes.

Is it going to be a windfall for Everett? That remains to be seen. If the casino payments to Everett are not budgeted correctly, nothing will change.

Will the mayor begin to pad the budget with lavish pay raises? Will additional friends and family be hired on the city payroll? Will the council allow a powerful mayor do as he sees fit with the casino payments?

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